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James Rink Interviews

Watch the latest Super Soldier Talk Interviews with James Rink. If you like to be featured on camera for Super Soldier Talk or would like to share with the community your written description of your milab, secret space program, or super soldier experience. Please send us a message in the contact us page. Thank You – James Rink


Jenny Lee – Psychic Medium and Interpreter of Orion

Jenny lee is a Christian seer, remote viewer, medium, automatic writer, angel reader, and healer. She has been working with the families to find missing persons assist law enforcement cases for 12 years as of 2020. In the process she often uncovers corruption with high level elites, and sometimes even law enforcement. Jenny has some recall of memories of being in Orion with the ascended masters such as Jesus. She has some SSP memories of being on ships and see keys that twist around planet earth. She’s the author of a book, Walking in Humble Spirit, that she didn’t want to write. “Spirit told me, ‘I want you to do this book for people who are starting out, so they …


Tomas Alvin – Prim World SSP Experience

Tomas Alvin served on several 20 years and back missions in the ssp as a Dark Fleet Deep Cover Military Intelligence Asset. During this time, he was a super soldier, deep cover military intelligence asset, a private contractor, logistic officer, maintenance officer, and a Dark Fleet Mechanic. He was stationed in Galactic Rim onboard the El Chappo, Hyperion Station, and the Horizon YNK (Yozora No Kyushu) Command Carrier. He also is a graphic artist and will be showing some of his SSP drawings about a new comic book he wrote about his experiences aboard the Hyperion Space Station. We will also be discussing how we can discern psyops. To see his art please visit Be sure to subscribe If …


Super Soldier Talk – Teah – Psionic Telepath and Super Soldier

Teah has been on multiple twenty year and back missions , about 175 years estimated, on mars which she refers to as splices. She has also been stationed off world as an American asset in the secret space program in super soldier alignment programs. Today she will be speaking of her training, missions, experiences, and much more. Links: Teah’s Disclosure Vlog on YouTube: Teah’s first published book of disclosure: Space Nazi’s Among Us – The Book Series. Book 1: The Invisible Enemy Elephant Teah’s herbal business: Teah’s personal blog website: David’s martial art website: Be sure to subscribe If you like to learn more about James Rink, super soldiers, and milabs please visit: Super Soldier …


Alandra Markman – Montauk Project Survivor and Ascension Guide

Alandra Markman is a spiritual ascension guide and artist living in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is a survivor of the most advanced torture in our galaxy, including the Montauk project, which violently split his perception into dozens of simultaneous timeline experiences. For 33 years, from 1970-2003, he was enslaved by the Satanic shadow government of Earth and by many negative ET beings. His entire identity was wiped out multiple times through timeline manipulation, genetic tampering, holographic inserts, and sadistic behavioral conditioning. He has thankfully retained a reasonable amount of sanity, partly because of assistance from positive ET groups. He is now continuously aware of parallel existences, other dimensions, and the many divergent realities within each moment. He has reptilian DNA …


Veronica – Blue Angel, Saturn Orphanage, Shelia She Hulk, Siberya

In this ongoing series Veronica and James discuss the Hulk program which started out as Project Blue Ranger. He was designed as a cowboy type super soldier, but there was an explosion, mutations occurred, and the incredible hulk was a result. The project was then replicated on other super soldiers including James Rink’s clone Rob Richter and Veronica’s clone by the name of Shelia the She Hulk. While in the SSP, Veronica went by the name of Solel and served on missions to rescue children. In today’s video she will be discussing how these children are recuperated in an orphanage on Saturn. We will also be sharing more information about her transformation into Shelia the She Hulk and the Blue …


Kimberly – SSP Asset, COVID and A.I. Domination of the Timelines

Kimberly was a super soldier in the SSP as a for the Planetary Corporations. She recalls being on the Moon, fighting giant spiders, one eyed cyclops, as well as dinosaurs; and a planet controlled by A.I. She thinks she was targeted for these programs because her grandfather worked in secret projects, such as the Manhattan Project during World War 2. She has also been contacted by the Anunnaki, the Pleiadians, White Dragon society, Knights Templar, and Archangel Raphael. She is a Christian and she is gifted in soul reading, touch healing, precognition, aura spiritual discernment, clairaudience. She also has memories of being the queen of Lemuria, Atlantean past lives, as well as an Egyptian queen. In her civilian life she …


Etienne Charland and Marko – COVID Update, NEGAS, and Timeline Shifts – Includes Notes

Today Etienne and Marko will be going over death rates, lock downs, micro worms, psychic storms, Negas, and Timeline Shifts. Marko is a soul created form the source. He is one of the 50th oldest souls in the universe. He has incarnated first time as patriarch of Andromeda. He has two lifetimes as an Orion military lieutenant. He had fire bending abilities on Orion. We also Etienne Charland who will be speaking about these topics and his intuitive perspective how he perceives we will transcend this situation. Etienne Charland, founder of the Hanuman Institute, is one of the many starseeds who incarnated on Earth to assist Earth during its ascension process from 3D into 5D. Once known as Hanuman, he …


Hendricks – SSP Training Academy, Battle of the Stargate

Joel went by the name of General Hendricks in the SSP. He is a 6th dimensional star seed from constellation Puppis. Currently active in the Dark Fleet SSP Program, he has hundreds of different types of avatars who work mostly with the greys and Draco’s. He has been involved in taking out child sex trafficking rings and has traveled in time. In the SSP he is a teacher for new recruits. Today we will be talking about a German academy where they trained young recruits in psionic abilities, weaponry usage and a battle in which he took out a stargate for Dark Fleet. This and much more. Joel’s Starseed Talk can be found at: Contact Joel: Be sure …


Debra – SSP, MDF, Ultra Soldier on Mars, Moon, and Dark Fleet

Debra is an SSP asset and Ultra Soldier and was trained by Dark Fleet and Mars Defense Force as a military asset. Her father’s Army military records were burned in a fire and additionally Debra’s SSP military records were also destroyed in a fire. Debra thinks she worked with her father in the SSP. If she tries to search for her father files he comes up as a missing person. In her civilian life, she is a professional healer which includes hypnosis, reiki, and massage therapy. Today we will be talking about her memory recall of being on mars in the mid 1970’s, as well as recall of an experience to Area 51, a Dark Fleet swimming exercise, Venus Group, …


Johan Fritz – Kruger, MDF, Nacht Waffen SSP Officer – Includes Transcripts

While Johan was in the Marine Corp he was picked up in Diego Garcia and recruited into the secret space program as a Kruger Officer on the Moon. From there he was transferred into Mars Defense Force and later Nacht Waffen. He has done over 40 years of service and eventually made it to executive level management aboard the USS (United Secret Space) Patton. He was also C/O of the Franklin for 15 years. Johan is able to remember more than other experiencers because he was able to resist the mkultra. He will be discussing the dynamics of the secret space program and answering audiences’ questions. Johan’s contact information is If you like to learn more about James Rink, …