Written by James Rink

The Hulk program was based on Black Shield’s Lichtsoldaten (Light Soldiers) super soldier program. With some remote viewing help from Oksana, Veronica, and Kimberly we discover this Nazi facility located in a fractal bubble reality in Antarctica. It’s under the ice sheet and under the water at the bottom of the sea. This facility has millions of genetic experiments stored in cryogenics chambers within the ice caves. Most of these ice caves are very dark but some have windows which let light in. The laboratory entrance area is very dark and lit by a green light. When you enter inside the lab there are tanks filled with blue and green goo’s used for healing bodies. They also got seismic scanners to monitor earthquakes. This place is loaded with security cameras, sensors, and you have to have the correct codes to pass through the metal doors. The main metal door in the tunnel looks like it has been stamped with a shield logo.

Black Shield on the Doors

Black Shield on the Doors

Logo near frog being

Inside one of these tanks is another one of my clone bodies who goes by the alter name of Blue Angel 💙. His tube is labeled 7S Special Ops Black Ops. Next to his tube is a humanoid body that has a body of a snake and the head of a human. Its tube is labeled Division 36 – Python. Another tank contains what looks like a mantis body with an red Iron Man mask on its face. There is also an amphibian body with a frog looking face with black wrap around eyes. He has a shield near him with a sword pointed down and a snake around the blade of the sword. Another tank has a human body with a hawk face. There are also transparent energy creatures which have all kinds of tubes attached to them which look like an artificial circulatory system. There are many tanks with bodies here, they are doing the same experiments to other people. Near some of the tanks is a black shield logo that has different symbols on it.  When you put your hand near the symbol, a holographic screen pops up to give you more information about each avatar body.

The Blue Ranger looks to be about 15’ feet tall and remains unconscious. The room is very dark except for the glow of the pods. Also, there is very little activity here, seems as if no one visits this area. There are Nazi eagle and black shield logos everywhere. Around this tunnel in the distance, you can hear strange sounds with animals screaming from the crazy research here. When you turn the corner, there is a tall reptilian in a black uniform watching over everything.

Upon closer inspection of the pod, we see the Blue Ranger has a blue tube that goes inside his spinal cord into his brain that is pumping a yellowish gel into his body; because we are connected on a soul level this serves to weaken me so I cannot not connect with him on my own, and it results in bloating and digestion problems in my physical vessel in the here and now.

The Blue Ranger is wearing a blue latex suit which covers his body and head. The suit is translucent crystal blue, white and shiny, and has diamond patterns. His uniform is attached to his body. There is a very old heavy steam punk looking respirator attached to his mouth. He is chained and anchored into the tank. His eyes are covered with some kind of visor and he is looking into a screen. When he is out of the tank, he wears a blue and white helmet. There is water circulating in the tank for his body; and his soul is human consciousness. He seems very robotic and drone like as only 5% of my soul occupies this body.

When they want to use him, they take his body out of the tube and put him on a moving table with a machine that scans him with a light. Like a mechanical x ray to check if he’s going to run properly for the next mission. Many of the creatures have escaped their pods during this time, it seems to be an ongoing problem.

The Blue Angel was made under Project Blue Ranger by fusing the DNA of swimming spiders, sharks, grey aliens, with human DNA to make a crossbreed that could swim and live underwater or on the surface. He can also communicate with the dolphins. If he took his mask off his face it would look human, but he shapeshifts to make it look that way. He wears the masks because he has spider like eyes which glow and multiple sets of mouths and teeth which would frighten people. His hands and feet also become webbed and tentacle like underwater. He was designed to be a predator, sink boats, and find treasures in doorways and caves. He was tricked into this program and he wants a human body. The SSP can transfer him into a human body but they don’t want to do it because they want to keep him a slave.

Black Shield’s Project Blue Ranger

Blue Ranger is a 15′ foot Lichtsoldaten

When he was first created, he was forced into opening portals, teleporting, and scaring children in their bedrooms. Once he learned his purpose of hunting children and scaring them in their dreams, he wanted to escape. So, he made a blue latex like motorcycle suit to blend in with humans.

