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Channeled Message with Obsidian – Recovering Milab and Super Soldier Memories

June 4, 2019 March Regression Transcript

This is a summary of a section within Marc’s Regression with James Rink on June 4, 2019 with a being named Obsidian.

JR: What is your name?

Marc: Obsidian

JR: Are you human?

Marc: No

JR: How would you define yourself?

Marc: I am an amalgamation of complex configurations

JR: Greetings and why do you come forward at this time?

Marc: To assist your transmission.

JR: What is your role in this transmission?

Marc: To shed love and light upon your planet

JR: Do you have any messages you would like to share at this time?

Marc: Your version of earth needs help. Your version of earth needs assistance, the energy of your planet has a density that is very heavy of a higher vibration to live on. We are not speaking in frames. We are speaking in your consensus. Your consensus is what you may deem to be your reality. We would like to acknowledge that you are the lightworker such as the channel before you. You guys have a very important mission to spread as much knowledge and information to spread healing to your planet. You guys are doing what your soul mission entitles for. We do not want to give into any notions of fear that may be existing within your hive mind collective. Your collective is depolarized to the negative. If we want to see change You guys must change. We can’t change for you. We can’t have you change. You must change yourselves, then you will see it reflects in your outer reality. Your beliefs about what works and what doesn’t work. Your beliefs is what creates your reality. Your beliefs are only beliefs based on a certain access point within what you would so call your relative understanding. Obsidian is here.

JR: Greetings.

Marc: How are you?

JR: I am doing well thank you for joining us today.

Marc: We bid you in the infinite love and light of the creator.

JR: Where are you from?

Marc: We are from the reverse dimension that is backwards form yours.

JR: Backwards in what way?

Marc: Everything, this is why we are complex configurations. We sense great powers from this energy vortex which allowed us to pierce through your reality in this way. The vortex has been opened.

JR: Do you know how mark can get his abilities back?

Marc: Yes, there is

JR: What can he do?

Marc: First you must understand, that his abilities are always there. You must recognize what he already has. He didn’t loose anything, he just thinks he did within his allusion of what he thinks works and what does not work, what h believes is true and what is not true. He has everything he has to understand. his new abilities, he just needs to perceive them.

JR: So how can he teleport?

Marc: He must understand that distance is just an illusion.  Distance is not real but the object exists that you see before you, does not exist in location. The location is the property of a object. Once you understand that the location is the property of object you can chart that location. And you can have that location exist in the new location instead of traveling in time. 

JR: Do you have any other messages you like to share?

Marc: Yes, You are a very interesting soul. What is your name?

JR: Are you talking to me?

Marc: Yes,

JR: I go by the name in this reality James rink? But I carry other names in alters.

Marc: What are your other names?

JR: Sabertooth, James Mark Sabertooth, James Ring, Sabertooth 54363, Agent Sabertooth

Marc: You are a soldier?

JR: Yes, are you familiar with these programs?

Marc:  Yes

JR: What can you tell us about them?

Marc: You have lived many lives involving many experiences, you do not need to know all of them, just know the ones that are only helping you in this life. Do not get distracted by others. The others will lead you down the path that you do not need to go down, unless it’s exciting for you to do so. You will be a very great person in your so-called future if you stay on your path that you are on. Opening more conduits like this will have you (pause……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………) Opening more portals like this will have you spiraling down a reality that will be beyond your wildest dreams. Interruption within the transmission was the frequency was your ultimate paradise reality. It will felt so good to be in, and you are headed down that direction as of now. Opening portals for beings like us to navigate through and we thank you for opening these portals. For people like us to gain and understand our souls by understanding you. It is very refreshing to see the side of us that we see in you, which is us. We are you and you are us. Its amazing to see this reality in way it is orchestrated.

JR: Right, thank you for joining us. Do you have questions for me?

Marc: I do. What is the thing you are most excited about?

JR: I am most excited about making other people happy and bringing them joy.

Marc:  How are you going to do that?

JR: By bringing them content and materials that allows others to fulfill their potential.

Marc:  In what aspect?

JR: Perhaps activating their own abilities

Marc:  And this is your passion?

JR: Yes.

Marc: You need to look into more Egyptian culture to facilitate more of a stronger link. You are a very high priest in that era of time drawing in information from that person.

