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09-13-2020 The History of the ACIO & Website Launch

Post Views: 0 (CLICK SHOW MORE FOR LINKS AND INFORMATION) Hello everyone, and welcome to a video we made to explain the history of the ACIO and their influence on the planet throughout time. We learn how they have assisted us in the past, how they did this and why we are talking about them today. At the same time we are proud to present the website we created for the ACIO, where you can find lots of information about what they do today and who need to be aware of. Thank you all for your support, and visit the website here: Visit my website: Listen to our radiostation: Visit my Teespring store:… Do you …


Peter the Insider ACIO – Shaw House, MCC Continuation, USS ARC CORP, Cyborgs Includes Notes

Post Views: 0 Peter the Insider follow ups about the Shaw House, Mars Colony Corporation, ARC CORP Planetary Corporations, and cyberization of abductees. Peter Insider is director of 12th division inside the ACIO which is tasked as a liaison between human and ET relations. He works in Pine Gap in center of Australia and Dreamland, Groom Lake, AREA 51 in Nevada US. These bases are sister facilities of each other. If you like to be on my show or submit content please send me an email: Be sure to subscribe If you like to learn more about James Rink, super soldiers, and milabs please visit: Please support us with your tax-deductible donations: If you like to learn …


Ai Extradimensional Fiber Optic Interface (LOOKING GLASS)

Post Views: 0 Rough Draft , interrupted interview.SIGINT. Looking glass technology has been integrated into the communications infrastructure and fiber optic network for the function of artificial timeline generation. The diagram is outlined almost identically to the actual facility. It’s the additions which are the most concerning. Even the number of pillars are the same as the circles on the diagram. No one knows this yet. It’s so important.


Active Areas for Extraterrestrial Activity Here On Earth… They’re Hiding In Our Oceans

Post Views: 0 Based on verbal and published accounts by military witnesses and ET experiencers, active areas for extraterrestrial activity on Earth appear to include the Great Lakes region and the Hudson River Valley, the Gulf of Mexico, the Arctic, Antarctica, Australia and Europe. This is where we have witness reports, but other researchers can speak to the same phenomena occurring in other countries and regions such as Africa, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, and countries near and in the Middle East. Researcher Debbie Ziegelmeyer reveals a secret program that involves world-wide extraterrestrial bases here on Earth. Presented by Debbie Ziegelmeyer Filmed by MUFON HQ All content on this channel is licensed, and or produced by Zohar Entertainment Group/Awakening Expo/Phenomena Magazine.