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Childhood Missing Memories

James I have watched a lot of your video’s brother and I have some stuff to say as well that I cannot really talk to anyone about.  I have had missing time before with people, I didn’t think much until I saw your videos. Then I realized I have no memory from birth to 11 or 12 years. I do not think I am a super soldier of any kind but I have found surgical marks under both of my lobes with some kind of oval shaped implant inside. When I pinch the skin around it, it stings, when I pinch the object inside, I feel no sting what so ever.  I also get tiny marks, I can’t see them in the mirror, but I can feel them, identical on both sides. Can you remote view what happened to me?

Also I have had a moment of which happened to me a year ago, I was laying on my couch and I fell asleep. I woke up, but not fully, I was paralyzed from head to toe. My eyes were closed, but I could see my whole living room in a peripheral mode, meaning everything seemed blurry, it seemed as if there was someone standing over me and I was scared shitless, and then I lost consciousness.  I was freaked out and was trying to move and couldn’t  and I then just remember waking up the next morning knowing what had happened but not who did it or most of the details.

I always see the number 911, always!!! I don’t understand everything. I think in many ways of which is foreign to people. Almost as a strategic standpoint, I come from a family that is Bosnian born in the Balkans. I was born in 95 during a crazy war against my peoples. My father fought Serbs in the Balkan war to protect my homeland, when the war was over we moved to the states. I have missing time that goes on sometime and it is very weird.

ps. when you have time to write back please do, I would like to know more about your situation and more about mine if you are capable of helping me. Thank you, hopefully speak to you soon.


I was able to do some digging and all I can get for you at the moment is you have a sister she is 38 years old and lives out southwest in a desert state. Perhaps locked up in an underground dumb.  She is being used as a Milab agent , I am not sure what she does but every few years they upload a new personality, memories, and a new name , everything.

They took some of your sisters DNA and made a clone which became you. When you were 11 years old you saw something very traumatic in a milab facility. Because you were so young you weren’t able to handle what you saw and safely tucked away the memories in a compartment in your head.  I don’t know what happened but if I did it wouldn’t be in your best interest for me to tell you at this time. You need to do some healing work and try to remember on your own. You may want to start a dream journal. Take notes of glimpses of memories and pay attention to what your dreams tell you.

As far as I know you are not in any super soldier alignment projects but they are using your DNA for genetic experimentation’s. 


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