Testimony of Jessie Mane Czebotar

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Testimony of Jessie Mane Czebotar

l)I(Jessic Marie Czebotar)sWOm underthe pains and penalty ofpellη 「claim the following
facts to be the truth. And thatl am ofage,ofsound IIllnd,and competcnt to putthese facts upon
the record.
2)I would like to submit upon the record the involvement ofCathedral ofSt.Peter located in
Rockford,IL in c五mes against children and hllmanity through Satanic Ritual Abuse in
COttunctiOn with:
1.Law Enforcement(from Rockford,Chicago,Wheaton,PcoFia,Springfleld and surrounding
2.The Chicago Undergrollnd DUMB base
3.Rush Hospital
4.Underground Breeder Programs
5。 Labs
7.Department ofDefense
8.ISSTD:Intemational Society for Study ofTrauma and Dissociation
Current HQ Address and Contactinお おrISSTD:
4201 Wilson Blvd 3rd Floor
Arlington,VA 22203
Telephone:844-994-7783 1 Fax:888-966‐ 0310
Emaill infoの isst― d.org

3) Adults Involved in the memories I am sharing who I witnessed present at the abuse done to
children through Cathedral of St Peter Church and affiliates include the following.
I testiff for the record that these individuals named are members of one of the highest Orders of
the Brotherhood as Initiates of the Flame. That Order is oalled the Order of Melchizedek. For
the women their place in order is signified by the wearing of pearls and the color purple.

President Ronald and Nancy Reagan
President George H. and Barbara Bush
President George W. and Laura Bush
Nazi and Ukrainian Legion of Defense Leader Michael Karkoc
Clara Odelila Acker Church (Queen Mother of Darkness)
Beatrice Acker Hellenbrand (Mother of Darkness)
Valeria Church (Mother of Darkness)
Maggie Acker (Married name Unknown) (Mother of Darkness)
Vera Acker (Manied name Unknown) (Mother of Darkness)
Laurie Cabot Kent (Grand High Priestess of North/East)
Joan Collins (Grand High Priestess of West)
Gloria Vanderbilt (Crrand High Priestess of East)
MaryLou Whitney (Grand High Priestess of South)
Col. Michael Aquino
Gen. Paul E. Vallely (Saw him in association with many members of this order, but cannot
confirm his involvement)
Col. John B. Alexander
John O. Brennan
Edward Rincon (DARPA, CERN, Haarp lnterface)
Isaac Asimov (Writer with Connections to Underground Boston Military Base)
Oliver Stone
Colin A. Ross (ISSTD Therapist)
Bennett Braun (Founder of ISSTD)
Neil Brick (Finder)
Eilene Avetti (Breeder Program, ISSTD Therapist)
Newt Gingrich
Ambassador to the Holy See Callista Gingrich
Bill and Hilary Clinton
Barack Obama
Oprah Winfrey
Mitt Romney
Rahm Emanuel
Dick, Lynne, andLiz Cheney
James Danforth “Dan” and Marilyn Quayle
Former Vice President Mike and Karen Pence
John and Theresa Heinz Kerry
Cardinal/Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan
Archbishop John L. May
Msgr Thomas Grady
Muammar Gaddafi

The WIZARD aka Allan Parrot (Saw him in association with many members of this order, but
cannot confirm his involvement besides with work)
James Volpe (Wheaton Police Chief, Top Protector)
Several Unknown individuals associated with the US Gov, Military, Catholic Church and Holy
See, the Systems Protectors. (Many times, I was not given individual’s true names or they were
known by a different name every time I saw them.)

