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Milab and SSP Experiences

The following is a collection of milab stories and experiences. If you like to share with the community your written milab, secret space program, or super soldier experience. Please send us a message in the contact us page.



There is quite a large number of programs and subprograms that fall under the “MILAB” (Military Abduction) umbrella (Not just the commonly known “Super Soldier” programs). These individuals are identified either through family lineage (Genetics) or through standardized testing in Elementary Schools. Usually people have memories of being taken into Military and ET Facilities between the ages of 6 and 8 years of age (Sometimes as early as 4 years old). Some are a part of a familial genetic program while others are usually “Star Seeds” that meet certain criteria’s. The training is designed to condition the children and also identify their personality types as well as any undeveloped gifts they may possess (Esoteric abilities that can be enhanced). Over …



Pleiadians are actually very beautiful people. They look very similar to us humans (they do have varying degrees of pointed ears, slightly larger eyes, slightly larger pupils, & the eyes are beautiful colors not normally seen in humans unless wearing exotic contacts), and are some of our ancient ancestors. They are simply more evolved than us, and exist at a higher frequency/higher dimension in another star system. They dislike coming down to our lower 3D vibrational frequency to visit earth, since everything is extremely heavy here. They used to live on earth many centuries ago, but fled this planet when it was invaded by the Draco Reptilians. Our government has known about the Pleiadians from the Pleiades (Seven Sisters) for …


Interface Moon Data

INTRODUCTION After receiving so many messages about the different Bases on Earth, one appeared “from above”. This simply means that to be able to coordinate all their activities on this planet, the best way Et’s can do it, is from a distance. For this Mars is ideal, as it is very near us. Suddenly it seemed clear that to promote the U.S as their One World Government, Europe had to be reduced in its power. The tactics in use at this moment are to strengthen the U.S economy to attract the third world nations to them, and squeeze Europe through this on the one side, and the huge inundation on the other. Europe being their only competition for the time …


Randy Cramer Shares the latest of his experiences on Mars.

Our mission at EARTH CITIZEN CONSULTING is to provide hard data oriented support and advice to everyone. Especially those in need of bridging the gaps between outdated and unhealthy technologies to 21st and 22nd century modern, cleaner and greener technologies. We do this through modern communication and age old, tried and true diplomatic protocol. Our goal is to ensure fair and progressive agreements in which all sides will have an environment to prosper and grow to their true potential. Uniquely, our goal is to do this with clear and accurate communication with friendly and sociable neighbors passing through or residing in our solar system. With the ambition to reach out to Intergalactic unified diplomatic bodies to discuss membership and participation …


Ben Murphy Transcripts – November 14, 2014 Interview

I basically started to get sick four months ago. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was sweating all the time. My heart was doing loops. Then one day my body shut down. So I went into the ER to find out what was going on with me. They put a shoulder holster on; wear this to see what’s going on. They couldn’t find anything wrong with my heart. They looked at my EKG. They shoulder showed anomalies heart rate going and down, spasms. They took more readings and looked at my heart. I had a cat scan and they said I had an aortic tear, a laceration that had become a tear. Something was happening to my …


Whistleblower Randy Cramer Tells About Secret Military Operations on Mars

Posted on April 30, 2014 Note: Images have been resized and the multiple copy issue is being resolved. By Eve Lorgen Randy Cramer-aka-Captain “Kaye”, a former supersoldier I Interviewed back in 2006, code named “Zed” (See: is going public with his testimony about his service for the Mars Defense Force. The MDF is part of the Earth Defense Force, a UN “Unacknowledged Special Access Program”. His recruitment in 1987 into the “US Marine Corps Special Section” began a 20 year tour of duty working for the Mars Defense Force, which is the primary defense unit that protects the Mars Colony Corporation. This defense unit recruits people from many military services globally to protect the interests of the MCC, which …


YPX News – Michael Spinler

Note: Michael Spinler has told me things about myself that he would not know unless he was really involved in all this. I have talked to Justin mentioned below and it appears both of these guys have been used as security officers perhaps for the reptilians – James Rink.  Michael J Spinler is a Generation 4 Super Soldier.  He had microchips in his body and has been age regress.  He has memories of being a communist before he was age regressed.  He is a Reptilian hybrid.  He remembers his back turing into scales while growing up.  He remembers being used in alter to do “wet work.”  He claimed on one occasion in alter he lifted a jeep.  He claimed to …


Max Spires and Orlando Bloom

It’s not just the children in the juvenile detention programs, foster homes, and adoption centers of the world who are being exploited in this ring, it is also the children of the wealthy and privileged of the Illuminati/Jesuits whose fates are being decided in orchestrated, deeply hidden and horrific fashions. “This also corroborates child abuse detailed to me and intuited by myself with Max Spiers telling me about his time at school with his roommate Orlando Bloom while they were students, roommates and friends at the Canterbury Cathedral School in England in the 80s and 90s. Orlando is Max’s Godfather, believe it or not, and after Max was baptized as a young teen by the Bishop of Canterbury himself, there …