US Army Soldier Blows Whistle on Secret Missions to Ganymede & the Moon

JP has served for almost two years in the US Army and has come forward to give his first interview discussing secret military missions by an international space coalition to the Moon, Ganymede and other locations in the solar system. In this exclusive Exopolitics Today interview, JP discusses his background, why he decided to join the US Army, secret missions to Earth’s Moon and Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede, where he met with different extraterrestrial entities. He says that a group of recently arrived highly evolved extraterrestrials are having life changing effects with soldiers and others with whom they come into contact. JP is keeping his name and physical appearance confidential to preserve his career, but is encouraging other former or serving US military personnel to come forward to share their own extraterrestrial related experiences. In this video interview, I’ve only included the audio to protect his identity. I have known JP since 2008, and believe he is very sincere and a credible witness. I have written an extensive number of articles on his UFO photos, ET Contact and secret space program experiences which are available here:… At the end of our interview, I have included a short 3.5 minute video created by JP where he personally discusses the impact of the Ganymede missions on him and other soldiers. If anyone else currently serving in the US military would like to contact me regarding their own knowledge and/or experiences regarding recent Moon, Ganymede or other solar system missions, I can be reached at Michael Salla, Ph.D.

Kazakh SSR Cryptids

Kazakh SSR Cryptids
In 1965, an underground civilization was discovered in the Kazakh SSR during blasting operations?
Many different sources tell about encounters with unknown civilizations on our planet. This and mysterious humanoid organisms in the seas and oceans, and mysterious dwarfs like Kyshtym, and completely unlike humans creatures.
In the Soviet Union, an entire department of the KGB was engaged in the study of parallel civilizations. The most large-scale and major event described in the reports of high-ranking officials (Colonel Zhaleken Tleumagambetov, Colonel Shaimukhan Mukhanov, Colonel General Vladimir Semichastny and Colonel General Nikolai Zakharov) is a direct evidence of the existence of an underground race, which evolved on our planet parallel to humans.
In 1965, in the Kazakh SSR, tunneling work began in the Tekeli mine. The drilling and blasting operations went on as usual, until a serious collapse occurred. According to reports, this should not have happened because there were no cavities in the area. Later it turned out that there had been a calculation error, and it turned out that there was a network of unaccounted-for tunnels.
But the most amazing thing was ahead! A landslide exposed several stories of mines, tunnels, and caves. The size of the passages reached 3-3.5 meters, and the depth is still unknown or known, but classified. The fact is that the explosion severely damaged the integrity of the structure. In addition, the mysterious inhabitants of these tunnels suffered. Their height reached 2.5 meters, their bodies were of an unnatural dark gray color. The hair on their heads was red. There were no clothes on the creatures, their bodies were covered with a layer of dirt.
Eyewitnesses and researchers to whom the bodies were delivered and (according to some reports, about 20 living creatures) noted that these creatures had never seen light. The eyes, the eye centers of the brain, and everything associated with the visual apparatus were completely absent from the inhabitants of the Tekeli mine. The heart was four-chambered and the limbs were three-fingered. In addition, the creatures’ brains weighed 300-350 grams more than a human. The body exuded the strongest disgusting smell. This was due to the fact that the cryptid organism had no accentuated excretory system. All filth was excreted through the skin in the form of a mysterious mucus.
From 1965 to 1980, the creatures were studied in the underground hangars of the Defense Ministry facilities near the village of Urjar. That is where the trail of these creatures breaks off. Further fate of biomaterials was unknown. However, in the 1990s a retired officer of Makanchi border guard detachment shared, presumably, the events connected with the study of cryptids.
They were placed in airtight pressure chambers on the lower 5th underground tier. According to reports, there was a secret laboratory for the study of alien and cryptid bodies until 1987 (closed for unknown reasons). Most of those delivered died during the experiments. They could not tolerate clean water and sunlight. The radiation background in the creatures’ tissues was higher than the environment. This was the reason for the hypothesis that these creatures were the result of a mutation after the underground nuclear explosions at the Semipalatinsk test site.
In 1980, all the cryptids were destroyed, and the research data were carefully classified. In addition, a unit of the Ministry of Defense supposedly cleared the Tekeli underground of cryptids. Because they posed the most serious threat, the facility was mothballed for four years after the sweep. Every few months military specialists descended into the tunnels and mines. As a result, the mine was given the status of a specially protected special object.
There are still many disputes about the incident that took place in 1965. If all of this took place, then perhaps there is a whole civilization in the thickness of the Earth’s crust. Researchers also argue about the level of intelligence of these cryptids, since their brains were comparable to those of Neanderthals. Is a parallel underground civilization possible on Earth? I think so. And not just one.