4) Children present in l98l-1984 at above locations who I witnessed experiencing abuse at
Cathedral of St. Peter and affiliated Military and Civilian Organizations in the Rockford and
Chicago, IL areas include:

Jessie Marie Czebotar (EIlevold)
Barbara Ellevold
Andrew Ellevold
Douglas John Killrush Mysecko aka Douglas Mesner aka Lucien Greaves
Peter Killrush
Alice Mysecko (deceased in Sept. 1981)
Elon Musk
Elizabeth Church
Jeannie Wagnor (Church)
Julie Cato (Church)
Johnny Goshe (adult at this time)
Corey Feldman
Corey Heim
Amy Coney Banett (Was training with the Sisters of Light with Callista Gingrich to be a sister
of Light)
Michael Avenetti
Nate Rothschild

Madonna (in passing, was being trained under Grand High Priestess Gloria Vanderbilt to be the
Grand Dame for the Eastem and Western Quadrants)
(Thousands of unnamed children the System Considered Expendable).
5) I testiff that in 1981-1984 I witnessed the grotesque abuse of the hierarchy children named
under section 4 as well as the ritual abuse and murder of hundreds of thousands of children the
System considered expendable at Cathedral of St Peter and the above-named Government
facilities and Community Facilities.

L I testifu that Clara Odelia Acker Church murdered 1000 children a month in front of
my face because I refused to participate in ritual killings from age 4 %till age 7. My
coping and grace was to count each one and keep a tally. The majority of these deaths
occurred on the property or in the tunnel ritual areas under Cathedral ofSt Peter.
a) Out of those 1000 deaths a month, this one was the most impactful. We were at a
Feast Ritual in the spring of 1984 at St Peter’s Rockford Church in the main
Underground Ritual area. I was 6 Yzyears old. They had a huge l5 foot or longer
thick wood table set up to tbast at. They brought out several children around age 8-
10, boys and girls and laid them with their hands and feet tied across the table width
wise. Their heads were on top table and their feet hanging over. I was standing at the
head of the table on the left side with my Proctor, Clara Odelia Acker Church.
I remember there were Elite men who came into the ritual room from the tunnel
system underneath the sanctuary with white chef like coats and hats. They were
laughing and joking. Some of the faces I remember in the white coats were George
H. Bush, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton. They were some of the High Priests
presiding over the ceremony. Men who were their Protestors/Assassins in thE System
had secured the children by rope to the table. I remember ClaraOdelia Acker Church
and the Mothers of darkness dressed in their black ceremonial robes. Clara had a
ceremonial Sunburst head dress that was made of aborted fetus skulls that she wore
every year for the Marion Feast May l’t to celebrate the Queen of Heaven. That head
dress was kept under the altar in the main sanctuary at the Cathedral of St peter in
Rockford, IL along with the five Books of the Mothers. These books are preserved
for specific end time rituals and are made of human skin with human hair binding.
All the pages are blank but when the right person’s blood is applied the spell on the
pages shows up. My blood is linked to one of those books. (See Exhibits C & D)
Returning to memory, clara odelia Acker approached George H. Bush with a box
that contained what I can best describe as three ancient surgical tools sitting in what
looked like red velvet. George H. Bush took the tools that looked like a curved
machete, the length was about half an adult’s arm length. I submit for the record that
these children are not given pain meds. They did have a paralyzing drug. They are
fully conscious. The tool was displayed above the children’s faces so they could see
what was coming. Then they were told they would be dinner. Women in the group
began to gather plates and set the table around the children just on the one long side.
There were some other tables present that the lower members sat at. I believe there
were about l0 people sitting at the long table I was at.

Read the rest here. https://timothycharlesholmseth.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/Jessie-regarding-Cathedral-of-St.-Peter-in-Rockford-IL.pdf


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Corona Vaccines from the Spiritual Perspective. Consequences on Soul and Spirit, and the Life after Death

Corona Vaccines from the Spiritual Perspective. Consequences on Soul and Spirit, and the Life after Death

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The physical effects while incarnate are bad, but next to nothing compared to the astral damage. The etheric body is shattered and life review cannot take place so souls remain earthbound and unable to travel to heaven or see their friends, relatives or angels. May take 1000 years to fix.

The greatest exposure I have yet seen but way too few even have the background knowledge to understand.

a 100-page pdf document, “Corona Vaccines from the Spiritual Perspective. Consequences on Soul and Spirit and the Life after Death,” by Thomas Mayer


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