He is lonely and been looking for us, he is been trying to find his brothers and sisters in the SSP. They are having a war over what they will disclose and what they are not going to disclose. He wants a say in the disclosure process. It’s not fair, not right, we need to come to together in consciousness to change the timelines.

He currently resides in the Pacific Ocean near in a cave. The name of the base might be called “blue manta ray. There is another facility near a big mountain that has a sign with 2 hammers crossed. This seems to be an independent organization possibly called Furlock Underground. It seems like it’s in Oregon.

He’s also been on the land to interact with people. He works alongside humans; but only for helping good now. He says he knows Veronica and James from the dolphin program but something went wrong and he ended up like this. He used to terrorize us in our dreams and to lure us into the program. He feels a lot of regret about it. We accept his apology.

He says “Thank you, it’s all about finding others like us and connecting. You are not alone, even though you may feel like it. You may feel like a misfit all your life but you don’t need to be sad. It’s okay to tap into your emotions. You’re finding your family and you are not alone anymore. There are others like us. I want to know where is my body; and which body is in Antarctica; and I want to know to if that’s my body? When I left my place of being, did I come into a body; and why did we have to be born? I am confused and want answers. I want to be able to exist with the dolphins and free all of us. As a hybrid, as a child, as a dolphin, as all my alters. And as the blue ranger to help us to save ourselves. To be able save the children.”

Nearby the Blue Ranger are scientists in white lab coats who are looking through microscopes studying blood transmutations. These scientists are also slaves and can’t leave; and even the scientists are cloned. We find someone who is willing to help us.

Fredeic Mercier is one of the scientists who worked on the Blue Ranger. He’s been in the facility since 1946. He is also alive now in France but that is his clone and he is living in a time loop. Fred is sitting near his desk which has old white computers on it which have turned yellow with time. They run on blue crystals which are composed in some snow flake configuration. He misses his wife Lucille and his two sons. He is currently working on a project to triple the DNA helix in snake people to enhance their features and abilities. At the end of each day he retires back to his cell where they deliver meals which looks like a seaweed salad.

Fred tells us, “People with Rh negative blood, like you, have multilayered DNA which we can access and manipulate in multiple ways. They often carry characteristics from different star systems which we can utilize. When you are Rh negative it is easier to crossbreed you and also you already have very much needed different alien race characteristics due to your original DNA. You may think we are crossbreeding Rh negative humans with negative reptilians but we actually crossbreed them with positive ones. There is a project inside the project.

“There is a bigger plan behind all this. Each person in this database is connected to a layer of information that is inserted into a fabric of an artificial field we call the matrix. When one starts unveiling the information he is connected to, that layer starts to self-destruct. We are all doing the same now that is why this is for the benefit of all.”

He looks up my name in his database and reports, “They copied the molecular structure of your original DNA and created artificial crystal implants to use in different avatar bodies created for you. Each crystal-based implant is programed separately and can be inserted any time they need to improve something. This is all coming to an end soon. We have already teleported some scientists into another parallel reality that they created and will go there when its time.

This work was interesting at first but when I realized what they were using my work for it was not interesting anymore. I worked on the blue ranger, we combined different DNA profiles of the genetic suit we wanted to create. I need to go now F47 creature just escaped while being scanned.”

We locate another scientist, she is a white female with black hair in a pony tail, glasses, dimple on right check, 5’8”, and wearing a white lab coat while looking at a microscope. She considers herself German, Polish, and Swedish.

Telepathically we ask her if she could help us? She says,

“Yes. In this facility we are working on tissue, blood, organs, bodies, minds, cyborgs. Black blood, black goo blood, soldiers. Not normal super soldiers but high tech for the New World Order. Cyborg humans. Project Blue Ranger. This is a Nordic facility, but the Nordics are not using this facility it belongs to Dark Fleet (Nazi’s) now. The Nordics taught the Nazis eugenics, racist philosophy, and transhumanism.

