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EP 109 – SSP Whistleblower – LIVE Q & A

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ET Races

In this video is artwork that was done for Peter Maxwell Slattery, depicting Extraterrestrials and otherworldly Beings he has interacted with. More in-depth information on all of these Beings coming soon. Artwork of Beings done by BeAR STUDiOS PTY.LTD Background images from various royalty free sources Song – Together We Stand Artist – Scott Holmes Music licensed to Peter Maxwell Slattery for commercial use from For more on Pete go to​ Or​


US Air Force Funding New Tech to ‘Re-Programme’ Human Cells for Miracle Healing

22:11 GMT 29.01.2021Get short URL by James Tweedie Professor Indika Rajapakse’s team is working on using proteins called ‘transcription factors’ to activate and deactivate genes that govern cell specialisation. One application could be a spray-on ‘bandage’ that converts tissue in open wounds into new skin. The US Air Force is working with scientists at the University of Michigan on a new space-aged healing technology that involves re-tooling cells at the genetic level. The research aims to take already-differentiated human cells — such as skin, muscle or other tissue — and switch off and on the key genes that control their specialised roles. The eventual result could be that a burn victim’s cells could be re-programmed to grow new skin, or …


Important Message from the Rudy Guilani Camp

Important Message from the Rudy Guilani Camp Date: Monday, 18-Jan-2021 18:39:06 Important Message from the Rudy Guilani Camp From Jim Wilson / Brian Anderson who works with Rudy Guilani Space Force is involved in the worldwide blackouts we are seeing in multiple countries right now. This is a test run of the top secret Global Broadcast Satellite program. GBS can bathe any broadcast system with a partial beam technology to override the machinery. Trump will use this program to enable direct contact with all television screens for a worldwide address in which he will reveal the signing of multiple new executive orders that will allow the swift trial through military tribunals for all those who chose treason over the …


1.8.21 THE TIPPING POINT POST ELECTION UPDATE #18: Game On! Cabal Takedown In High Gear

Official plans to begin the final phase of the Cabal Takedown are underway. Stage is set. Prepare to observe the battle of all time! Traitors turning against each other to save their lives. The Untold History Channel will be the backup YT channel for “The Tipping Point Radio” due to YT’s second attack on this mission. I again got hit with a strike for posting content from another YT channel. We get hit but the others not. YT Jail till Jan 20th Please note that all video content moving forward will be upload to Brighteon and the other channels listed below. We are staying on mission. The Patriot Streetfighter information warfare platform is taking shape. Check out We will …


Artificial Intelligence PsyOps Tyler and Q Anon with Quinn Michaels

How could a Q level clearance operative release sensitive intelligence information without being charged with treason? Sponsor Crowdsource the Truth… BTC – 14y2bEJ484DTbQwthX51VWpcRtk9Q7kmQQ ETH – 0x07a23Ac0EBb5936d60A8cBfE07D64A579Cc756c9 LTC – LVP2d143QjPv1JaJpqgPHzQzv2qSQCDnbd email merchandise –… **Legal Disclaimer: Sponsorship of Crowdsource the Truth is made at the sponsor’s sole discretion. Sponsorship funds are not tax-deductible, are non-refundable, and do not represent any ownership, equity interest or decision-making authority in the organization.


Chinese Spaceship, Dog Fight & More – David’s Testimony Pt. 3 – Secret Space Program Whistleblower

David shares his memories of: -Chinese Spaceship -Civilian Dog Fight in Armageddon (Bad stuff happening to good people. People’s minds were gone. People were going nuts.) -Breakaway Memory – Tardis Teardrop spaceship “Air Ferry”/ride at/over aqua center in Breakaway city. David’s martial art website: Teah’s blog website: Teah’s Up & Coming Book:…


Understand This Episode 3: Former Nacht Waffen, MDF, Kruger & SSP Alliance Johan Fritz

 Johan Fritz was screened as a child for the programs, eventually in his teens put through MKUltra, graduated every level of Super Soldier training. Upon enlistment into the United States Marine Corp, he was screened again. He was transferred at Diego Garcia from a CIA asset to SSP assets, then to the Moon, where he has worked in multiple programs. He was an enlisted member of Kruger, both enlisted and officer in Mars Defense force, Officer in Nancht Waffen Regir (Dark Fleet), and an officer in the Alliance (with 20% of the those Dark Fleet forces who defected). He has served a total of 40 years of service and eventually made it to the Executive Level of Management as …