A little bit of hidden history is in order to explain… Imagine if an advanced race of beings in the Andromeda galaxy detected with their temporal viewing technology, a galactic wide tyranny occurring in our Milky Way galaxy 350 years in our future and were able to isolate the origin of it coming from our solar system. This origin was traced back to the Nazi SS acquiring advanced technology in the early 1930s from the Dracos of the Ciakarhrr Empire which interfered with our civilizations evolution by giving the Nazis military superiority which they used to fully defeat Admiral Byrd’s military armada in his 1947 Antarctic mission. Their alliance with the Draco developed what is called the “Dark Fleet”, which had it’s primary base of operations in Antarctica and also deep underground military bases (DUMBs) on Earth, Moon, Mars and Ceres. After WWII the Nazis had effectively infiltrated the United States with project paperclip into the CIA and by 1950 they fully controlled through Operation Mockingbird the public’s perceptions in order to move forward it’s New World Order agenda using their control of the mainstream media.

In 1954 President Eisenhower had a first contact meeting with a benevolent group of human Nordic looking extraterrestrials of the Galactic Federation of Worlds (GFW). They offered earth a bright hopeful future with beneficial technologies in all areas with full public disclosure. The GFW attempted to warn Eisenhower about the Nebu Orion group which had an alliance with the Nazis. President Eisenhower wanted to accept what the GFW was offering, but the MJ-12 control group behind his back entered into a treaty with the Orion grays which offered MJ-12 technology and required secrecy, which the Vatican also wanted to maintain, in exchange for them to abduct humans for their hybrid program and allow them to have underground base facilities for their operations.

Since this infiltration after WWII we have had our planet technologically hijacked in many areas such as energy, propulsion and medical etc, keeping us from advancing. In the meantime the people of earth were fed science fiction entertainment with concepts such as in Star Trek, where a “Prime Directive” established a moral directive of our galaxy which promoted non interference, peace and balance. This was in fact seeded into the collective mind on earth by the GFW through the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) who was working with these Nordic looking extraterrestrials of the GFW who were directed to bring about balance in our solar system which affects our entire galaxy due to the timeline being disrupted and interfered with due to the Draco/Nazi alliance that was made back in the 1930s and the Orion group in the 1950s.
In the year 2020, the GFW, as directed by the Prime Directive, was able to liberate our entire solar system of the Draco and Orion groups from deep underground bases working together with an earth alliance group of humans. All of their base of operations in and on Antarctica, Moon, Mars, Ceres and elsewhere were removed, thus leveling the playing field so to speak, so that the humans of earth only now have only to deal with the dark elite humans on earth, who make up what is commonly termed the “deep state”. Now they no longer have a working alliance with these malevolent extraterrestrial races which have now been removed.

In July of 2021, a meeting near Jupiter of the GFW with other advanced races, gave these elite deep state on earth five months to surrender. Today in December 2021 is that deadline! They have already surrendered, but are still attempting to cause as much damage before they are banished from earth forever by being sent through a portal in Antarctica to a prison planet in another galaxy which they can not escape from and return to earth.

Before this happens they have agreed to assist in dismantling their financial and other systems of control in order to allow for a smoother transition for the people of earth into a more benevolent for all system. On an ethereal level they have used black magic and ceremonies with their secret societies to cast spells on earth which they have the codes and keys to unlock and will unlock before they leave, in order to release these dark spells.

If so, 2022 will be the best new years ever!