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Please watch this and offer your opinion… Bush 43 used the Aramaic/Hebrew word Shakenah, which is a name of a Pagan diety…in the poetic verse of “Shock & Awe”.

Shakenah demanded mass sacrifice as an acceptable offering…same shit different day here?

Does this explain why Barry Soros likes Hellfire-114 Missiles so much…

In Ancient Aramaic/Hebrew the name “Baraq” means “Lightning” O or U is a connector, and Bawmah, means “Heights”

Luke 10:18 says, “And he said unto them. I beheld Satan as lightning, fall from heaven.”

Barack Obama in these Ancient languages literally translated means, “Lightning falling from the Heights or Heavens”

Coincident? Curious isn’t this??? Lately Congress & the Intel Oversight Committee wish to make a Book of Rules regarding the use of Predator Drone Missile Strikes or Precision Attack Missiles(PAM)…

As all news media has a BLACKOUT regarding the alleged Missile Strike in Indianapolis, IN, & the alleged Missile Strike in Springfield, Mass,…. My Direct TV Mixed News Channel was recently cancelled…so as somebody doesn’t feel comfortable with my multiple Major Media Analysis. I feel comfortable talking with you regarding the facts of these Events… If you remain interested please inform me of a time & date that is suitable for you… I’ll be ready…


  1. Indeed, the Scriptures admonish me to have nothing to do with such people (Titus 3:10-11), and neither to bid them
    God’s speed (II John 9-ll); just as the Roman Catholic Church is the EPITOME of every systematically-flagrant violation of,
    say, I Peter 5:3, and  III John 9. net>Sent: Wednesday, July 25, 2001 6:46 PMSubject: Re: Fw: Tracing the Passover – Dear
    Richard,Actually, I very much appreciated receiving that correspondence and would very much be interested by the stimulus which prodded
    your question to me. I believe that James was the criminal Barabbas, described in The New Testament,
    and released just after Jesus’ trial.


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