Monday, April 22, 2024

Bases 29 Nina MK Ultra and SSS

In the past few days I have been receiving a lot of questions about the Nina interview on the Miles Johnston Bases Series. I have never meet Nina in person and she has never used a neo meditation device before and based on what she alleges she does not know what is inside. Its beyond me how she became a expert on the efficacy of the device.

The cubes amplify consciousness energy, they help melt reality into what ever you desire. If people are using cubes to integrate from milab truama then it only makes sense milabs will increase drugs and needle marks to combat the integration you have been receiving.

Additionally she alleges we are friends, I do not consider myself friends with nina past, present, or future. We have never met in person, but we have casually chatted over facebook and was kind to her like I am to so many people. But then she started to become infatuated with me. I was not interested in her on that level so I pulled away and at that point she turned on me and began saying ugly things. Additionally she cannot recall when we became “friends”.

I really try to make everyone happy but sadly some people are just not nice.


  1. I have a neo cube and have been using it for several months. I have gotten healings and nothing but positive things have come to me from using the neo cube. People like Nina will say things like that to try to scare people to keep them in fear.

  2. It was clear that she could not recall the actual time she “met” you. I noticed she was trying to recall when or “how” she met you, mentioning various dates, then being unsure and the interviewer having to help her with her memory. True, she never met you at all in person. Her statements about your friendship or “so called” friendship with you is clearly an untruth! Hang in there Rink!

  3. Me too! me too! I wanna be on the Bases series too. ah ah umm umm, I was at Menwith Hill and Montauk and, um no I don’t- don’t know when or how but I think I was and oh wait i had a dream about this and then I think it was real. wow. this is some real heavy shit man. Wait, hang on while I click this pen about 200 times and trigger myself into alter. OK, all altered. Right now where are we, oh yes blaming Joanne for everything, yep she is bad and I’m not scared of rational sane people, I just agree with anything you say Miles so I can be on Bases. Can I get you to think I want to suck you off Miles, see how sexy I’m trying to be and how flirty I am. I’m only doing it to make you think I want you and when you take the bait I’ll act all offended and go ‘oh Miles how could you! What? you mean you can see through my incredibly devious charade? look just make sure I am a star on Bases or i’ll say you did anyway OK!
    Yeah right. We believe you Nina. Well take note that the new smart pills that have been developed will tell the good doctors if you have been taking your meds or not.

  4. I like Miles’ interviews a lot. To be honest, w/o replaying the Nina interview again, I can’t say if this topic was pre-planned or who originated it into the conversation (Miles or Nina), but I can recall & share that as it was being discussed, it immediately seemed obvious to me that this was an unfair vendetta stemming only from the past rift her ‘friend’ had about James using her interview after she changed her mind. (Which he has addressed previously).This was unfair to James to have the topic included in a public discussion and had no place or relevance to or in the Nina interview. James gets challenged from time to time regarding his NeoCubes and he addresses them accordingly. The dynamic of this interview left him no recourse but to address it here. This was a personal issue amongst the parties involved and had nothing to do w/ his device. It should’ve been edited out. That is my opinion and analogy of it. James IS always very nice to people, just as he stated. ~Sandy

  5. i can relate to a lot of what she said re the mind control. but i especially like her ending; what she said is most true despite differences between us.


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