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Details of Captain Mark Richard’s experience in the so-called BATTLE OF THE CHINA GATES

Jo-Ann has written this is a slightly comic book style I feel. However she is just passing on the details of what Mark told her from prison. He is serving a life sentence ( California I think ) after being framed for murder

Subject: RE: China gate battle
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 2008 02:20:42 -0400

The full report is not ready anyway.
What I said was that an invasion fleet was coming through 2 dimensional gates over China. I don’t have details about the kidnappings except for the reference to it in the quote below.
A massive earthquake occurred in Tangshan China in July 1976 the day after the air battle. This was caused by a tectonic weapon jointly developed by Reptilians and Nazis working together in the Antarctica. You can get details of the earthquake on the Internet. It was to cover up the mass kidnappings.
Date given below. Mark calls it the Battle of the China Gates.
If you quote from my talk, which is basically from the report that EDH will be putting out, please credit Earth Defense Headquarters as the source. 
Thanks and good luck with your book.
Jo Ann

A quoted section from my talk at PROBE:

Mark’s assignment was to command as many advanced craft as could be put airborne. His personal craft was to be the MINERVA, an alien-technology ‘living’ thinking craft that used a mind-control interphase between the ship and its human pilot. She raided stars for her power, and sought weak points in the space/time fabric, forming her own ‘gates.’ She could shape-shift and was equipped with anti-matter weapons. She’s a fascinating ship.

MINERVA stands for Multi-Interdimensional Nominalistic Energy Repulsion Vehicle Accelerator. She accepts no limitations to her existence. It exists to survive and perform its duty to the life-forms that it accepts as a symbiont. She can be an exploration vehicle or a warship. She accepts no past, present, or future.

Mark was in charge of the air battle over China against the enemy forces. They staged the attack from a Top Secret facility at a then-active complex in Kazakstan that was prepared with equipment and heavy weapons. Secret reports told of how the Soviets had fought off aliens across the area for years.

Mark’s troops met the first wave only to discover that they were unmanned attack ships – fotofighters – launched from a mothership. Mark knew they were likely out-matched. The first encounter went relatively well, thanks mostly to the ships. Several were lost, but the fotofighters soon became easy to target and shoot down. The MINERVA had been able to determine the origin for the enemy craft as well as the location of the open China Gates. Mark and Naga could see that hundreds of enemy craft were coming through the gates. They knew they would soon face overwhelming odds and perhaps a mothership as well.

They went in over the hilltops towards the enemy armada. The two China Gates were shimmering ovals in the sky, about 50 yards above the land, each about a mile wide. They were omnipresent holes in our dimension – always there, but not always open. The energy required to rip the closed fabric of our universe to open such portals was more than anything humans could create…something along the lines of a small black hole or energy output of our sun for a year all crammed into a half-second. 

Hundreds of sleek warships of all shapes from the small fotofighters to destroyers were coming through the gates. Huge transporters had already landed to disgorge thousands of robot hunters and Trog slavers – insect-like creatures who controlled the off-world human slave trade – starting to gather helpless Chinese civilians. Our ships plunged into their fleet, weapons shooting in every direction.

It was impossible to hide the resulting action from the Chinese people. The strange lights would long be remembered by millions and the stories of strange craft battling each other would be told for years to come. 

In the first 5 minutes, Mark had lost 80% of his men. They had not expected so many enemy craft. Mark ordered one of his men to take what was left of the wing and return to the complex to warn the Russian general. They were to nuke the gates if Mark’s new plan didn’t work. 

Before they could engage their plan, though, they had to fight off several enemy craft including one that was about to attack a Russian space station. After Mark’s ship was hit badly by enemy fire, it was aided by a Russian space canon.

Mark and Naga then headed into the oncoming enemy fleet at about 80,000 mph. They then flew their spacecrafts into the gates, each releasing anti-matter weapons. Seconds later, they hit the flux and traveled through the wormhole, not knowing where the ‘other side’ would actually be. Mark said that it felt like “a million ants playing football with steel wool on your flesh.” The flux fields destabilized instantly, then a visible shock wave rolled from the gate like flaming water to cover 100 miles in every direction in seconds – destabilizing any matter it touched. The wave then pulsed, and rolled back to the flux field leaving nothing behind it. Unfortunately, there were 6 alien ships full of culled human captives who also died in the gate closure.

Most of the invasion force was gone. The few enemy ships that were left were fought off by our forces. In two hours the last 6 alien ships headed out into space where they were chased by the Orion fleet for days to make sure they left our solar system.

The Chinese had the problem, though, of the impending earthquake that they couldn’t warn their people about – an earthquake that was going to shake that nation’s economy to its core. Rich’s engineers had worked to pinpoint the location of the targeted earthquake, but the information came too late. On July 28 at 3:42 AM, the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Tangshan. Over a million people lay sleeping, unaware of the disaster about to befall them.

Who was there to care? There were no news teams or private video cameras in those days. The Red Chinese government worked for months afterward to hide or remove any trace of the events that took place. Hundreds of witnesses who tried to report that people had been herded away by ‘monsters,’ had to be removed. One of the tragic side results were the rogue waves as far away as the Indian Ocean that took the lives of untold people. Also, long-range environmental problems were caused.



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