In the past few days I have been receiving a lot of questions about the Nina interview on the Miles Johnston Bases Series. I have never meet Nina in person and she has never used a neo meditation device before and based on what she alleges she does not know what is inside. Its beyond me how she became a expert on the efficacy of the device.

The cubes amplify consciousness energy, they help melt reality into what ever you desire. If people are using cubes to integrate from milab truama then it only makes sense milabs will increase drugs and needle marks to combat the integration you have been receiving.

Additionally she alleges we are friends, I do not consider myself friends with nina past, present, or future. We have never met in person, but we have casually chatted over facebook and was kind to her like I am to so many people. But then she started to become infatuated with me. I was not interested in her on that level so I pulled away and at that point she turned on me and began saying ugly things. Additionally she cannot recall when we became “friends”.

I really try to make everyone happy but sadly some people are just not nice.