Saving our home.

 I am trying to save my house. The Bank are trying to take it. My ex wife grew up in this house and it’s my. Daughters home.
I moved back to try to help my out with my mortgage and to be a father to my kid whom I had really not seen in a year… My fault.
I come to find out that the house that was inherited, has two mortages. We were paying and keeping up. But I recently needed time off work to help my ongoing heart situation.
We have fallen slightly behind and are trying desperatley to scramble back up. Asmens duomenų apsauga, BDAR, GDPR
It does not matter if you donate a dollar or or a dime. It all is welcome and it all counts. Every $100 dollars donated will get a portrait of the Donatees choice.
I am working but every penny goes back into this house.
Please help us make this a better Christmas for my daughter please. This is a huge weight and we can not do this alone any thing helps.