***INTEL*** New Republic Update – Saturday – October 22, 2016

“Macro Transition” – New Republic Update – Saturday – October 22, 2016

Republic Update
October 22, 2016


All Republic macro transition security assets and special forces operatives are wheels up right now, weapons loaded, safeties off and in place ready to keep the peace.

Same can be said for all North American banking personal… they’re all on ultra high alert at this hour.

All have been told to expect “mission activation” anytime as of 8pm EDT yesterday through Sunday 8pm.

Mass media outlets have all been briefed and have prepared information kits/edited pieces ready to broadcast and post on-line.

Know that all senior print editors and tv news producers at all the major media brand names are very well aware of what is coming… as do both former presidential candidates (Trump / Clinton / Johnson / Stein) and their executive staffs.

The November 8th election will be suspended and postponed. We believe until Jan 3, 2017. The traditional date of January 20th for the Presidential peaceful passing of power is expected to be kept.

A final 24 hour amnesty “olive branch” period was handed out to all remaining cabal die hards, worldwide, at midnight in China Friday for a midnight in China Saturday conclusion.

This final amnesty offering has come and gone now, thus the transitional event shall now commence without delay.

Temporary Republic executive branch appointees are at this moment ready anytime to publicly come forward and declare the Republic restored, and their leadership in full control of all the nation’s domestic and foreign affairs. This includes former interim President General Joseph Dunford and current interim President Paul Ryan (who is now openly flying on Air Force One).

New USN currency was traveled into redemption centers earlier this week, and now just awaiting exchanges and a public announcement of the new rainbow currency hitting public circulation.

The final release authorization was given in terms of allowing the currency into circulation yesterday at 6pm EDT.

The public currency revaluation is to be revealed after November 1, 2016, with full FOREX rate changes evident then.

GESARA macro transitional events are taking place across the globe, within formerly non-compliant governments and financial institutions like those here in the USA, as all nations must now adhere to a common or universal set of compliance requirements … on a variety of issues governing the greater good affairs of mankind.

What you think to be happening, and what you may believe to be happening, is most likely very incongruent to what is actually happening… and in real time.

Soon all transition truth, both here in the USA and around the world, will appear as a collective movement, yet separate sets of GESARA treaties and laws that reveal this entire process has long been completed and now readied for implementation.

The lack of mass consciousness awareness was done for everyone’s protection.

Finally, yet it is true that some sovereign rates will exceed five digits for some humanitarian and job creation for ZIM redeemers. The reason being is simple… that’s just what it’s worth to the Chinese and European Elders, as well as all central banks, and of course the nation of Zimbabwe.

Thus, if you hold ZIM and choose to redeem it, know you are willingly accepting a divine invitation to serve, preserve and protect all forms of life on planet earth–including all races and cultures of humanity.

There is simply no other earthly explanation for receiving such infinite abundance.








In an attempt to push the disclosure of Extraterrestrial life and the existence of UFO’s, Lieutenant Colonel John Titor has made his intentions know by sending certified letters up the chain of command of the US Government and the UN.

These letters will be received by Antonio Guterres, Ban Ki-Moon, President Barack Obama, Paul Ryan and Donald Trump.

John writes “I request that I be allowed to address a joint session of the United States Congress at the first opportunity regarding off world species that the United States government and military has been in contact with together.”

This year we have seen a huge push on the internet, social media and alternative news channels for some type of disclosure on the UFO subject. With all that has already been released publicly by Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and the multitude of whistleblowers. Is it possible that we are being prepared for the biggest disclosure yet to come? The existence of Extraterrestrials life?

Is the world getting ready for an official statement on the reality of Extraterrestrial contact and Alien Technology from the US President?

Many believe that the time has come.

Attached is the letter that has been sent to the Speaker of the House, Congressman Paul Ryan.

Congressman Paul Ryan

Speaker of the House

Washington, DC Office
1233 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515

Mr. Paul Ryan

The earth has been visited by extraterrestrial species from the time that the earth could sustain life.  There is much to suggest that the Earth is an engineered planet and that the solar system we live in has been engineered.  Engineered by an intelligence far greater than we are now and possibly ever have been in the past.  Some seventeen thousand years ago the Annunaki had successfully colonized this planet.  That civilization although a type five on the Kardashev scale failed.  Currently civilization on this planet is about to fail.  Currently Earth’s civilization is a type zero on that scale.