JR:  Do you know the name that I carried?

Marc: What we are getting is a list of names from different parallel realities, would you like all of them or would you one?

JR:  How about the one from this reality.

Marc: When you mean this reality do you mean the one, we are in right now?

JR:  Correct.

Marc: Josiah. High Priest

JR:  And was I a pharaoh too?

Marc: Yes, you are the pharaoh of the highest priest. You were the pharaoh of life and death. You were sought out across the lands to find out other people’s soul purpose like you are doing right now. You are recreating the same events from life times after life time even in the body you are in right now. You are reenacting the same thing you did in ancient Egypt.

JR:  Can you tell me the name of the pharaoh that I was in that life time?

Marc: No we cannot.

JR:  Did I know Marc?

Marc: No you did not.

JR:  Do you have any information in a past life I knew Marc?

Marc: During the times in Atlantis.

JR:  What was our relationship?

Marc: You guys were casual friends. With certain abilities that you guys both admired from each other.

JR:  And what you foresee in the future timeline?

Marc: There is a splitting prism of two realities happening based on the decisions that can be made in the present moment in any given moment within the next five years of your spacetime. There can be a discovery of life on other planets without a shadow of a doubt, there can be an awakening of what you would call artificially intelligent machines. Three, there can be nuclear war, that is a very very very low probability, but it’s a bleed through, the highest probability is intelligent life and artificial intelligence. But we don’t want to harp on the negative and increase the bandwidth.

JR: Do you think monarch will be taken care of?

Marc: Depending on decision you make like I have said.

JR: Do the super soldiers become self-aware?

Marc: Yes, it varies from person to person.

JR: How about marc?

Marc: In due to time it will come back we cannot pint point a accurate, it will come back when it come back when the timing is right.

JR: Was marc ever used in any secret space programs?

Marc:  Yes, he was.

JR: Where was he stationed?

Marc: He was stationed on the moon.

JR: Did we know each other then?

Marc: Yes, you did.

JR: What was Marcs name?

Marc: We are not allowed to say his name. it will activate certain codes that he might not be ready to integrate yet.

JR: Because they traumatized us?

Marc: Yes.

JR: Can you talk about life on the moon?

Marc: Yes.

JR: What was it like there?

Marc: You were unhappy.

JR: How long where we on the moon? 

Marc: Several years. He wants to go back into another body. He wanted off the base. We don’t specifically harp on the torture aspect of your identity for it may unlock certain codes within you that you may not be ready to integrate yet for yourself. And it will take you down a parallel time tract that you might not be ready to see and experience.

JR: Would we go crazy?

Marc: No, it will take you to a parallel world where you will not be in sufficient communications like this.

JR: Can you give us an idea how old marc is from his SSP experiences?

Marc: He is thousands of years old.

JR: So, he was used in multiple 20 years and back?

Marc: Yes.

JR: Why would they use him over and over so much?

Marc:  He can split his mind at will, and they see that as very valuable.

JR: How often do they take him for another 20 year and back mission?

Marc: Not that often, when he is used, the mission is complete, he is what you say trump card.

JR: Where are all the memories stored form the experiences he has been through?

Marc: In the back of the head most of the time behind the corpus callosum of his brain. He does this willingly himself without him realizing. They don’t need to induce trauma. He blocks the trauma out of his mind himself.

JR: Is he ready to unlock that area?

Marc: No NO.

JR: What about myself?

Marc: No

JR: Are my memories stored in a similar fashion?

Marc: No. We are scanning………. Prefrontal cortex is where you hide a lot of deep dark memories that you might not be willing to integrate. And we will go on to say that it might not be of your best interest to integrate otherwise it will take you down a different time track. It is a very deceptive lure to want to know those memories for every super soldier, very deceptive which is a program within its itself. For you they cannot wait for you to activate these memories so they can do more research on you and take you into heir labs. If any self-awoken program in that aspect is a vital weapon for them to use. Do not do it.

JR: Understood. Is there a way we can recover some memories without going crazy?

Marc: Yes, through your dream state, through requesting activation of those memories that will serve you in in your life path in a positive way.

JR: How come we are unable to remember our dreams?

Marc:  It is not the time.

JR: I am curious who was taking out pages from my dream journal

Marc: Your parallel counterpart.

