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Black Goo Globuli

During the research of the consortium on Morgellons we came in contact with black goo from German WW II bioweapon research. It was not easy to find a way to deal with this substance. We had some heavy discussions how to proceed with these findings.If black goo should be an unknown subject to you, please read the chapter in the FAQ-area first.
On one hand there was a high probability, that there could be a connection to the Morgellon topic, and we were hoping, that the black goo could be utilized in a positive way in the process of finding a medication for Morgellons.
On the other hand the first contact with this substance had happened without any preliminary warning , and radionic testing showed that the people that have been in contact with the substance where 100% entangled to the archaic collective sub consciousness carried by the Nazi-Goo.
This was a state that was not supposed to endure. As a conclusion the consortium decided to develop something to detach people form this entanglement.
From Homeopathy we know the rule that a disease can be cured with the diluted information of the disease itself. Following this principle, we transferred the information field of the black goo onto globuli. The testing showed, that these globuli were able to dissolve the entanglement to the Nazi-Goo.
Apart from that, something else happened: after a period of about 12 hours the entanglement switched back to the original collective sub consciousness of the planet, an entity one might call �mother earth�. The subjective experience is well described in the pictures below.

Encouraged by this first success, we tried to utilize the globuli against the aspect of the Morellons disease best described with the term delusional parasititis. While the presence of the physical black goo was enhancing the symptom subjectively by a factor of 100, the application of the Black Goo Globuli had an effect similar to an ayurvasca ceremony. Including vomiting. Afterwards, the delusional parasititis got better.
Later we added two more radionics codes

  • The radionics representation of the affirmation � please connect me with the one source�.
  • And the Celani-Code, a number-code that had been channeled by Renzo Celani, a German healer nowadays living in Norway. The code is a representative for the pure natural order of things.

The use of Black Goo Globuli should not be done for fun or out of curiosity. Since the event described in the bible as being expelled from paradise, humanity is separated from the collective consciousness of the planet. Re-connecting is not just a funny event, it will enhance all communicative and telepathic skills, and one should be willing to carry this changed state on mind for the rest of ones life.


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