Records of visiting extraterrestrial species are left everywhere on this planet in stone.  Stones that cannot be lifted even today with available machinery.  Stone was a chosen media for leaving behind a record of their presence.

At the end of World War II there was increased extraterrestrial and UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) activity.  The armies of the United States and its allies were exhausted.  Demonstration of extraterrestrial power to General Dwight D. Eisenhower demonstrated that these extraterrestrial species were superior to mankind on earth.  These extraterrestrial species could out fly anything available in the 1950’s.  These same space craft could submerge and then fly out of oceans and lakes.

The United States of America signed cooperative agreements with extraterrestrial species.  It is suspected that NATO allies signed similar agreements.  These agreements gave unfettered access to the airspace of the Earth and set aside secure space ports to be used by extraterrestrials.  There are also mutual defense agreements in place in the event of war.

There are over eighty extraterrestrial species that are known.  The Annunaki, Greys, Tall Whites, and Reptilians are known to the United States government.  We have been invited to form an alliance or federation with them.

One, I encourage the United Nations to adopt a policy of befriending off world species whenever possible.  Two, we need to form an alliance with off world species whenever possible.

We have had cases of abductions of our species and animal mutilations from extraterrestrial species conducting research on our species.  These activities by extraterrestrials should not be condoned.  Tissue samples must be requested through diplomatic channels.  We have every right to expect that laws of our planet will be respected with adherence.

There are two pressing issues that impact mankind’s survival on this planet.  One, if mankind is to survive on this planet wars of conquest must be outlawed. Wars based on religious beliefs and religious bigotry must cease.  Two, the environment of this planet has been abused and we are dangerously close to extinction because of mankind’s inability to stop the abuse.  Global Warming is fact and not fiction.

I request that I be allowed to address a joint session of the United States Congress at the first opportunity regarding off world species that the United States government and military has been in contact with together.


JohnTitorIIJohn Titor II

John Titor II

Chief Executive Officer

177th Science Foundation

Author “Disclosed: Chronicles of John Titor II”

cc:  Donald Trump (Republican Nominee President of the United States)


Etherics (scuttlers) / Nanodrink

Etherics (scuttlers) / Nanodrink

Hi James,

I experienced some years ago a something I think was a nanotech attack that was delivered to me over a cocktail that I drank in a big hotel in Munich that caused a three weeks long amnesia and loss of pain and feelings and facial recognition for that period. Glad that I recovered.I think that some group or agents must have known it over a telephone appointment I had with a friend that we would go to that Hotel for some drinks.

Actually felt that something was in the cocktail when it was close to me but I was convinced that it would help me & and also not in a way. It tasted metallic and some parts of my skin started to feel strange.The heavy effects kicked in hours later and it was noticeable that they disabled mental functions and memories. Proceedenly to my surprise I started automatically to somehow react on it and stay calm and and grab memories & recalls and divert / shift them into other areas. Not all could be saved I think.

I still wonder if it was for the good or an attack.

1,5 years cognitive issues and energetical blockades from the corpus collosum up to the cortex of the central part of the brain. It seemed to have disabled/erased memories & PTSD and blocking/reroot certain neurological pathways possibly access hidden memories.
An other one delivered over a meal did something to my sensory communication functionality of my inner palms of my hands.

Lost the ability to fear and I had really intense sharp pain at the Hypothalamus area, difficulties to apply mind related things. However when trying to access certain memories, it starts a painful burning sensation in my brain and I can‘t think them.

This unknown substance in the cocktail was force given to me unwittingly at a hotel after having talked to a doctor weeks ahead about certain abilities. I think that it is perhaps not good to talk about special abilities like Alara Blackwell tells about or if one feels certain electrical commands for a craft running through his hands, with a common doctor or psychologist. I think there seems to be on a witch hunt like style run.Thank’s to you I got a better picture of what may have happens to me.

So I think that the purpose of this drink was to shut down memories by modulating the neural access pathways of the hypocampus to the storage areas, solve PTSD and better react to certain situations, put psychic abilities offline for later use if needed and change how one keeps memories.


Did I tell you that I actually have had many intense personal encounters with so called “Scuttlers“ over the last years with some I call “Etherics”, their effects on me and what helped to countermeasure them ?

It could help others to countermeasure them if needed! Had many in my flat and in cars, public transportation,hospitals and cinemas (seeming to scan emotions and thoughts). Interestingly in cinemas. Maybe a sort to gather intel of people by an alien race to understand how we think and feel about certain things like how we do in scify movies like Independence day2, I was able to perceive out of them.

