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What the hell is happening… you must be thinking that, as well as being dazed and confused in the least which is the purpose of this web site. Your unfortunate lack of critical thinking skills leaves you without the ability to see the unseeable. You watch, but you fail to see. Fear not my less informed friend – whether your being chemtrailed, body/mind controlled, stalked by the public or living to the age of 160 in perfect health, this web site connects the final high level dots concerning this otherwise complicated puzzle of insanity currently before you. ‘Logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead, and the White Knight is talking backwards’. This is what they are doing to you and your family, and this is how they do it.

Complete, high dexterity remote control of every single synapse and neuron for every person on the face of the earth.

The holy grail. A ‘BioAPI’.


  1. “Your unfortunate lack of critical thinking skills leaves you without the ability to see the unseeable.”

    You seem to be making a number of statements that are based on assumptions that show your own lack of ability in critical thinking matters. It’s unfortunate to lose credibility except with those who would doubt their own thinking skills. Was that your intention?

  2. I know that his intentions are good–absolute truth! This is BioAPI to control the body and mind utilizing Nanotechnologies (Nanobots connecting Neurons). It’s surely being used to create a Super-Solider, but it is not used for the good when it’s used covertly in sedistic ways on unsuspecting victim’s known as Targeted Individuals. I know. Sadly, I know. Can anyone say Bluffdale.

    This is sad. Sad! BioAPI is the truth, not the good of making super-soliders on innocent, unsuspecting victims. But its the final key to what all of this (fake) gang stalking is all about. I’ve been saying it from day one blogging, to ignore them–ignore! They’re playing a sick game. Please, Google how big Bluffdale, Utah is and ex-NSA Whistleblower Thomas Drake… look in the upper-right-hand corner of this website for the Search box. Put in ‘Thomas Drake’

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  5. http://www.dataasylum.com is the best down to earth way of explaining BioAPI to the laymen that I have ever seen. The guy really has done his homework & gathered extensive Intelligence to prove his claims., i.e. examples from Hollywood. The CIA has worked and used Hollywood since the Late 20’s, so those guys are so arrogant they flaunt what they have every moment. And all of this intelligence is right before our eyes, but most people are blind, or have become blinded. It’s what happens when you hook your endocrine system up to a 25,000 Volt AC Confusion-Induction Machine most folks call Color Television. Habit forming to say the least…

  6. Thanks for doing such a Good Job, in bringing forth these controversial topics James…keep it up Bro…


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