Remote Viewing Freeing Antarctica, Grey Removals, Ganymede, Artemis Accords, Maldekians

Remote Viewing about Freeing Antarctica, Grey Removals, Ganymede, Artemis Accords, Maldekians
Remote Viewed by Illena the Star Traveler

Antarctica Freed, Reptilians and Dark Fleet Removed

There had been an energetic beam frequency oscillation device that was used and it was pointed at the Dark Fleet bases where the Draco reptilian overlords were in command, this oscillation frequency device devise disrupted the reptilians brain and nervous system patterns thereby disorienting them and making it painful for them to continue to stay on Earth so they left the Dark Fleet bases in Antarctica going off world and their human workers went to the McMurdo station and left by boats to go to other countries. Information will start to be disclosed by 2060 – 2070 that Antarctica had been an ancient land for extraterrestrial civilizations and that there had been the Atlantean Outposts there with portal travel technologies as well that the waters of Antarctica have life extension properties of reversing the aging process and allowing people to live longer by 50 to 100 years.

Greys Removed from the Moons of Deimos and Phobos as well as Mars
The various types of greys especially the Maitre and the Dries have been removed to 85% capacity from the Moons of Deimos and Phobos as well as 45% removed from the planet Mars, these two Moons are near Mars. The Maitre and Dries base cells were found in underground cavern systems on the two Moons as well as on Mars where they were in hibernation stasis pods some of them were using time dilation technologies to disrupt positive timelines thereby creating mind control distortions over humans, this technology was shut down and the greys were removed from their cell bases.

How Many Dumbs Bases are Left Active on Earth

There are still about 3000 dumbs bases still active on Earth that includes all the countries on the planet so the DUMBS need to be cleared out one by one by the thousand, there are smaller cells of DUMBS as well in underwater systems in the oceans, this includes human DUMBS and some negative extraterrestrials like reptilians. There had been 12,000 DUMBS active in the last five years and now more cleanup efforts are happening to empty out the DUMBS facilities. This does not include the Area 51 S1 – S6 Facilities and the Dulce Base Facility, the Dulce Base Facility is 75% still functional where the human personnel work, the grey laboratories have been shut down where the vat chambers existed growing the grey hybrids.

Positive ET’s arrived on Moon of Ganymede to help us with the liberation process

There have been more Pleiadians, Andromedans, and Lyrans arriving on the Moon of Ganymede to help with the liberation process of our Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromedan Galaxy from the forces of the reptilians and the greys. The Arcturians have already had bases on the Moon of Ganymede and have been building the sky cities with tall cities that reach into the clouds in order to host the new incoming arrivals of the representatives for the Pleiadians, Andromedans, and Lyrans which are wanting to have larger active rolls with the Council of Nine and to help reach the Nexus Hub Event Horizon of liberating Earth over the next 100 years as well as everything else in our solar system and the neighboring galaxies. These groups of positive extraterrestrials are part of the original founders of the guardian and seeder races so they are coming back to help with the event horizon preparation work.

Artemis Accords were signed to bring about Disclosure

The Artemis Accords were signed by the world’s leading countries in order to bring in Space Force and Space Command as part of the Secret Space Program infrastructures and eventually disclose by 2050 that there are bases on the Moon and Mars. These Artemis Accords allow to have worldwide cooperation to build out more Earth based space program initiatives that do not require secrecy about when the first Earth bases will be built on the Moon and Mars, at this time it does not include the disclosure of the SSP infrastructures that had been built out on the Moon in the 1950’s in terms of underground bases and later on in the 1980’s for Mars bases, that disclosure is set to come out during 2050. The Artemis Accords are about letting the public know what current initiatives there will be for space industries and bases being created on the Moon and Mars for Earth representation in outer space.
What is going on with the Long Range Communication Waves?