They appeared in different shapes. Some like very thin cigarette smoke in a constant form like a sea star when light hit them. In the night I perceived them glowing. One could feel a pressure field and those felt as if a thin scarp or feather was moving across the skinn. .They can grab and pinch and seem too. Feels electrostatic.

Be able to influence bio electric body cells and energetic on ones body by applying vibrations. Also read & insert and influence thoughts. Countermeasures that helped me against Etheric constructs.

Most appeared high tech like from an alien race. One appeared synthetically build and was pretty much in cubic simple shapes. I think that those could have been build in a microwave like looking device that imprints the ether over x,y,z emitters.

Spray dispenser filled with an ionic liquid such as lemon juice and soap. Excellent to neutralize them. One should be careful on the effects on surfaces before using.

Anti-static cleaning gas for PC’S.

Metallic dish washing sponge.
Best defense. It seem to destabilize their shape and effects.

Close gap metallic fence / net.

Tinfoil prevented them to penetrate but seemed able to walk along the surface. Not with meshed up metallic fence.

Full enclosed motorcycle Helmet with metallic fence at open areas and mouth when sleeping prevented them from entering the mouth and during sleep. They seem to come through electricity plugs and through open windows. Was able to energetically countermeasure some at first but it was energy consuming and difficult if one had to sleep. One needs to sense their vibration and then simulate this one in ones mind and then apply and play with ones phantasy on ones desired result with them to control them.

They were most active in the evening and through the night. Perhaps it has something to do with the lower and more stable magnetic field of the planes atmosphere on the night side of the planet due to the solar wind drags it up.

“Monumental” – New Republic Intel – October 19, 2016

5:15:00 PM  ,

Received via email at 3:34 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Republic Update
October 19, 20160

What a proud, proud day to be American as our Republic has been fully restored and shall now be revealed to the world as whole and functioning without a coups d’etat shot fired on our shore.

On Tuesday, current Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R) Wisconsin was sworn in as the 45th President of the Republic. You read that right. Paul Ryan is the new American president and Commander-in-Chief.

This event was a red carpet event done on a Native American Sovereign Reservation for security and legal purposes because Washington D.C., does not require its citizens to follow the Constitution per very old and secrete Vatican / Jesuit mandate.

Meaning, no resident of Congress, the Senate, Supreme Court, IMF, IRS, FEMA, FBI, CIA, etc. was ever required to follow the Constitution of the United States. This was the main cause for all the lawlessness witnessed now and being exposed through a variety of third party source alike Wiki leaks, Guccifer and National Inquirer.

Natural executive succession per the Constitution also demands that should the President or Vice President fail to be able to perform their duties as Commander-in-Chief, third in line would be the Speaker of the House and he would be sworn in and assume the Office of the Presidency. This makes Paul Ryan an interim President, but he is now in change of all USA military forces both domestic and abroad per the Constitution.

And because the USA, Inc. has also financially defaulted, so to has the USA, Inc.’s economy, currency, treasury bonds and credit lines worldwide. Very quietly, world leaders who owned USA, Inc. debt have agreed to a bankruptcy work through program that re-instates the Republic’s economic good standing per signed treaty with 208 other sovereign nations of the free world subtly entitled the 2015 Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Therefore, for President Ryan to now assume the job as Republic of the United States President, this means our economy, debt, currency and treasury bonds are back in good standing according to a golden new standard per the Paris Agreement.


Please now begin to accept this fact as truth in your own life, as not only will you being receiving news of this event shortly via a mainstream media source (FOX News–which was flipped to be a Republic mouthpiece a la Donald Trump during the course of the election), but soon it will also be announced that the current Presidential election cycle will be indefinitely terminated due to voter fraud and USA, Inc. government corruption.

The Constitution of the United States will once again be restored as the legal document by which the Republic of the United States will adhere to, both domestically and globally, as interim President Ryan will be making this announcement with General Joseph Dunford and his new cabinet.

By Constitutional mandate, he will be forced to assume the title of Commander-in-Chief… until another election cycle is determined and new candidates are appointed. We doubt seriously anyone will be disappointed given the negative approval ratings with both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump… which was all by design and culminates tonight in their 3rd Presidential debate… kind of like priming the pump so to now pour out waters of truth.

