Thursday, June 20, 2024

Chakra Specialist

Tonight I had an opportunity to work with a specialist in damaged chakras and thought the following information may be of some interest to others who have gone through similar trauma such as myself.

Root Chakra

The root has to deal with grounding and survival. My Root Chakra is damaged really bad. Normally it should look like a sphere but my root chakra looks like half of a sphere with the bottom half rotted away. This is probably the result of trauma.  This effects my ability to ground and be a functional person within our society.

Sacral Charka

The Sacral Chakra is the energy center for our sensual, emotional, sexual needs. It appears my Sacral Chakra is being siphoned off or drained off by a group of people that are targeting me. This energy is being torn away and used for a purpose which as of yet I am unsure of. I don’t know who is siphoning this energy but I suspect it isn’t something good.

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is our power center. My solar plexus is very strong but it’s imbalanced because it’s redirecting much of its energy to my damaged lower two chakras.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra effects our ability to love. My heart chakra is very different looking from most people. Generally the heart chakra is supposed to contain one sphere  But mine is huge and contains a grouping of 13 spheres all meshed together.

This unique configuration seems to be the result of evolutionary soul travel as my soul appears to be very ancient and advanced. Another explanation is maybe this is the result of multiple splintered alters. Or maybe this was how my soul matrix was made, or perhaps my soul matrix is inhabiting multiple bodies at the same time. Either way this is a good thing and it means I have a strong ability to show and be love. Makes sense.

Throat Chakra

Throat affects our ability to express our thoughts. My throat chakra has a lot of Pleaidian warrior energy. We were the overseers of planet earth at least before it got fucked up.

Third Eye

Third eye regulates our psychic ability. My third eye appears okay. It needs more growth and energy like most people.

Crown Chakra

The crown connects us with god source. My crown had two energy threads one going to Lyra and the other to the Pleaides. Humans first appeared in this part of the universe billions of years ago from the Lyran sector and eventually moved to Pleaides. These energetic cords probably mean my soul matrix was lyran and then moved on to the pleaides and now earth. 🙂



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