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Milab and SSP Experiences

The following is a collection of milab stories and experiences. If you like to share with the community your written milab, secret space program, or super soldier experience. Please send us a message in the contact us page.


Whistleblower Randy Cramer Tells About Secret Military Operations on Mars

Posted on April 30, 2014 Note: Images have been resized and the multiple copy issue is being resolved. By Eve Lorgen Randy Cramer-aka-Captain “Kaye”, a former supersoldier I Interviewed back in 2006, code named “Zed” (See: is going public with his testimony about his service for the Mars Defense Force. The MDF is part of the Earth Defense Force, a UN “Unacknowledged Special Access Program”. His recruitment in 1987 into the “US Marine Corps Special Section” began a 20 year tour of duty working for the Mars Defense Force, which is the primary defense unit that protects the Mars Colony Corporation. This defense unit recruits people from many military services globally to protect the interests of the MCC, which …


YPX News – Michael Spinler

Note: Michael Spinler has told me things about myself that he would not know unless he was really involved in all this. I have talked to Justin mentioned below and it appears both of these guys have been used as security officers perhaps for the reptilians – James Rink.  Michael J Spinler is a Generation 4 Super Soldier.  He had microchips in his body and has been age regress.  He has memories of being a communist before he was age regressed.  He is a Reptilian hybrid.  He remembers his back turing into scales while growing up.  He remembers being used in alter to do “wet work.”  He claimed on one occasion in alter he lifted a jeep.  He claimed to …


Max Spires and Orlando Bloom

It’s not just the children in the juvenile detention programs, foster homes, and adoption centers of the world who are being exploited in this ring, it is also the children of the wealthy and privileged of the Illuminati/Jesuits whose fates are being decided in orchestrated, deeply hidden and horrific fashions. “This also corroborates child abuse detailed to me and intuited by myself with Max Spiers telling me about his time at school with his roommate Orlando Bloom while they were students, roommates and friends at the Canterbury Cathedral School in England in the 80s and 90s. Orlando is Max’s Godfather, believe it or not, and after Max was baptized as a young teen by the Bishop of Canterbury himself, there …


My Scientist Guy

As told by A. Hi I would like to share my experiences about my scientist guy. I was going to cheat and just copy/past stuff from my online journal. However, for some odd reason they’ve been deleted from my online journal. Can’t imagine why. You would think whoever deleted them on me would of taken the time to do a good job by deleting entries where I mention going to see a movie in theater with a friend then after the movie, I talked to him about my scientist guy.. I mean Geez if your going to do a job at least do it right. Wow, it’s a good thing said friend talked me into getting a book and writing …


Super Soldier Future Dream

Author name withheld for confidentiality . Please post you feedback in the comment section.  Hello everyone. I would like to tell you all about a dream I had, but first let me tell you a bit why I am doing this. First of all this dream I had is very futuristic, I almost never had futuristic dreams, except a couple of UFO dreams But this dream really got me questioned, and when I woke up I had the feeling that this could be real, or a real reality, but I am not sure about which one it is, and what it is. I am writing this down so that you all know what it was about, and I would like for …


Melinda Leslie Milab Information

Melinda Leslie Melinda Leslie has been a researcher and investigator in the field of ufology for over 25 years. She is the Director of UFO Sighting Tours in Sedona, Arizona, conducting over 300 tours with the use of military Generation III Night Vision Goggle equipment, vortex tours, and psychic and mediumship consultations. Melinda is a UFO abductee and has been public with her own extraterrestrial and covert-ops human abduction experiences for 24 years. She has researched a military and intelligence agency involvement in UFO abduction cases for 22 years and her research and personal experiences have been featured in 15 books. Melinda has interviewed over 100 abductees with experiences of harassment, surveillance, and re-abduction by human agencies. The primary focus …


Antuvozy Destroys their Entire Species

Hi James is this guy onto something?Here’s the link:“Extreme chem today. Whiteout. No more NSA, just ETs.This is getting ridiculous. Several times a day i scan for the ETs doing this, and Antuvozy destroys their entire species.And several times a day i scan for the ETs doing woo-woo abductions on James Rink, and Antuvozy destroys their entire species.And now several times a day i scan for the ETs doing seemingly useless overflights of my friend in Utah always using holographic light propellor planes, and Antuvozy destroys their entire species. I admit this is nuts. I have no idea who antuvozy is but i believe the race of reptilians who are experimenting on me are the Xenia , and i got taken yesterday …



A Special Report by Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot BLACK_PROJECTS_FOLLOW_THE_MONEY.pdf The Truth Behind the Matrix Note:  the following report was written to accompany White Hat Report #48 which has as of this date been delayed and may possibly never see the light of day due to either quiet coercion behind the scenes or outright threats to the life of certain members of the group known as “The White Hats” who publish reports on a fairly regular basis revealing financial corruption at the highest levels of government specifically in the U.S. but also involving other world powers and players. I have therefore decided to release my portion of the report without #48 so that the truth may at least be told with regard to …