Monday, June 24, 2024

Bohemian Grove Infiltration

Most people are living a sick life and will never experience true health. Our fucked up system benefits more from having people addicted to all the worst foods, television, and pornography. negative forces have pretty much ruined the human experience of living a long and healthy life. The majority of people are used as slaves, We are a good and productive species and deserve better than just trying to survive. We must stand together against the elites and their agenda. YouTube restricted this the first time I tried uploading it so we’ll try this again. Thank you to my top patrons below, LB, HpHp, Joakim Totland, Jon Felty, Jason Thoroughman, queserito, Dennis Auberry, Jarrett Robak, Aph,   / dancerco   Do not attempt anything in this video. This video may be altered and, therefore not real. These videos were sent in anonymously.


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