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Blue on Blue – Updated March 30, 2013


Message from a Royal Marine – BLUE ON BLUE

Hi James this is my second attempt to get intel to you in shorter terms. When I tried to send you a message it said contact not recognised and deleted my whole fucking msg so ive started again.

Anyway the fucked up shit is I have done 3 tours of Afghan duty as part of a recon troop/platoon of 4 guys and am now a civvy (civilian). I’ve had time loss twice on civvy street but the fucked up shit happened in the Gan as we call it lol. (Afghanistan). I got tested for PTSD but I’m fine considering the shit I have seen and done!.

I live in Scotland I won’t tell you my name because think I’m getting monitored since I left the corps and the fucked up shit is when I try watch your videos my computer crashes, being on your page seems ok though. Anyway to the point of this.

I’m now a civvy as I got granted discharge from service after serving 4 years in the corps and 3 tours of the Gan. The creepy thing was my Commanding officers went mad!! Not sure why they went mad when I was granted discharge. Maybe they were thinking they had me under a spell or something and couldn’t figure why I was leaving, when I used to be very keen Marine. They were really nice and like all the best to the other guys who got granted discharge.

Well here is my problem. I woke up to the alarm call in the Gan one morning. I was with my same troop, the same 3 buddies I always worked with. We went for breakfast and then to mission brief, stepped into mission brief and all 3 of us don’t remember fuck all until waking the next morning. I awake feeling like I had done a marathon with cuts and mud all over me and the smell of cordite like I was wearing it as fucking aftershave.

I got my shit together, stepped outside and noticed heaps of Yanks outside our mission brief, who say “Hey man” like they know me, sorry if yank offends. I ask and realize my other 3 buddies are in the same shape and don’t remember shit. So we speak to our commanding officers and a yank officer and ask what the fuck happened. answer-“you guys where in a blue on blue airstrike that didn’t know you where in the area and your brains where scrambled by the shockwave, ive felt a lot of shockwaves!” We ask why the fuck are we not in sick bay?” answer- you guys where fine so, so was no need”. Then we were told to get some rest and we will let you know of the next mission brief, we are busy” all said “dismissed!!!”. All while a yank is taking notes. This is all shit for a start when you think I remember going into mission brief but didn’t even remember stepping a fucking boot outside camp XXXXXX.

Anyway the strange thing is our 2 regular commanding officers went straight on 6 weeks leave/RR and we never seen the yanks ever again. This happened 4 times all different but with the same time loss on my last tour and only when these 2 officers were in camp XXXXX in command of the marines. The yanks changed every time, every time getting more creepy, synthetic and android in nature with little or no emotion.

So apart of all the strange Yanks at our mission brief, all my tours were normal apart from the 4 times I have had 24hr time loss, take a few hours or so. Just time loss, strange yanks, and like I said my officers fucking off for leave, so we couldn’t ask questions I guess. I was always in Afgan when it happened.

I also found 2 implants in my body and I don’t recall getting them done. Should I get my implants removed?  I get a high pitched whine in my left ear from time to time. Slamming doors, loud bangs, and the toaster make me get my guard up. And almost killed a fucker last week with a butter knife apart from that shouting and people who don’t speak English.

I have also experienced time loss since leaving the corps. This has happened twice so far; when I am on my own at night time and walking home from my girlfriends around 1am. The next day I wake up wondering why I didn’t even remember walking through my front door.

I want to get to the bottom of what is going on in this world without getting myself into shit. Hope this Intel helps you maybe give your view on what I went through and if you can help it would be great . Bro take care and look forward.

Sorry not used to this typing shit give me an SA80 and its my arm lol computers don’t like my chunky sand torn fingers lol. Well that’s all I’ve got bro at the moment maybe it will come back.

My response

Sorry i didn’t get the other messages sometimes if my message is really long i will copy it to the clipboard before sending just in case the computer decides to eat it. That does happen from time to time for some people.

I think most people with PTSD can live normal lives until we are triggered. Its hard to know what happened in your missing time but it’s not normal to have missing memories unless you had witness something either very traumatic possibly connected to extraterrestrial or your being experimented on. I noticed you wrote Blue on Blue airstrike. Blue is code word for all things extraterrestrial so I think you might have witnessed a alien vs alien attack. It also means being hit by friendly fire. You may have been knocked out for some reason and implanted for some reason and you where told a bunch of baloney. You may have ran into a super soldier that knocked you out. 

As far as the robotic nature they could be clones planted in your life to keep you triggered during the time that all happened. Either way you got to be persistent when your life is on the line and not give up . What choice do you have if we are being royally screwed with?

Response No. 2

James I think he is being used for recon and retrieval and also they are getting him used to dealing with clones, cyborg’s, and alien and alien technologies. There is a lot of excavation and retrieval work happening in Afghan so they need people like him for their extra gifts and whatever else they have done to him so far. Regarding his civilian life, they have been taking him in during his missing time for instruction and recall. It seems they do not want him to know too much of what you know James just yet or too much about your materials.

But the good thing is, he has taken time out to try and find out what he can do by going into your site and videos. So it is a good start for him. Support him as much as you can he will have valuable information regarding his tour of duty and all the other recon work he is doing right now under the missing time programs.

Response No. 3 – March 30, 2013

Hi James, sorry no reply soon, been rough going lately. I finally edited the video of the crystals I took out of my hand. Here is the you tube link.

