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Needle Last Night December 8, 2012

The ones who do this wear a black jump suit that smells like petroleum products. Their collar has the two lighting bolt insignia. They have a way to open portals into my home and freeze time. Take me to a facility where I am experimented on by doctors in white lab coats and surgical face masks. Some of these beings look human but the ones who don’t have hands which are 4 fingered or scaly and have to wear breathing masks. After they are done with their procedure my memories are wiped and I am returned to my home within a blink of the eye without any sensation of missing time.


What Lies Below Pine Gap Australia?

By William Ross Pine Gap, Australia is the largest CIA NRO facility outside of the USA. Located deep in the outback near Alice Springs the base staffs up to 1000 people including members of US Army, US Air Force, 704th military Intel, and 743rd Intelligence Battalion Marine Cryptologic command. Hillary Clinton owns financial holdings in major military contractors including Honeywell, Boeing, and Raytheon. No wonder she holds clone keys for activation. (Note she is probably a clone herself) Pine Gap is the largest and sophisticated satellite ground station in the world. The facility bores 28,000 feet deep or 5.3 miles into the ground where a massive underground antenna array is positioned to create gigantic standing wave fields around the entire …


A message from Sam

If you are a Starseed or a mind control victim If you are a Starseed or a mind control victim (targeted individual) please read this – and propagate it. Americans are being tortured into suicide and mental hospitals by military black ops groups. I’m one of the few that’s lived to tell about this from the inside but I won’t be around long now. If this simple web page saves one life it’s worth it. As I’m a mind-controlled torture victim existing in an electronic frequency fence, it is difficult for me to have the time and the concentration to format things such as this site as well as I’d like. At one time I was great at web design and …


Covert Harassment Class Action Lawsuit Instructions

Note please use discernment if you choose to send this person money. I have no personal knowledge of this individual and cannot voucher for the validity of any of this. Covert Harassment Class Action Lawsuit Instructions The FBI agreed to settle out of court for what we are seeking. They agreed to settle upon 500 suits being filed so we have to wait until 500 people file suit for our freedom. The form you need to fill out is attached to this zip file. 1. For page one just put your name as plaintiff and fbi and fcc as defendant, leave the rest blank. 2. For page two fill it all out. 3. Then make a another one page letter with just your name, address and …


Exmouth, HAARP Facility in Australia

HAARP stands for The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program. HAARP is capable of blasting a super-charged, high frequency radio wave into the earth’s atmosphere. This controllable radio wave is so powerful and electromagnetically charged that it can actually lift the ionosphere while simultaneously heating it! The ionosphere is an electromagnetically charged shield that surrounds the earth’s upper atmosphere. The ionosphere (ozone layer) protects the earth from deadly radiation and spikes emitted by the sun. HAARP has been able to achieve such unprecedented high radio frequency blasts that all of it’s,effects are not yet known, effects include weather control missile defense shield and even mind control. The government and military propaganda machine has neglected to tell the true story about …


James Rink is an example of this

James thank you for helping getting the truth about milabs out in the public. It seems there must be a lot of division and untrust among deep within the programs. Evil always goes in on its self. It is something we should never forget although we become accustomed to there all of their nonsense. And continued invasion of our lives we know what is right where as they lack in no judgement of morals of any kind what so ever apart from their continued work on their project that never goes further afield than when they had started from. As in the case of continued injections and upgrades those upgrades really never go to where they really want it funny that. …


Good idea not to buy this perfume!

Fame from Lady Gaga . It probably contains blood and semen. Crowley and his progeny and poison, but also nanities to control those unwitting souls who spray it on themselves and like a virus it attacks the third eye. Made and bottled in a factory in east Europe where there are ritual sacrifices performed with young victims that are kidnapped. Not a coincidence it was produced by a division of RSA films. RS for Ridley Scott director of the alien movies etc. Note RSA also stands for ritual satanic abuse. Starts with all seeing eye then goes on to the black milky substance which represents blood. Then we see the claws then onto more rituals and sacrifice and blood drinking …


How to survive the Superwave when Sun becomes Red Giant on 23 Dec 2012

Have you heard of Pane Andov? I think you will find him very interesting. Do you know that by 21, 22 and 23 Dec or thereabouts – its a critical phase for humanity. We will be aligning with the galactic center and at the same time, will be passing the energy wave of a supernova within the same time period. The energies from this supernova will affect all objects within its path, and our sun and its binary star will become a red giant. Our earth will also be affected but we can protect ourselves if mankind can awaken and raise their frequencies high enough (through personal and global meditation) to create a energy shield around ourselves and earth. Pane …