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This is my eighth interview with Captain Mark Richards of the secret space program. For over 30 years, Captain Mark Richards has been and still is, a prisoner of the war between on and off planet races that have dominated Earth for centuries. He is an honorable officer of the Navy, who because of his rebellion against the Draco and Reptoids (Luciferian alliance) is considered a threat to their operations. This also makes him a political prisoner here on Earth. He was framed for a murder he is accused of having masterminded while he was on a mission off planet in service to humanity. He was Captain of a starship enterprise type vessel, fighting the war against aliens bent on the takeover of Planet Earth. I am the only journalist who has interviewed him in person while he is in prison. This is Interview Eight–Kerry Lynn Cassidy, Project Camelot


Captain Mark Richards – Interview VIII


  • Lidia Rodrigues Beutner says:

    Dear James,

    I have been meaning to contact you for a while and send you a donation. Here I am at your website but I do not see a way of sending a donation. Is it in your other website? I truly enjoy your videos. The information you provide us with is not found anywhere else so thank you. Also thank you for having Peter from ACIO on your radio program. I always look forward to listening to him and I would like to know how I can set up an appointment with him. I have been drinking the mint tea. Thank you.

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