I will probably coming forward with more about my situation, but it will be slow. I have tried to put some together and its overwhelming amount of information to compile.

Oh, about that video you did where she said your eyes have changed, something in you changed…I noticed that myself. Hope things are improving, you also mentioned something about keeping an eye on someone during that show, saying he might help later, I agree, The enemy of my enemy is my friend..

About the soldier with missing memories……

My opinion is probably the same as yours, they got him. The missing time as we know is a screen for us not remembering what was done. Our own subconscious can cause a missing time feeling as protection from what took place during the traumatic event, as it would shatter the conscious mind (version of reality). One may say something like “sure they can materialize when they want in any location” the person may entirely believe that, but have no proof nor ever seen it happen. And then it does happen in front of them, some people will crumble not being able to accept that reality is not what they knew. I have seen this happen to people, they become incapable of living, it seems. Subconscious blocks the event to keep you living, it could be to much for our own sub to create an alternate memory of something pleasant quickly, so it just blanks you with concept of missing time. Of course it could be done by whoever took him for sure.

From reading what he wrote and how its written, I don’t think he can handle the unknown right now. I speak from my experience, and could be wrong. He needs to know the missing time is gone, won’t get it back, or know for sure what happened, get over it. As someone told me, Don’t sweat the dumb shit. There will be many more things to come for him in the future worse than missing time, or that someone looked like a droid.

I am not trying to be cold, as I came close to being committed myself when it happened to me and is still happening. Droids and clones look weird. Okay. But now move on with life. Believe in a higher power and pray, whatever works for you.

I have not done any remote viewing in a while. No promises but I can try if you want me to, I feel a lot of the time like I am just in the open for attack without any backup at the moment.

In one of my recalled memories I remember my guy watching my back when I was being used to remote view to help the teams. Sometimes we used bilocation and we would freeze up as we both remotely watched our guys be ambushed and slaughtered. I went to help but got caught and gutted and infected with some bio nano memes alien crap. My backup was supposed to literally pick up a phone and call command for help but he couldn’t  He was frozen. Then they got me, I have the scars to prove it and doctors told me I will need major reconstructive surgery at least once maybe twice. Anya Briggs confirmed this during a reading she had with no prior knowledge of my situation.

Anyway take care.

Update  from Royal Marine –  March 30, 2013

Hey bro Ex Royal marine here again. Had a great time in the hills with my girl, taught her how to survive in the snow was ace! had a good time. But I went a bit mad since I have been on my own and tried to remove my left ear implant with a Stanley blade was sore!!!! but couldn’t get to it without causing a stroke like reaction, its deeper than i thought and think its fused with a nerve or something. It hurt like fuck!!!!!! so left it alone and the high pitched whine has got more like Morse code since doing so. What the fuck is that shit man?. Feel like cutting my whole ear lobe off. My girl thinks I am mad with this cut and says its a cyst. It aint no cyst cause I took a heavy magnet out a speaker app and put it next to it and i swear! I could hear the fucking radio with white noise breakup. Scary shit man think I need these things out of me before I lose another love. She think I am trying to self harm or something and that’s not the case.

Do you Know anything about these implants, I would like to know?. Peace man all the best.

My Response – March 30, 2013

You really shouldn’t try to remove them. If you don’t get all of the implant out it can get infected and cause sepsis. If i where you I would meditate and ask your star family to fix the damage. But you probably should seek professional doctor to stitch your ear up, you can say it was from a camping accident, but don’t tell them you hear radio noises in your ear or you have missing time unless you don’t mind spending a few weeks in the psyche ward.

BTW that crystal implant vibrates at a certain frequency and then they can locate you easily.

Response No 2.

This is for Ex Royal Marine….Stop cutting shit out of yourself. It was not killing you anytime soon right? So get it looked at or do something non destructive. You may find many implants over time. If you do not stop cutting you will regret it. Use your brain, unless you are one of us and after the lobotomy they did not rewire the left side, in that case then you are fucking stupid, go home and get some fucking color books….Marines are smart they have to be, so start acting like a Marine not a fuckin x. You are a hazard to those around you at this time fix your shit…Now! forget the they did this to me pity shit, I don’t give a fuck, i do give a fuck when dumb asses like you ruin creditably that James and other have been trying to get from the mainstream. Just a bunch of cutting body part fuckers. Calm down. I know what I am saying those crystals in the video above came from my fucking hand. I cut them out. Like a dumb ass, not thinking just reacting to something not supposed to be real or at least in my body. i almost got put away for that shit.

They do not care about any proof you think you can show. You made it up they will say. think.think that is the only way you have a chance in overcoming this and maybe finding the cause… no one wants to work with a nut job so don’t be one. you have more implants i am sure, the buzzing get used to it, they hit you with radiation yet? that’s lots a fuckin fun, you feel like a hot dog in a microwave. They can work every part of your body so when it happens just adjust and keep going, they want you to react and freak out, makes it easier for them if you are committed to a psych ward or driven to suicide, don’t ever suicide or think it, you will not get out of this it does not works so easy, look up stuff about how they clone use and how your soul is connected to every clone you have, that is where some of the injuries and wounds come from, its done to your clones and being connected to you the main soul somehow you get the damage also. remember that. when it gets nuts or over whelming,go outside, nature is best place, away from stress. you will get it eventually. I can help, ask James but you got to get a grip, stop sabotaging yourself that is what they want, you damage yourself they win…



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