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Channeled Message From Max Spiers


April 2024

Max Spiers recently came through to deliver a message about how he died, how it’s been concealed, and how much he cares about me; and that he hopes I would continue my work because he knows I am a good person. Here is the message.

Good day everyone, this is Max Spiers. I am still around but in spirit now. I am still fighting for truth and justice and my friends. I am sorry to see that a lot of you have forgotten what it means to be a soldier and how we can respond when another comrade needs help. You should all be ashamed of yourselves because I am. I will be looking after those who I know are my friends and helping them any way I can.

James, thank God we met. It was a miracle it happened. It’s good to see you. I think you’re looking great now. I regret we didn’t do our interview together when I was alive. There was massive interference, at the time, to prevent it from happening. We are brothers, you and I, in every sense of the word, we served together, we bled together, and we were at Montauk together. You were the more mature one, ha, ha. If we hadn’t met mate there wouldn’t have been disclosure. I would have died without a name and they would have buried the SSP topic. If you ever get to meet my mom please hug her.
Please keep fighting the good fight against those who are obstructing truth and justice. Those people who stole your conference don’t care about the truth; they don’t care about people; all they care about is money, and they would turn on each other.  You’re the only one who had the balls to stand up to them. They are trying to change history; they are trying to make a false account of what happened in the secret space program.  There are countless murdered people in the programs standing behind you and supporting you, James.

A lot of people always considered my death very suspicious with a lot of unanswered questions. It’s true I was murdered and this is an account of what happened. I thought I was taking speed to get a euphoric high, but it had an anesthetic that I was not expecting, and I couldn’t breathe… it blocked my arteries. I was paralyzed and a black op team of super soldiers entered the house and put black goo down my throat to make sure my organs would not restart. I left my body right away; those fuckers were within an inch of capturing my soul. I had to act quickly and get out, just in the nick of time.

Drugs cannot kill a super soldier; it was the black goo. My friend found my body in the morning with black goo coming out of it. Four days later, they took my deceased body and placed it in stasis in an underground facility on Mars. My original body was then switched with a younger clone they had on hand, and it was that clone that was cremated. I cannot share more details of my death at this time, but meeting James had helped extend my life because he tried to help me.

I am not at rest! I am not at peace! I am fucking pissed! I see super soldiers, my friends, getting milabed, tortured, and time-displaced; to be used in all these fucking off-planet programs; and I am sick of it. They are using us. They need to be stopped, all of them!

I am not sitting in some goddamn cemetery, or on a park bench in “heaven.” I am in spirit; I have no fucking body. I can’t physically fight these wankers, fucking cowards, and other super soldiers taking people out of their beds, drugging them, and dragging them to underground bases.

I have watched them take people to facilities. When they take one of my old comrades. I make sure to follow them wherever they are taking them. So, I can observe and see what they are doing. On many missions, they tried to stun and trap my soul with their electromagnetic pulse weapons, but I always managed to escape. They don’t like me spying on them, but I don’t care, they can kiss my ass! I followed you James, 100s of times, sorry I lost count mate. The greys are constantly stealing your DNA because your DNA is mutating continuously as you are one of the most advanced souls in the galaxy. Your tissue samples are then placed into a biomechanical computer that duplicates your DNA, to profit from the sale of new clones. They are using us super soldiers for their army to fight their wars with other races, and to take over planets that don’t belong to them. I think people need to band together and storm the bases and get our people out.

I know a lot of you have been thinking about me lately and I wanted to take this opportunity to send a message, hoping it will reach as many people as possible. James my man, straight to business, dear everyone calling me, stop it. You’re all a bunch of fucking pretenders, none of you are psychic, your channeling entities, or your egos, you can’t hear me, and I don’t want to talk to you anyway. I have some advice for all the channelers, channel yourselves. If any of you want to honor my memory stop making up shit I didn’t say.  You’re all upsetting my mother and I do not like it. My mother never gave up on me and I love her for that. Stop using me to try to get views.

Now on to Sarah. She didn’t love me, she just pretended to. Sarah is disgusting, she is not a fucking fairy mate, she is a demon. She was there to handle me and prevent me from breaking from my dissociation and to keep my testosterone low from constant sex from a succubus, and she was dropping my consciousness lower. She was insane. She wanted my money, my power, my dick. I would become partially possessed when I would have sex with her. At first, I thought she was someone else, she was a hot looker. After the first night we were together, she changed. I was trying to get away from her. She became obsessed with me. She knew about us being brothers and she knew it would interfere with her plans. She didn’t want that mate, she wanted me for herself. She didn’t want anyone else around me other than her. She wanted me to be her lap dog. Sarah is not a nice person and people should be careful around her.

Lastly, I have been busy doing recon, going into underground bases, and watching the satellites knocked out. There is going to be an invasion in the USA. The Anunnaki are going to invade with war everywhere, east to west coast. It might start with a high-altitude pulse weapon cyber-attack and the country, not involved, will be blamed. The people invading the border are sleepers and they know exactly what they are supposed to do. Targeting the power stations, auto factories, and agricultural facilities, they want to burn everything. They want to blame Russia and China, but its people within the USA and it will be timed with the cyber-attack. They will do something to make people think they need radiation pills, and they will take them, but these pills are contaminated with toxins and black goo, to control people at the same time. They want to herd people into three places in the USA. One east, one west, and one central. Nanos will attach to the nervous system and dissociate people and take them over further. All of this is happening in less than three months. Timeline probability of occurrence hovers around 57%.

I want to take this opportunity to thank James for honoring my memory and taking the time to transcribe, accurately, what I am saying from my perspective, my mind, and my heart. Thank you, James, my brother. (Bro hug and two side shoulder leans.) P.S. I hope Sarah reads it.


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