The Republican Party is expected to nominate incumbent President Ryan as their party’s candidate, and the Democrats will nominate a new candidate also; however this election will be different in that campaign funds will be fixed for all candidates and parties–including third, fourth and fifth party candidates, who will get equal debate time and news coverage. Our election procedures will be changing dramatically in round two.

Be advised it will also be announced that the Federal Reserve Bank has been absorbed by the Republic Treasury and will be announced as in default to its creditors. The Republic will also announce they have returned to the gold standard, and gold now backs new Republic currency that Congress has already approved into law.

Republic currency will remain as is temporarily, but a new Republic rainbow currency will be printed and distributed sometime starting after the second election cycle. Probably 2018 but perhaps sooner.

The Clinton Dynasty will be shamed and drift into oblivion along with the Bush Dynasty, and Rockefeller Dynasty, Rothschild Dynasty, and all other Eastern European Dark Nobility Dynasties that occupied our country and attempted to destroy our nation.

We understand today that there is a midnight Wednesday drop dead date for all global amnesty deals, but after this time line concludes, those deals will be null and void and violators will be terminated… past, present and future. Meaning, all military and diplomatic matters worldwide (including Aleppo) will be permanently resolved 11:59pm EDT tonight. So this is going to move very quickly now–be ready for anything.

As a result of this hard deadline, the Global Financial Reset will also commence, both publicly and globally, including rate revaluations for all currencies of the world in good standing. This includes those first basket currencies many of you in this Internet Community hold.

Fair and audited values will be posted and paid out to anyone turning in said defaulted and undervalued currencies per normal banking procedures governing currency exchange.

There will be thousands of off site locations to manage the flow of redeemers, as well as dozens of call centers to handle the initial wave of redemptions–which is anticipated to be 60% processed within the first 72 hours. Off site redemption locations will then be quietly reduced to mange only the volume required, until they are all dissolved.

The end is here, and there is absolute no reason to be anxious, struggle or worry about the implementation of these massive political and financial reforms anywhere in the world, as all military and security precautions have long been taken to ensure safe passage to and from your redemption appointment.

Enjoy making history!

Peace, Prosperity & Pono


James Casbolt Jail Visit Oct 2016

Deliberately vague report on my visit with James Casbolt in the jail close to Devizes, Wiltshire, late Oct 2016. We discussed Barry King (Bases 1 and 2), who may have had a connection with the past use of the location, which may have been where the Nazis PoW were in WW2. This is of great interest. So we went back to the roots of the Bases Project.

We discussed his original sentence. The judge wanted to give beyond the maximum. I asked James if Hanging was available,..he would have used it! (joke) Now in happier state, with reduction he is scheduled for release in a couple of years. We must not forget why James is in jail, and we mutually wished to only do what would be in the public and his interests. Thinking forward, we mentioned Taj’s contact and others. and there may be grounds where a recording video interview may be possible. (in other words its not IMpossible) that’s for now.

British conspiracy theorist, 39, is found dead on a sofa in Poland just days after texting his mother to say: ‘If anything happens to me, investigate’

  • Max Spiers, 39, originally from Canterbury, was found dead in Poland 
  • He had gone to the country to talk about conspiracy theories and UFOs 
  • Medics ruled he died from natural causes despite no post-mortem
  • His mother thinks he may have made enemies who wanted him dead
  • Friends claimed he died in an apartment after he ‘vomited a black liquid’

Max was known as a 'supersoldier' by his followers and those in the conspiracy and supernatural community

Max was known as a ‘supersoldier’ by his followers and those in the conspiracy and supernatural community

A conspiracy theorist texted his mother to say ‘If anything happens to me, investigate’ just days before his mysterious death.

Father-of-two Max Spiers, 39, was found dead on a sofa in Poland, where he had gone to give a talk about conspiracy theories and UFOs.

He was ruled to have died from natural causes despite no post-mortem examination being carried out on his body.

Friends have claimed he died in a Warsaw apartment after he ‘vomited a black liquid’.

His dark investigations into UFOs and government cover-ups may have made him enemies who wanted him dead, claims his mother Vanessa Bates, 63.

Max was known as a ‘supersoldier’ by his followers and those in the conspiracy and supernatural community.

In a chilling text message to Vanessa just days before his death, Max wrote: ‘Your boy’s in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate.’

In one of his final social media messages he wrote, in a reply to a friend who asked how he was: ‘I’m good, I am just wayyyyyy too tired.’

Originally from Canterbury, Max was a former classmate with the actor Orlando Bloom.

