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Blue Planet Project/Pulsar Project

The “Pulsar Project” is believed to be the personal notes and scientific dairy of a scientist who was contracted by the government over several years to visit all crash sites, interrogate captured Alien Life Forms and analyze all data gathered from that endeavor.

He also wrote notes on or about any documents which he came in contact with, which in any way related directly or indirectly to the organization, structure or operation for the collection of such data.

This individual was discovered to have kept and maintained such personal notes and therefore was scheduled for termination.

He narrowly escaped termination by the government and is currently in hiding out of this country.

aaaaa bluepl47

DOWNLOAD THE PDF FILE HERE: blue_planet_pulsar_project


  1. IT has beenn commonly accepted that any human being has the power to a lesser or grater degree to mentally control his or her environment using the focused energy of the AURA – Truth be told. But stupidly we choose for the “MACHINE alternative”


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