Monday, April 22, 2024

Bases 88 Part 9 Duncan Davis by Kerry Cassidy

A get together with Kerry Cassidy and Duncan Davis, known as Gridkeeper, and close associate of Magician and Remote Viewer trainer, formaly of Mi6, and assistant to Colin Bloy,… and Tim Rifat. The Gridkeeper (also closely associated with James Casbolt, Sohail, JohnWalson, “Michael”…who was there when Kennedy was murdered) gives a wide sweeping first interview at The Barge Inn, Honeystreet (Crop circle country), by arrangement of Miles Johnston of the Bases project, with special guest interviewer Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.. Please see the Project Camelot official edit : DUNCAN: THE GRIDKEEPER: JOURNEYS INTO MAGICK This Bases 88 edit is simply to link Duncan’s interviews with the Bases 88 series, featuring Tim Rifat. and “there’s more” The Grey ET retrieval from the Goodwood Cessna ‘take down’ is mentioned (2007). On the night of publication of the Project Camelot edit (From the UK GMT) DUNCAN: THE GRIDKEEPER: JOURNEYS INTO MAGICK Up to 80 (EIGHTY) UFOs displayed over the Chichester area, in the early evening of News Years Eve Dec 31st 2019 John Walson got some brief night video images, after Gridkeeper called him up, at his Goodwood home. after severel minutes of observing the mass UFO event, with partner Annie


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