Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Bases Project Update 007 with Michael Prince

The bases project update 007 with James Casbolt and John Urwin, and a round up of events, and the end of involvement with Ammach. Dateline is mid August.
Michael Prince was shot, as it is claimed, soon after the Super Soldier Summit.
A series of scandals and rumours broke out, and this EXCLUSIVE interview gives his side of the story. A DULCE alien base “holographic” type camoflage.
Casbolt coming to John Urwin to learn “The Machine”.
All as it happened in mid August 2013


  1. Hey James, can you clarify if the war he’s speaking about is still between Enki and Enlil? He mentioned something like this twice already. The most recent I believe in a interview done by lorien with him and Max. He mentions Odin and the 4th Reich. The Jesus line going through Odin and the Enliites going through the Zionists. Also who is he petitioning to learn this ET technology? You super soldiers or observer’s or psychics or scientists? I’ve spent years studying the Sumerian Texts and when Michael/James speaks about this stuff it triggers more questions. Btw in the before its news website its obvious that there is a war brewing. Tanks in new Orleans, false flags set up on the east coast nuclear in nature, our ships docked in Israel and Russia questioning if the SyriAn civilian gassing was real. I drempt it wasn’t and learned the secret government staged it to provoke. We are in for some crazy stuff. Supposedly our shield is gone over our planet for everyone to come through or to force the andromedons to create one according to former white had but I think he just might be full of it. Curious what you know. D


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