Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Brain Wave Sequence 45-C5896

Striking Number 446847121431235 Commence Screening 657890 Time Zero Point 44567


  1. The Zero point might be the immerse bubble which is a dimension they have cut out for them self’s like a base. That they operate from outside of time and space where they abduct people to do whatever to them and send them back to where they were seconds before or seconds later or whatever time they want.

    NOTE: Weakness they need electricity to keep these bubble dimensions going. Once the electricity is turned off the dimension caves in on its self and everyone there dies and all there equipment is destroyed and buildings start to fold in.

    So much for them playing gods. So the star gate or dimension gate needs electricity to keep whatever is happening on the other side going in the bubble. The bubble can be small, large or infinite. But once the power is cut off that is it. Even on a ship if the power or something happens on board that is it for the bubble connection.

    The zero point is zero time . While we continue on as we do and they jump in and out so they may be sending clones and avatars to other points in time via teleport system using a number identity of the MILAB. Teleport systems is connected to satellite and HARRP equipment, bases.

    • I fucking knew it, i was walking to ASDA where i live i had someone with me, we both noticed something that we’d crossed the same again, it was like we back tracked in time. i knew it was this so me and the person i was with could’ve been MILAB’d then, i emailed Miles about it also


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