Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Bases 8:-Chris Thomas Velon ET Threat to Humanity Part 1


Author and Healer Chris Thomas is unique in his data about a VELON ET presence on earth, and has detailed their history in his recent books. Now available as a DVD
He details the true Human Plan, and Humanity’s vital role in the universe, and the involvement with many other ETs over many years.
The latest, Project for Human Extinction, details how the Eliite and Illuminiati were taken over by a small number of Annunaki and Hathor Velon ETs about 300 years ago.
He discusses this and other matters, in this the 1st of 2 detailed hour long interviews. His comments are highly controversial, as he slams many Channelors as being specifically “conned” by these Velon ETs.
Highly controversial, and unique data.
He was severely weaked some years ago, when he wok up with a hypodermic injection of lethal poison, which he managed to fight against, so he could write his books, and discuss with us on this very rare intervew.


  1. It is a good interview James Rink, i feel that there is more to come out of the box.
    Only not so much people are ready for this information, its the fear keep them down.


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