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Important Message from the Rudy Guilani Camp

Post Views: 0 Important Message from the Rudy Guilani Camp Date: Monday, 18-Jan-2021 18:39:06 Important Message from the Rudy Guilani Camp From Jim Wilson / Brian Anderson who works with Rudy Guilani Space Force is involved in the worldwide blackouts we are seeing in multiple countries right now. This is a test run of the top secret Global Broadcast Satellite program. GBS can bathe any broadcast system with a partial beam technology to override the machinery. Trump will use this program to enable direct contact with all television screens for a worldwide address in which he will reveal the signing of multiple new executive orders that will allow the swift trial through military tribunals for all those who chose …


1.8.21 THE TIPPING POINT POST ELECTION UPDATE #18: Game On! Cabal Takedown In High Gear

Post Views: 0 Official plans to begin the final phase of the Cabal Takedown are underway. Stage is set. Prepare to observe the battle of all time! Traitors turning against each other to save their lives. The Untold History Channel will be the backup YT channel for “The Tipping Point Radio” due to YT’s second attack on this mission. I again got hit with a strike for posting content from another YT channel. We get hit but the others not. YT Jail till Jan 20th Please note that all video content moving forward will be upload to Brighteon and the other channels listed below. We are staying on mission. The Patriot Streetfighter information warfare platform is taking shape. Check out …