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Bases 62 Ahlex Fight Back Against The Reptilians

Bases interviews (7) with Ahlex.
From Bulgaria, 24 years old, super-soldier, 4th Riech messenger.

Tedious to view because he is continuously being targeted on air and also Johnston is constantly interrupting with pointless questions.
Anyway, some very interesting nuggets.
4th Reich is positive to a large degree.
Merging/un-merging of underground bases, assassinations.
Beings, the “Cs”, that are external to dimensional realms.
Part 1: Benevolent ET torturing negative reptilians with the same techniques that the reptos have been using on humanity.
Memories of working with Casbolt on the Anthony Rose (child trafiquer) assassination.
Disables a reptilian and gets it taken to an underground torture facility.
Some detailed description of what was done to the repto.
Reptilian dark energy cloud enveloping earth that stores syphoned emotional energy released in the torture facility.
The cloud can be neutralized with certain ancient artifacts.
Explains that he has only one “alter” that was NOT created using traditional trauma-based techniques.
More info on relationship with Casbolt and Spiers.


Part 2: Unintelligible phone answering machine message.
Insist that he is only a messenger and that he is sort of forced to do it “or else”.
Reads his mother’s life story that was written by his handlers is seems. Quite the resumé! Amazing!
She, Angelina, was also in comm with the “C” beings.
(The first 2/3 part flows rather well, no interruptions nor TI hits.)
(Last 1/3 resumes interview mode.)
Tells about what daily life was while being under the tutorship of the “Cs”.
  From 41:50 on, talks about the 4th Reich and that Hitler was a good guy but his party was infiltrated by the reptos.
Himler and Heinrich ran the show for the reptos and they somehow blackmailed Hitler into complying with the agenda.
Hitler wanted to create the uber-soldiers to fight the reptos.



  1. Hey Ahlex I recently watched your interviews. I represent a group of free minds that’s also a coalition of peppers based in the UK and would like you and and indeed the bases 62 people to track me down and get in touch. I think we could probably help each other come the inevitable shot storm.


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