Critical Mass Radio in association with WeAreChange Leeds presents the
Critical Mass Radio Conference June 22nd 2013 – Lifting the Veil

For millennia humanity has been manipulated and controlled and guided to the position in which we currently find ourselves…under the yoke of a New World Order. A New World Order that has been born of plans hundreds, if not thousands of years in the making. This plan for global domination is nearing its pernicious, insidious end – a return to serfdom for us, our children and future generations…

Yes, we seek solutions in taking on this manipulation. Yes, we seek to network and organise to fight back… but unless we know who the manipulators are, their history and their modus operandi, then we cannot hope to bring this nightmare to an end.

On the 22nd of June 2013 we lifted the veil….are you prepared for what lies underneath?

Born to an illuminati family, his mother worked for MI5, Grandfather a British Diplomat, Freemason and member of MI6, Simon will take you on journey exposing the workings and values of such families and their connections to hostile beings!

Please spread this video far and wide. It’s time to take Action!