Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Bases 102 part 4 Julie Phelps SSP War Corona Crisis

Its WAR, The Draco are coming in huge fleets to get their “Harvest” US, the humans. The Pleiadians are protecting us, and even the Allied Air command showed on Facebook..”Let Us Handle Airspace Security”..Julie explains its an indication of Disclosure. She asked me to use her major Update from a few days ago as part of this update. Crucially telling people to OPT OUT of Organ donations. In the UK everyone is opted IN. This is to prevent the Draco trade in human organs. The trade in humans and body parts is part of the Draco harvest. We had interference and few false starts and interruptions. This is an important Disclosure Corona Virus lock down update. Draco fleets etc..all fantastic…


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