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The Amicizia Project and Benefactors of E.T. Advanced Technology

Rare Timothy Good Interview, courtesy of Since the 1950s most technological advances coincide well with Moore’s law. That is, computing power doubles every two years. Yet we must question why space travel and energy sources are limited to decades-old technology. Timothy Good reveals details of the Amacizia Project from the 1950s, where mankind became the benefactor of off-world advanced technology; technology which has since been hidden deep within black projects in this interview with Regina Meredith. In 1955, Timothy Good’s passion for aviation and space led him to become interested in UFOs and the alien presence on Earth. In 1961 he began to conduct his own research. Since then, he has amassed a wealth of evidence, including several thousand …


The Reptilian Galactic Conquests… They Are Here To Rule Humanity!

In this interview with Regina Meredith, Len Kasten illuminates the history of reptilian galactic conquests and their conflicts with human beings which led them to our solar system where they established a hybrid civilization on Earth. No one knows from whence or where the reptilian overlords originated, but their advancement throughout our galaxy has been a continuous thorn in the side of many civilizations. Their crusade eventually brought them to Earth where their ongoing struggle against a galactic federation for the control or sovereignty of humanity continues to this day. Follow this link –​ to watch over 300 episodes of unparalleled transformational content, taking our viewers to the edges of consciousness and science. START YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW!!! This …


Understanding Reptilians (WARNING: Sexual content discussed)

 Discussion topics: Am I having a Reptilian experience? We look at the signs. Are Reptilians interfering with my dreamscape? Learn to identify and end it. Reptilian sexual manipulation. Hacking – psychological/memory banks/spiritual. Identifying the potential reasons we as individuals are on their radar. What are the winged dragons and how do they do personal warfare? What you can look for and do about it. Romantic and other relationships. Physiological, Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual side effects. The realm of possibility and our perception. You can find Sachita at


Die Glocke : The Secret Nazi Wonder Weapon – whatweknow

Die Glocke (meaning “The Bell” in German) is the name of an alleged top-secret Nazi technological device that is among the most notable of SS General Hans Kammler’s ultra-secret arsenal of “Wonder-Weapons” (a.k.a. “Wunderwaffe”). Ever since the conclusion of the Second World War, an increasing number of revelations have surfaced regarding various outlandish and even occult-based scientific and technological experiments being conducted by the Nazis throughout the duration of the Third Reich. Die Glocke has been considered to be among the most mysterious and intriguing of these revelations, as the potential explanations surrounding the actual purpose of the device range from anti-gravity to interdimensional time travel. The first known mention of Die Glocke came by way of a Polish aerospace …


Intel Update 04/08/2021

Our military intel contact is confirming Mr. Fleming’s sources, Bruce’s sources, and other sources saying that though the RV release process is way behind the original World Court ruling payout start deadline of last Thu 1 April, and though Zurich banks were closed for Easter last Mon 5 April (all funds are being released through Zurich for global T3-4A/B payouts and exchanges) CURRENTLY the World Court has ordered all RV parties that all payouts & exchanges begin before or on next Mon 12 April–we will see if the RV teams and the banks can keep to that schedule.. ..He confirmed that the RV teams under Trump and the military are behind one week, as the World Court ruled on Wed …


Update from Kimberly Murphy

We don’t have long,friends! Please join me tonight and tomorrow night in God- spirit -Jesus-Creator – Most High GOD prayer against Satan and his dark forces. Many horrible things are here, 50 foot anvil head archons, black rotted bad angels, and zombie demon armies. We are in the tribulation! God shows me many things in my mind. Spirit warriors, you know this is much more than a p a n demic. This was planned by the gates of hell and the black castle and satan. Things to pray against: April 8 or 9 they will try to unleash bio w e a pon on red states cancelling covi passes. Pray the shipment containers are stopped and chem t r a …


Official Denial – Syfy’s First Original Film – 1993

It’s now the 25th anniversary of “Official Denial,” a Syfy (back then, Sci-Fi Channel) original film on the topic of alien abductions. I wrote this script on spec in 1988 and eventually sold it to Syfy who developed it further, then shot it in Australia. It’s one of my favorite scripts to this day, although the production is hampered badly in the realism department by its extremely low budget. Still, I love it in so many ways, not the least of which was that lead actor Parker Stevenson was willing to shave his head for the part. Then there was the brave 12-year-old ballerina who wore the plastic alien suit. I learned a lot of lessons and, because of that, …


AJ Monatuk Alter Click Visitation

From the Lone Wolf Chronicles , written by James Rink. During my time in the Montauk Project I  visited an alien world 200 years in the future . It was a jungle planet with a pink colored sky. There were abandoned ruins of an ancient civilization which we didn’t know anything about. This was more of a way stop location; in case we got lost we would come here and get picked up. On this mission I went by the alter name of AJ. Me and another boy came in contact with a black and blue iridescent Mantis alien who calls himself Click. I will refer to him as a he; but he is actually non sexed. He considers himself …


Antarctica: Reichsdeutsche maps of the cave world

Reichsdeutsche maps of the cave world Video of a journalist who inspects the cards: Russian journalist examines the cards This map shows us the main continent on this hemisphere, called Asgard. On the continent of Asgard, in the center, lies the city of the Ases. Below left, we can clearly see Neu Schwabenland with the capital Neu Berlin. The small hook crosses indicate where the navy bases had set up bases. The main poison here is the Valkarischer Ozean. Further you can see the Pyrenean Sea, the Kartar Lake and the Amadak archipelago. (Source: Hollow Earth Blog ) Digitized version of this card: This map shows us the main continent of this hemisphere called Liberia. The main poem is also …