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BREAKING NEWS: Jaw Dropping What Calif. Police Just Did Regarding Targeted Individuals!

Sunday, June 22, 2014 6:11

By Deborah Dupré

Before It’s News Exclusive

California has become the first state to pledge aid to targeted individuals (TIs), marking a major breakthrough to an estimated 350,000 innocent Americans suffering from what they say is organized spying or stalking, many of whom also say their perpetrators are covertly using new military grade weapons to attack them.


Are people reporting being stalking by organized groups and targeted with EM (electromagnetic) weapons known as “non-lethals” paranoid for no reason? Paranoid with reason? Are they mentally ill? Is mass delusion occurring? Or, are they involuntary subjects of a military human experiment involving thesurveillance state human rights abuses that president George Bush and Barack Obama have led and whistleblower Edward Snowden has been exposing?


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Obama spying on all Americans a major human rights violation


Much skepticism about TI reports is due to ignorance of advances in technology and the government’s surveillance program capacity, according to scientists, including ethical psychitarists working with targeted individuals for years. Some disbelief in the targeted individuals’ accounts, however, is simply due to the technology and weaponry used being invisible, a perfect weapon for a perfect crime.



“The government is extracting audio, video, photographs, e-mails, documents, and connection logs that enable analysts to track a person’s movements and contacts over time,” Electronic Freedom Foundation (EFF) has stated. That information is not only for later use, to eventually imprison innocent people. It is being used now, to track and target individuals, the immediate purpose of the program, as initially used in Viet Nam.


As long as 2011, a TI, Gerard Ciccone gave an account of being attacked by Obama’s weapon of chice, a drone. (See: Drone zaps Man in New York) His account was thought to be too far out there to be believable back then. Now, however, we learn this is exactly what is planned with the 30,000 drones on order to  operate over the land of the free.

More: One City Under Hundreds of Drones, One Nation Under Surveillance


Richmond, California resident and veteran targeted individual Eleanor White, author of Tortured America, Coping With the Crime, says a true breakthrough for TIs (targeted individuals) has occurred in the U.S. – if it holds.  Amy Anderson, a few activists, and White met with Richmond, California vice-mayor and the Richmond police force captain, who pledged that they and their administrations’ will now be working alongside TI victims in their city to assist them.


Richmond survivors can now officially call the Richmond police dispatch number if/when they come under electronic attack and file a police report, according to White, a first in the United States.


Not only that, the captain further stated that he is willing to work with medical personnel in the area informing them of this type of covert criminal activity.


Police departments and medical personnel historically dismiss targeted individuals’ reports under electromagnetic attack. They typically mock TIs when reporting for protection and aid, and sometimes worse: they attempt to have the target committed to psychiatric units. In some cases, they have succeeded, intensifying the living nightmare that targets reportedly experience every day of their lives.


TI’s in the Richmond area will soon be able to seek much-needed assistance from their local police or hospital emergency rooms as situations occur, according to White.


“This may lead to other initiatives which would come as we continue to work with the administration regarding our issues,” she said.


Innocent people of all walks of life are conveying that they are being targeted, many detailing what meets the criteria of torture. Some of these targets have not survived, as reported by Deborah Dupré:


The Obama administration has not only pledged to target individuals. It has also pledged to target kill.  To conduct its assasination, surveillance is required. (Gov’t Surveillance is for Terrorists to Target Innocent People, Spy Specialist Confirms)

What still might be a surprise to most readers, it also has officiated martial law, according to top rights defenders, including a nationally respected human rights official.


NDAA’s CIA, military targeted killings of innocent Americans

US Martial Law codified: Obama to sign NDAA officially announced

Increasingly, today’s draconian, illegal human rights violations in the United States are being rejected not only by ordinary citizens and targeted individuals. Some city officials are bucking the post-9/11 counter-intelligence laws. At least seven cities or counties have voted to reject the abusive federal laws Obama has enacted against the citizenry, primarily NDAA’s indefinite detention and martial law.


See: NDAA: ‘Dictator’ Obama’s Illegal Martial Law Blocked By 7th City/County


“The vice-mayor, police captain and their aides listened patiently to several victims as they recounted their stories in person in the vice-mayor’s office and by conference telephone, regarding the activities of covert harassment groups locally and nationwide,” recounted White. “Then, stunningly, the police captain revealed that he knew of two people who are also victims of this technology.”


Local terror groups


The targeted individuals who met with the officials and police found a strategy that worked for them and against local terror groups, possibly state sponsored terror groups.


“Please note that this arrangement could ONLY have happened by meeting with administration officials first.  People have already met with police department personnel with no results,” White said. “Amy started by going directly to the city administration officers, the  vice-mayor and councilmembers (in private meetings, not at the public, televised council broadcasts).


“After the vice-mayor became informed and convinced of our issues in several meetings, she then brought the police department personnel into the discussion, who at that time also became concerned allies in helping victims deal with a covert community terror program. I believe our most available solution at this time will most likely come locally and from the top down.”


Amy’s boyfriend, a security guard with his own business, offered to establish a task force to help TI’s in Richmond. The police captain pledged the assistance of the city of Richmond police department in this effort.


“We are hoping to get more communities of TI’s involved in organizing locally to get a handle on their stalking and electronic harassment scenarios.”


  1. I first saw this on last week. Interesting news but tricky, tricky. I’m not convinced there is city council nor police department existing in the US that isn’t a part of, infiltrated or at the very least, being used to perpetrate this shit. Nope.

  2. Sandy, you saw this on the week before and yet BeforeItsNews calls it their Exclusive. That’s one reason why the chances of a factual article from BeforeItsNews is too slim to bother reading. The purpose of the site — any and all authors post free, unedited (nor read by site owners) — is a great idea, exposure for them to a big audience … except govt trolls are taking full advantage of that and can’t trust the site now.

    Same for Sorcha Faal’s WhatDoesItMean website. Too much work to find the little truth, if any – that’s my personal experience. What I’ve also read is: Sorcha’s real name is David Booth, he was booted off George Noory’s show, busted by Jeff Rense, [lagiarized an entire book.

    But thanks, James, for the head’s up on the news. I’ll go find it at freedomfchs and read it there.


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