Monday, July 15, 2024

Bases 54 Suzy Martin TI witness & MILAB

Suzy Martin was asked by James Rink to call in and chat with Miles, while visited the UK from the United States, so delighted to see Suzy, we chatted for a while, and this is her witness statement, as a TIU in the Bases 54 series dedicated to TIs. This is a highly complex and detailed case, and agreat deal is mentioned here. Suzy now in her late 60s, and a former model, with all the aspects of Project Monarch that entails, gives a relaxed and concise statement. She opens with her experience of ‘The Hum’, also being targeted on Miles himself, as his continued TI issues evolve, shares subtle aspects of the TI, and now “Empowered Individual” data base with us. When Suzy’s implant in her ear came out, she was able to see the Greys..or PGLFs, and the scientists, in white lab coats, PANIC,. as their evil deeds were now in plain site. Yes the Greys, or PGLFs..working hand in hand with our secret scientists in accessing human minds for their nefarious and evil. Aspects of the Max Spiers issue are mentioned. This and more, is discussed with visiting friend from the colonies, in the Wiltshire studio at the end of May 2019 plans….. Thanks to James Rink for putting her in touch.


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