Vanessa said in a recent interview that Max was ‘exposing’ who was ‘dangerous in the world of government [and] the entertainment world.’

He lived in America for a few years, but had returned to the city to stay with his mother, before jetting off to Poland.

Max had been working with science fiction writer Madlen Namro and Monika Duval, who he is also believed to have been staying with whilst in Poland.

Vanessa said: ‘He was making a name for himself in the world of conspiracy theorists and had been invited to speak at a conference in Poland in July.

‘He was staying with a woman who he had not known for long and she told me how she found him dead on the sofa.

Scroll down for video 

Max was ruled to have died from natural causes despite no post-mortem examination being carried out on his body

Max's mother, Vanessa Bates, who said he was 'exposing' who was 'dangerous in the world of government [and] the entertainment world'

Father-of-two Max Spiers, 39, with his mother Vanessa Bates. He was found dead in Poland

‘But I think Max had been digging in some dark places and I fear that somebody wanted him dead.’

Max made a career out of investigating UFO sightings and alleged cover-ups.

More recently, he was said to be probing into the lives of well-known figures in politics, business and entertainment.

Vanessa, speaking to KMTV about his time in Poland, added: ‘…these people seemed to be involved in some very, very dark and dangerous areas of the world and I was afraid that as he was gaining popularity and fame that perhaps somebody would want him out of the way i.e. not alive any longer.’

Mother shares suspicion of conspiracy theorist son’s death

In a chilling text message to Vanessa just days before his death, Max wrote: 'Your boy's in trouble. If anything happens to me, investigate'

Max had been due to speak at this conference in Wiltshire in August 

 Max Spiers, 39 was found dead on a sofa; the following month he was due to appear at the Bases 2016 International Conference into conspiracy theories and the supernatural (right)

His unexplained death, and its subsequent treatment by the authorities, has left many online followers convinced he was killed by government agents.

Conspiracy theorists have long been convinced that UFO chasers who get too close to the truth are ‘bumped off’ by the secret services or so-called ‘Men in Black’.

On one website, Project Camelot, a blogger wrote: ‘The entire circumstances are suspicious and I urge everyone to encourage the release of details about what really happened and call for an autopsy.’

Another, Craig Hewlett, added: ‘If it wasn’t true what he talks about then why would they kill him? Healthy people don’t just get sick and die, they get poisoned.’

Vanessa, who works as an English teacher, also accepts the theories.  She said: ‘Max was a very fit man who was in good health and yet he apparently just died suddenly on a sofa.

‘They are also refusing to release any paperwork about it to me because, absurdly, I don’t have his written permission.’

Max worked with the supernatural and conspiracy theory group Bases Project and was due to appear at a conference held Wiltshire in August.

Miles Johnson, part of the project and a friend of Max’s, said in an interview with Project Camelot: ‘…a person has died here and I don’t think it’s good enough [that] somebody who just took normal medication should end up vomiting, spewing black liquid, whatever it was. And then shortly after that, whatever length of time it was died.’

A message on the Bases Project website reads: ‘Max was a good friend to many of us and he will be greatly missed, please show your respects for him by refraining from gossip and allowing his family and close friends to deal with their loss in peace. RIP Max Spiers.’

British conspiracy theorist Max Spiers talks his theories

Max was buried in Canterbury cemetery after his mother arranged to have his body flown home a week after his death.

A post-mortem examination was carried out by a pathologist in Kent, but Vanessa says that more than two months later she still does not know the result, or whether there will be an inquest.

She added: ‘Apparently, he had not suffered any obvious physical injuries but he could have been slowly poisoned, which is why the results of toxicology tests from his post-mortem are so important.

‘He has a brother, Josh, and sister, Becky, who are both devastated, as are his two boys. We all want answers to this and I will continue to fight to get to the truth.’

The North East Kent coroner’s office would only confirm the death was at the ‘very early’ stages of investigation.

A GoFundMe donation site was started last week to raise funds to pay for a headstone and memorial service for friends.

The author of the page said the fund was set up on behalf of Vanessa and his family.

The statement on the site reads: ‘Max was loved and will be missed by many so we are giving people the opportunity to donate to this fund to pay for a memorial service and headstone.

‘If you are able to attend the service a date will be set once the fund target has been reached. As a lot of Max’s family were not able to attend his burial this is also an opportunity for them to come and pay their respects as well.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3841782/British-conspiracy-theorist-39-dead-sofa-Poland.html#ixzz4NJcUNcw7