Are you happy? And can you help free me? I want to go back to the surface to join my family. I miss them so much; they don’t know where I am. I was taken and I miss my husband and children. My name is Jeanine Klavozki, and I am from Sweden but my family is living in Australia now. My husband’s name is Mark. I love him and hope he is still alive somehow; and I miss my children. Please if you can get this message out tell the children I love them and I miss the dog too.”

Even though Jeanie is a clone in Black Shield, Antarctica it appears she is also living a dual life in Australia. Most likely that version of her is unaware of her life at Black Shield. She seems scared and doesn’t like being here. She just wants to go home and has dreams of home. She is forced to work here. She wants to disconnect from this reality. They are ripping apart her soul inside.

This facility contains 3D printers to create blue colored implanted augments underneath the transparent skin of cyborg babies. They also put black goo into these 3d printed cyborgs. The facility looks very much steam punk era circa 1900. Despite that, the technology is more advanced than our modern era thanks to time travel technology and help from Monarch and Mobius.

These 3D printed cyborgs are battle ready around the age of 21 days; and look about 21 years old, and don’t age. They told these kids that they were the chosen ones. Most of them were female. By the year 1900 they found the perfect one, but she was unstable due to her superpowers and they couldn’t really control her.

Since then, they replicated the program and there are males now similar to an Adam and Eve type couple. Their genome code is based on stolen DNA from Atlantean bloodlines who can live up to 150,000 years. Humanity surface dwellers once had 12 strand DNA; but it was unplugged and remains dormant awaiting to be awakened. Surface dwellers were an experiment. Our first people ancestors were naïve and tricked into having their DNA damaged. There is a method to reverse this damage; but there are consequences of releasing immortality technology to a brain-dead public. Most of our spirituality, technology, and cultural belief systems are based on lies.

This base seems to be making some type of upgraded Ultra Soldiers. Remember, Ultra Soldiers are created from an off shoot of paperclip Nazis. These creations tend to be very unstable and not as powerful as the Licthsoldaten which was created by Nazis in the parallel reality in which they won World War II. This Nordic base was given to the Nazis to design an Upgraded Ultra Soldier with Licthsoldaten abilities including reading minds, mind games, and psionic targeting. They can also create huge wormholes and teleport.

The last time Veronica was in this facility was 1890. 1886 for James Rink. They have clones of us there, but these clones do not have DNA as we know it and they have no fingerprints.

They would feed us the black goo which enhances our programing and makes us more easily controlled, cruel, and aggressive. They would put femtotech biobots inside us to make the left side brain more dominant; and to create the perfect bionic man or woman with stronger knees and bones. This is known as the Bionic Man or Bionic Woman Project; a.k.a. the Ultra-Bionic Eugenics Program. During the Third Reich they failed with eugenics so they continued the experiments at Black Shield. Josef Mengele has even been at this facility a few times.

Black Shield is now under the control of Nacht Waffen; but they often subcontract with Umbrella Corporation and sometimes joint ventures with planetary corporations such as ARC Corp in Saturn’s Moons, Scorpion Corporation at Montauk, Kruger on Mars, Skyline which makes cyborgs on Mars; as well as Monarch and Mobius, who gave them time portal technology which allows the base to teleport into a pocket reality and move through time, space shifting, as well as bending time and space into loops.

We visit Jeanie a second time when it’s safer to talk. She is wearing a white lab coat again. There is medical equipment all around her. To her left are about 22 tall glass tubes with squiggly lines filled with green lava looking goo. We ask her if she would like to share a message with us and Jeanie responds.

“You and Veronica were in many programs. Remember Operation 99. It is very important but I cannot tell you much yet. It is not safe. Working on profiles. What I can say it is has to do with mutations. Physical appearance changes, muscle enhancement, you won’t need as much food. Operation 99 is a collaboration with other factions, realms, beings, entities forming an alliance. There are some explicit stages of plans by this covert alliance.

There is a connection with secret societies, portals, CERN, time travel loops, and a DNA centrifuge. Australia, Denmark, and Suffolk, Virginia underground base connection. Need to suppress technologies underground. Black out. Need to change timelines to help the people greater. There are positive people within Neurocore, CERN, Umbrella Corp, Black Shield that are involved but we are highly rare and very secretive.

