Sunday, June 23, 2024

Bases 45 Katherina Kavungu Irish Contactees Part 1
In this introduction by German analyst, intellectual and therapist from Dublin, Katherina Kavungu, we start with some initial advanced concepts and accounts of extreme ‘alien implants’ and accounts of alien contact. We follow with an extremely troubled part 2, and part 3 is still to be shot. An Irish contactee who has faced ridicule, has a message from various “Ets” he has been taken by.:- (not far from Limerick)
Its very simple, as with Peter Paget, and the Iranian black goo data from the Russian businessman based in London:-
If Humanity does not get its act in order,by taking its leaders to account, it will be faced with the same fate as the Dinosaurs. EXTINCTION. Its called being “responsible for our collective actions….Wake up or never be alive again…nothing serious.
Our Politicians and corporate leaders are waging war, killing and killing. Its simple./
Sort it out, or we all die.
Be advised Part 2 has faced considerable interference and will follow, audio noise requires patience. The content is important.


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