Scientists are picking up what looks like mysterious frequencies and even intermittent signal waves in the forms of radio waves coming from the heart of the Milky Way Galaxy. These are long range frequency communication waves with various signals being relayed as coded messages with very specific contact and disclosure data being streamed as incomed encoded messages being transmitted for the purview of Space Force and Space Command to look at and think about.
The long range frequency communications are being done by the positive councils and federations that participated in helping Earth to sign the Artemis Accords and galactic treaty contracts on Jupiter.
What Atlantis was like 2 million years ago?

Two million years ago the first epoch stage of Atlantis had begun where the Maldekians had brought in the crystalline towers to Earth and helped to build the first Atlantean Outposts on the surface of the Earth. Then other positive extraterrestrial races joined in to continue the growth cycles of Atlantis throughout ancient Earth’s history. The crystalline towers emitted both plasma and photonic energies along with the crystal sources and this is what powered the Atlantean Outposts and cities giving them energy and light, the Atlanteans did not rely on traditional sources of electricity like we do today on Earth.

Mel’s Hole

The story of Mel’s Hole – a mysterious pit, possibly as deep as 80,000 feet, located somewhere in the middle of Washington near Ellensburg. 2004

Graphene Oxide AI Parasites

We touched onto something critical these past few days. First, listen to this video starting at 37:45.I

 went for a pizza with a vaccinated friend. Something physically spread out of his body to infect me, my wife and daughter. It’s as he said in the video: graphene oxide thin needles shooting out of a body to spread to other bodies up to 10-20 feet away. This wasn’t just energetic infection.

We did a complete scan of the parasite. There is a living entity in the middle of the graphene oxide, keeping it together. That parasite is a cyborg, 38% alive 62% AI.

There are 3 layers to it that must be worked on in proper order:

1. Graphene oxide must be detoxed from the body; but it can’t as long as the parasite is alive.

2. The parasite must be killed; but it can’t as long as it supported by energetic infections.

3. The energetic infections must be cleared first.

Addressing only 1 of these 3 layers won’t be effective. A simple detox might be overall 1% effective. MMS cleanse is ineffective and can cause damage to the nervous system.

95.2% of the world population already has this parasite, 98.4% of Americans, and only 4 people in China aren’t infected!

This is extremely advanced AI tech, combining alien life, AI and deep quantum physics. It’s built 32 million densities high in the energetic realms. The security protocols are extremely sophisticated and hard to break through.

Still, we hacked through it and disabled the parasites, where energetic infections aren’t too high. About 32% of human infections have been cleared so far. This solves about 14% of the problems with vaccines

There are also graphene oxide parasites living in tap water of many cities. We did mention last year that they would attack through the water supply. Now it makes sense. These parasites in the environment and water supply are however wired differently and even harder to break through.

They’ve now been destroyed regardless. There’s about 0.2% left, forming thin wires with extreme tensions that are holding all the crap realities together.

That graphene oxide parasite is the backbone of the AI take-over plan.

We just broke 75% of the mind-control structures. Their power in this Universe dropped from 48% to 22%, and in the Ultraverse from 28% to 11%. We just touched their critical infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the Orion Federation just jumped from 36% to 52% control of our Universe, shifting the balance of power in major ways. They had been waiting for this moment for a counter-offensive. The most powerful guardians of our Universe and beyond have been uniting under the Orion Federation to counter this threat, and the Orion Federation is under my command (psychically).

Meanwhile, with this interesting timing, Corey Goode is starting to publish official communication from the Earth Alliance. In this first video, they keep mentioning the Orion Group, which is strange, because none of the issues we’ve been facing lately come from the Dracos, nor from the Orion constellation, nor even from this Universe.

I measure only 76.7% accuracy on the video. Something isn’t right. Corey Goode himself had mentioned before that the Earth Alliance had been infiltrated at the highest level (because people at the highest positions have been replaced by non-humans). Someone commented that the video sounds like an AI entity. That’s because it is.

The underlying hidden intent of the video is to turn Lightworkers against the Orion Federation to stop our momentum. We just need to be aware that there will be waves of attacks coming, and attempts to turn Lightworkers against each other. We’ve all been fooled many times over in the recent years. We need to ALWAYS be vigilant with the information we see, even when it seems trustworthy.

This isn’t the end of the war, and things might get really interesting very soon.

I think I owe my friend a pizza to give me this lead.

Accuracy check: 99.6%, distortion 1.1%, cross-distortion 0.2%, cross-cross-distortion 0.05% (measure it yourself)

Etienne Charland,

Hanuman Institute