Ashtar Command and Bases on Venus (TRAILER)

This is the trailer for the full-length remote-viewing project that can be found on Farsight’s Streaming Service: Farsight’s Web Site: Table of Contents (Time in minutes:seconds during video): Introduction: 0:00 Ashtar in the Clouds of Jupiter JUPITER: ⦁ Intisam session – 13:48 ⦁ Aziz sesssion – 17:04 ⦁ PrinCess – 21:02 Ashtar Civilian Leader: ⦁ Intisam session – 24:09 ⦁ Aziz sesssion – 33:08 ⦁ PrinCess – 43:32 Ashtar Military Leader: ⦁ Intisam session – 54:01 ⦁ Aziz sesssion – 59:32 ⦁ PrinCess – 1:09:21 Ashtar: ⦁ Intisam session – 1:14:31 ⦁ Aziz sesssion – 1:20:57 ⦁ PrinCess – 1:26:57 VENUS: ⦁ Intisam session – 1:27:57 ⦁ Aziz sesssion – 1:31:35 ⦁ PrinCess – 1:34:43 Venus Civilian Leader: ⦁ Intisam session – 1:37:09 ⦁ Aziz sesssion – 1:45:16 ⦁ PrinCess – 1:58:29 Venus Military Leader: ⦁ Intisam session – 2:06:46 ⦁ Aziz sesssion – 2:14:51 ⦁ PrinCess – 2:31:40 ⦁ Concluding remarks – 2:35:35 For remote-viewing course opportunities, contact PrinCess Jeaneé at princessviews (at) Subscribe to Farsight’s FREE newsletter:… TWITTER: @farsightrv Instagram: @farsightprime (main Instagram page, syfy images and content) @farsightremoteviewing (remote viewers) and @farsightinstitute (projects page)

20 Years & back with the French Secret Space Program

In this Exopolitics Today interview, Jean Charles Moyen discusses extraterrestrial contact experiences that culminated in him being identified by French officials as a potential candidate for France’s Secret Space Program (SSP). Jean Charles explains the role of a Galactic Confederation that cooperated with French authorities in his recruitment and training that began at age 13, and his subsequent SSP service that began at age 21. One of his trainers was a blond blue eyed female called Maria, which he later learned was Maria Orsic. After his formal recruitment into France’s military, he served on two spacecraft belonging to a joint Franco-US space fleet from 1991 to 2011( the Solaris and the Excelsior) before being age regressed and returned to his point of departure. In this first public interview to an English speaking audience, Jean Charles responds to a set of questions submitted in advance which are read out. The interview was conducted in this way to facilitate Jean Charles responding in English, which is his second language. Jean Charles movie “South Shore Origin” is available on Vimeo here:… Jean Charles’s “Alien Connexion” which comprises 15 episodes about his life experiences is available for free on YouTube: His video “Starseed Revelation” which offers more details about his life experiences is available on Vimeo:… My thanks to Jean Charles Moyen for permission to use his graphics to illustrate his experiences. Michael Salla, Ph.D. Interview Transcript is here:…

Lost and Found USB-drive with video’s SSP, TR3-B, UAP, UFO Mother ship, Mars wars super soldiers

if you don’t like the music just mute it…lol ( sorry, thats for trolls, they are dumb and have to be told ) Music change and re-edit upload from a lost usb with video’s of ufo’s, uap’s from the ssp, i’m told most video’s are real and some fake you decide real or fake? the original video’s kept getting deleted by YouTube Music: -Fantasia/Frenetic Energy (Door 5) · Mannheim Steamroller Fresh Aire Ii ℗ 1977 American Gramaphone LLC ℗ 2007 American Gramaphone LLC Released on: 2012-09-10 Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises -Buck rogers, – The video killed the radio star Listen ad-free with YouTube Premium Song Video Killed The Radio Star (Single Version) Artist The Buggles Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of Universal-Island Records Ltd.); Audiam (Publishing), ASCAP, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA – UBEM, CMRRA, LatinAutor – ACODEM, LatinAutor – PeerMusic, LatinAutor – Warner Chappell, LatinAutor – UMPG, LatinAutorPerf, UMPG Publishing, UMPI, BMI – Broadcast Music Inc., PEDL, and 10 Music Rights Societies

John Stormm has passed away, but we will remember him forever!

This is John Stormm with Duncan O’Finian. I got John’s permission to post this quote.

“Back in 1953, the tall blond thing was STILL the Nazi ideal vision of the supersoldiers they wanted to produce. At least from the standpoints of the Rochester facilities, they tended to push that envelope. However, by about the mid 1960s it became as obvious as it was to spot the “Langley Farm Boys” or a Fed by their looks, it became obvious that it took a whole lot of effort to use someone like me as a “spy” because I stood out like a beacon. I couldn’t be more obvious if I started singing: “I’m an aryan superman and I’m okay…” at the top of my lungs. I started sharing my training with the next generation ULTRAs and they weren’t all so big as I am. Interestingly enough, to point out the “advances” in the models… See how much taller than Duncan I am? I am ridiculously strong… but he’s actually stronger than I (by about another 250 lbs or so) and heals maybe twice as fast as I do. But he can walk into a town and not catch everyone’s eyes so much as I. I had to rely on my cover as a martial arts competitor and my shadow training for keeping me out of sight. Think of it as an “evolution” of thought in the field of supersoldiers. Personal history.” – John Stormm

Interviewee Lies about Being in the SSP

Youtuber Oki Day Lies about being in the SSP. Oki came to me for help, he had a regression with me but he lied and made up a huge story and even got on a plane to fly from Toronto to Las Vegas to meet me at the 5d events in order to share more of his fake story on my show. During this time he was recording and used the footage in a video in attempt to expose me. He has admitted to lying to me about his experiences and he is trying to claim the SSP is a cult of which i am a part of. I did a complaint on youtube because he violated my privacy by filming inside my hotel room and posting my private regression which he does not have permission to share. Do not come onto the show and lie about your experiences . We do not know if you are lying or not as we only have a short time to work with you. Lying also hurts other experiencers.

A group more secret than any intelligence agency on Earth with super power abilities. Is TLS real?

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