As per your mutations and due to alterations of your genetics, do not eat sugar, it is poison to your body. Do not drink black soda its loaded with black goo and interferes with brain activity.

German flying discs are assisting in terraforming earth and other planets, Mars, Venus, Saturn, Moons, and throughout solar system. Chemtrailing is covering up what is happening with terraforming. There is also a connection with the Soviet German police.

The Soviet Secret Space program is still active with Germany, Russia, United States, China, South Africa. Soviets are still in business off world. They have used others like the Blue Ranger to steal diamonds from South Africa, asteroids, and off world.

Your Hulk and the She Hulk, had combined 9 strands of DNA and 9 strands of something else in the DNA. That’s how you were made to be invincible with the powers imparted to you. 9 strands of yellow and 9 strands of green goo.

When you were kids, they would take you when you would fall asleep. Not me, but there were others who experimented on you. Men in Black would come into your schools and take you to be tested. They had to exhaust your brains to make you mad to see if you were strong enough for the programs. They would take you in your dreams to hurt you and see at what point you would fracture and fragment. To see how mad, they could get you to use you in their programs, in the now. That’s why it is hard for you to recover memories; there are many alters connected to the nine and nine. They look like little attached fish swimming around your DNA. These pentanites are inserted into your blood and DNA; and your RNA assimilated them, so that when triggered it will form a specific creature that would grow in size and change in color and could break the code of electricity, meaning free energy using your body, your neurons, what makes you tick.

You were used for many projects; obviously Umbrella and Black Shield. You could teleport, levitate, go through portals and stargates, read minds, and make holes with your fists in the rock of a cave. As a child you may have remember seeing things under your bed, and closet. Your family was given sleep paralysis so they would not find out anything. There is a lot of lost time too.

Through the fracturing process, you could see combinations of numbers and frequencies, due to the dolphin programing because you are very sensitive to high pitched noises because your dolphin DNA is also very sensitive to these frequencies. There are more of us out there; but they have not come forward, and they are afraid to come forward, but they will come out eventually.

The Space Force program that Trump has right now is a cover-up for something that has existed for many years. It has to do with the DNA. They are using what they found with us in their programs to replicate it in others. So that other super soldiers won’t have to pop out their muscles and get bigger. They are now trying to make soldiers who don’t have to be enlarged like that. They are trying to squeeze all that in so the new breed of soldiers would look normal and could be put on the streets on earth and look human and not give out radiation like you do when you get mad. This is how A.I. picks up on us. They are trying to minimize that in this new android. There is a negative A.I. on this earth and they don’t want that A.I. to detect these projects.

The negative A.I. program is tied up with CERN, and ELON MUSK. Elon Musk is not positive being. He is not as good as he is portrayed to be. He has recently moved operations to Texas where nearby there is a Black Shield base with worm hole access points underground that connect to all the world.

You will get your abilities back soon. It has something to do with machines, telemetry, telepathy, blood, and a med bed/ chamber to help us to detoxify the body. It will make you younger and get rid of old cells. You stand inside it and boom your fixed.

You can also talk to yourself, talk to the water you drink, and when you take a bath or shower ask the water to reveal memories. Water is sentient. You can also take minerals and Pink Himalayan salt. Ask it to help get your memories back. Ask all your being to help you. After you are transformed, you will have more muscle and be more telepathic.

Beware, do not pay attention to politics and what’s coming. They are trying to divide the people, not everything they are mentioning is necessary true. Beware of Elon Musk, beware of false promises. There will be no free energy this year or the next. NESARA will also come but slower than expected. Keep manifesting, stay positive, high vibrational frequencies. Not everything shines is gold. Something will be presented to us in 2021, be careful what you choose in life in general with the soft disclosure. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Finances, Beliefs, Etc. Stay in high state mode frequency do not give into fear and the propaganda that is coming to a theater near you.” She laughs. Jeanine Klavozki – September 2020

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