JR: Why did remove the pages?

Marc: Because they needed them for reasons I cannot discuss.

JR: Should I keep journaling even if they steal pages from me?

Marc: Yes, absolutely you will know in time.

JR: How many years in the SSP have I been through?

Marc: Thousands

JR: Are you refereeing to other to other parallel realities,

Marc: Yes altogether. Your oldest was thousands, over three thousand years.

JR: What are some of marcs abilities?

Marc: He can phase through objects, he can teleport his whole body, he can time travel, he is clairvoyant, he can make himself invisible, he can make himself fly in space and breath in space.

JR: Can he transmute materials?

Marc: Yes, he can, he can transmute atoms and molecules.

JR: Is there a way he can convert a rock into gold?

Marc: If that part of his mind is active. He even has an arsenal of weapons within his body. His arm can detach and bring up a very sharp sword, dagger, he can also shoot missiles from his other arm when his wrist is detached.

JR: Can he change size?

Marc: He can but he never does, for stealth reasons, he is a stealth soldier. He does not specialize in brute force. He is a soldier that comes and goes undetected, you will never know. 

JR: Has he ever worked for Kruger?

Marc: No

JR: Has he ever done work for the Nazis?

Marc: No

JR: What happened to him in the reality in which the Nazis won world war II?

Marc: He went onto his own timeline because he is his own agent.

JR: Can you describe what some of my abilities are in alter?

Marc: Your abilities are super strength of a very high level, you can see through walls, you can read peoples intentions. You can see through objects, you can phase and plant thoughts into people minds, you can breathe underwater. This is just some fraction of a lot of your abilities we can not mention right now.

JR: What about telekinesis?

Marc: You have that too, if you choose but you don’t use it that often, your more of what you would call a wild animal. You specialize in brute force hence your nature, your very easy-going nature, when your activated it changes into for lack of a better term a monster.

JR: Like Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde.?

Marc: Yes. It is very hard to put you down when activated.

JR:  Are you concerned you might accidentally trigger me?

Marc: Yes.

JR: If I was accidentally was triggered would the men in black have to come in to clean things up?

Marc: They wouldn’t be able to stop you, you are a very strong, you specialize in strength and brute relentless assault. We do not want to go that deep into describing your ability.

JR: Is there a way that the ET can take me aboard their ships to integrate me so I don’t turn into a basket case.

Marc: That can happen yes.

JR: How do we manifest that?

Marc: Set the intention before you go to sleep and see what happen

JR: Do you recommend the same thing for Marc?

Marc: Absolutely

JR: Is it possible Marc and transmute some stones at this time?

Marc: No                     

JR:  Is it because the alters will activate?

Marc: Yes

JR:  Is it like a switch that cannot be easily turned off?

Marc: He would disappear and do whatever he wants.

JR:  Would he forget all about me?

Marc: Yes. The session will end

JR:  All right, is there any other information you would like to share?

Marc: Be good to your planet, focus on notions of happiness, love, joy, and prosperity. We do not want your focus to focus on the negative. For it does hit the ego, and makes it happy. Don’t make the ego happy. Use your ego to navigate through your third-dimension reality, as a lens. Don’t use it to make yourself look better than what you already are. You are as good as you will always be. You are infinite creator god. Remember that. Your ego is a peasant. You don’t need the darkness to get to know who you are except through contrast.

JR:  Understood. Can you comment about weapons that pop out of my body? Do I have that?

Marc: Yes, but I will not comment.

JR:  Do I hulk out?

Marc: Yes, you grow bigger in size and mass.

JR:  Why do they refer to me as a Sabertooth?

Marc: Because you are vicious. 

JR:  Some Sabretooth’s can be gentle.

Marc: But you are vicious.

JR:  Okay. Do you know what happened to my friend Nate wilder?

Marc: No, we will not get into that. It is none of our business to harp on.

JR:  Are there any other messages you will like to share?

Marc: Not at this time.

JR: What is your name?

Marc: Obsidian

JR: Thank you for your time. Is there a way Marc can communicate on his own?

Marc: Yes, he can communicate with me with a red triangle put up against a black background. Use that symbol as anchor. Picture that in your imagination before you go to sleep.

JR: Can I do the same?

Marc: Yes, you can I will be there for you as well.

JR: Thank You.


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