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Is the 4th Reich’s Dark Fleet abandoning Antarctica?

Dr Michael Salla / 2 days ago According to Elena Danaan, a former professional French archeologist who claims to be a contactee with the ‘Galactic Federation of Worlds’, an exodus of a German 4th Reich controlled “Dark Fleet” is currently underway that is creating a power vacuum that different nations are trying to fill by building bases in Antarctica. Her information comes from an extraterrestrial from the Taygeta star system in the Pleiades she identifies as ‘Thor Han’, and a current resident at the US McMurdo base who goes by the name ‘Frank’, and whose last name I will keep private. On June 6, Elena received an email from Frank informing her of an unusually high number of people entering …


EP 127 – Former US Navy: Daryl James – SSP Recruitment & Testimony – Looking Glass Predictions

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UAP/UFO Report My Thoughts on what is coming

PDF of UAP/UFO Report My Thoughts on what is coming https://ebab0266-80db-49f2-91ac-cb325… — Ileana the Star Traveler Ileana does not monetize her YouTube Channel with Paid Subscriptions to Watch Shows. If you want to donate to her:… Donations go towards upgrading equipment like microphones, computers, cameras, lighting, and software to improve the quality of the shows produced by Ileana. Contact Ileana for a private energy healing, psychic reading, spiritual session, courses or book Ileana for speaking or interviews, please contact Ileana through her website:… Consider buying her book “Crystal Grids: The Art of Healing with Crystals”, Ileana’s book is available on Amazon in print version worldwide and on her website in PDF copy. Link to PDF copy of book: …


Missing Time, Secret Bases & Memory Retrieval ~ Suzanne Spooner QHHT

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What This Man Says Could Change How You Think!

Emery became active duty in the USAF and was stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas. From there, he went on to surgical tech training at Sheppard AFB in Wichita Falls, Texas, and then on to England AFB in the 23rd Tactical Fighter Wing, located in Alexandria Louisiana, where he worked as a surgical technologist and surgical first assist. Subscribe to Dr J Radio Live Channel!…


Sibyria – Realm of Fairies, Elves, and Giants

Written by James Rink and remote viewed by Veronica Bartolini Veronica and I pass through a portal which looks like a giant crystal ball into the realm of Sibyria as written in gold letters. Over there are fairies, elementals, giants, and Faye that create reality with their minds. They range in size from very tiny child size to giants. They are peaceful, telepathic, they protect and take care of the land. The realm looks like a mixture of tinker bell, maleficent, and dark crystal. Veronica sees trees, then a school, she sees plant things running around, they are running away from wolves. They are fluffy. She goes into the house which is also a school. There is kitchen, bed rooms, …


Operation Highjump: ETs in Antarctica (TRAILER – REVISED)

This is the trailer for the full length documentary that is available at This 2-part remote-viewing documentary conducted at Farsight revises the mainstream historical account of Project Highjump led by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Jr. Operation High Jump Part 1: The Base ⦁ Introduction – 0:00 ⦁ Kahmia Dunson session Target 1 – 8:52 ⦁ Aziz Brown session Target 1 – 24:52 ⦁ PrinCess Jeaneé session Target 1 – 1:11:09 ⦁ Melena Hall Session Target 1 – 1:35:30 ⦁ Trudy Benjamin – 1:45:49 ⦁ Target 1 re-cap – 2:10:44 Operation High Jump Part 2: The Battle ⦁ Kahmia Dunson session Target 2 – 1:17 ⦁ Aziz Brown session Target 2 – 20:30 ⦁ PrinCess Jeaneé session Target …


The World’s Biggest Commodities and Recent Updates

My sources also confirm Uranus is one of the last places in this solar system where they are buying and selling human slaves, which makes me believe this intel is accurate. – James Rink Sunday, February 14, 2021 Operation Disclosure | By Mark Baughman, Contributing Writer     We the People, needed to be keep updated on real news and try to read updates on good intelligence providers of the Alliance’s progress worldwide. At least, from good sources, compare what they release and to what is reported in Fake News Networks worldwide, and what we know so far. Then it is easier to know what the real truth is. We are inside the “Greatest Transition in Human History” all over …


Did The Soviet Union Discover Aliens In The Deepest Lake In The World? | UFOs: The Lost Evidence

Under the waters of Lake Baikal in 1982, 7 Russian divers are exploring the world deepest freshwater lake on a research mission, but 50 metres underwater, strange humanoid creatures appear and in an attempt to capture one of them, all the divers are pushed up to the top by an unknown force. Who were these creatures and what can we learn from this encounter? Catch full episodes of UFOs The Lost Evidence here: Subscribe to Quest TV for more great clips:… Follow Quest on Twitter: