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Alex Diaz – Blood Streak – Regression Session January 22, 2012

This is for Alex Diaz, he is a young individual who recently contacted me thinking he was a super soldier. I am very hesitant when anyone comes up to me thinking they are a super soldier as there are not very many of us but i did some investigation and my friend remote viewed this for him. I believe we worked on the same team perhaps.

Alex Diaz

Your called blood streak ( because you are kind of clumsy and like to use blunt force weapons so you leave behind enemies blood which would leave a trail of blood leading to where you were at which WASN’t that bad because you would just kill them anyway.  So they just decided to call him that as a joke )

You have multi-tone programming which is a good thing it’s an upgrade. The single tone only runs off one frequency at a time. The multi tone can run off of an infinite amount cutting lag time. So you can react quicker without much rest. And it also means you have a lot more stamina.

You usually do solo missions but he is part of a team which I can’t figure out which one. We have bumped paths into him before. But what he needs to do is accept what’s happening and look into himself for answers. He needs to know that not all people are out to get him. That he should calm his mind. I feel like he might freak out a lot. That’s what I get from him.

You are also very strong. You like to rip trees out the ground and use them as his bat.  These abilities are in his avatars not his own physical body.

What Alex A.K.A. Blood Streak remembers?

Remembers being called 54631

Another alter is snapper

77777 lucky jack pot

Says his avatar has three fingers, like clubbed hand, and you (Who? Me or Alex?) have switches in your arm.

Alternator mode…..

Stands for …..advanced strike mentally, emotionally , physically, spiritually, and tones with your inner self.

We are on the same team (Alex and I).

About me (James Rink)

I am advanced like he is. I have one eye like a terminator for detecting and the other was normal.


Agent Sabertooth. My spiritual-self name originated from a past life in the ice age. I destroyed a giant tiger by striking its throat with a spear. That’s how I gained my powers. When I killed something 5 to 6 times bigger I gained more experience.

In a potential future time…..

He remembers seeing destruction as I go down the street, explosions, fire, bodies, no survivors. Buildings are in rubble like New York City. I see statue of liberty.

I come flying in a helicopter but it was very advanced looking. There is a scarf around my neck of a sabertooth tiger I had supposedly destroyed, I have hood over my head as apparently underneath it you can see into my brain?

Our mission was to destroy all tangos in sight, (terrorists) and to look for survivors, other super soldiers that survived the war because everyone else was underground. All the elite and the rich. We are moving side by side and have robot feet. There are wires in my arms. There is a Tommy Gun wrapped around my arm. Victor sends us out here. He’s a black guy.

There is another positive timeline…..

We can escape this nightmare but we need to travel in time. There is a reptilian who helps send us into the future. Here there is clear water, beaches, lots of eye candy. We are drinking and toasting. But we cant tell anyone who we are or what year we are born. If they find out we are born from the 80’s and 90’s they will be terrified of us because of how narsistic the people have become in this timeline.


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