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A bizarre conspiracy theory touted as a “bombshell” is currently being circulated in the conspiracy theory blogosphere. According to conspiracy theorists, the U.S. was behind the deadly twin blasts that devastated a large area of one of China’s major ports in Tianjin, killing more than 100 people.

The Pentagon, according to The Unhived Mind and Michael Allen Adams’ Natural News, caused the explosion with a weapon launched from space but tried to disguise it as an accident.

Natural News cites a 2004 article by Popular Science describing the operation of a hypothetical space-based weapons system dubbed “Rods from God” to support its conspiracy theory speculation that the Chinese were hit by a spaced-based weapon fired by Pentagon.

But Popular Science makes it clear that the technology for the hypothetical “kinetic-energy” space weapon it described was “very far out in miles and years.”

But according to conspiracy theorists, the latest incident is evidence that China and U.S. are already at war over recent disputes.

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Scene Of The Tianjin Explosion

Pentagon launched the attack as a “kinetic retaliation” against China for devaluating the Yuan because Washington construes the move as intended to collapse the U.S. economy.

“The ‘Rod of God’ weapon consists primarily of a kinetic weapon arriving with unimaginable kinetic energy…”

Natural News claims that its sources said that Pentagon launched the attack specifically to forestall the Chinese government’s planned announcement of a gold-backed currency and “fire sale” of its U.S. debt holding.

According to the alleged “sources,” such action by the Chinese could trigger total collapse of the U.S. economy and crash the dollar. Thus, the “kinetic-energy weapon” attack was meant to warn Beijing to reconsider the move.

Recalling that the action comes soon after the U.S. warned China about its agents seeking dissidents within its borders and threats of retaliation from Washington following alleged Chinese cyber attacks targeted at U.S. systems, conspiracy theorists speculated that other related factors might have contributed to the desperate action by Washington.

Natural News cites a 2011 report by The Telegraph which quotes a U.S. strategy statement that “Washington will consider using conventional weaponry in response to a cyber-attack on the United States.”

The alleged space-based “Rod of God” weapon allows the U.S. military to take out any land-based target from high orbit. The website Unhived Mind claims that the crater resulting from the Tianjin explosion suggests that it could have been caused by “subsurface” burst of a 5 kiloton nuclear weapon.

Incredibly, Unhived Mind is claiming that the U.S. might have hit China with a nuclear weapon in retaliation against a decision by the Chinese to devalue their own currency!

“That’s eerily similar to the message sent by the United States in the dropping of the world’s first atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki… Yes, the USA is willing to drop weapons of mass destruction on civilian populations. It has already done it twice!”

Natural News claims that it obtained information from “mainland Chinese dissident sources” that the country’s authorities were investigating the incident but have implemented aggressive tactics to guard information they have obtained about the cause of the explosion.

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A Miliary GPS Satellite In Orbit

The alleged sources asserted that the official explanation of the incident by the Chinese authorities was deliberate fabrication to allow the government to dissimulate while conducting further investigation into the cause of the explosion.

As part of efforts to impose a news black on the incident, the Chinese government cordoned off the area and banned reporters from accessing the site. The government also commenced a crackdown on bloggers it accused of promoting “conspiracy theories” about the incident.

“China has blacked out reporting on Tianjin in exactly the same way the U.S. media blacked out reporting on Dr. William Thompson, the CDC whistleblower who admitted the CDC buried evidence linking vaccines to autism.”

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists debate the target of the attack.

Some, according to the Daily Mail, claim that Pentagon targeted a Chinese government supercomputer, Tianhe-1A, located at the Chinese National Supercomputing Center close to the scene of the explosion.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idZrsmHOTCg?wmode=transparent]

The supercomputer is used by the Chinese military to run the country’s space program.

China’s official Xinhua news agency reports that the computer was shut down after the attack. According to officials, although the computer was not damaged or affected by the explosion, part of the building in which it was located was damaged.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=993wlZ6XFSs?wmode=transparent]

Other conspiracy theorists claim that Pentagon launched the attack following a botched attempt to assassinate the Chinese President Hu Jintao. A source reportedly told the Indian NDTV that Hu Jintao was scheduled to travel through the area where the explosion took place but changed plans unexpectedly.

“The original plan was to wait until the Chinese communist meeting in Beidaihe to finish so when the high ranking officials returned, there will be an explosion on the railway between Tianjin and Heibei.”

Pentagon conspirators, according to conspiracy theorists, launched the attack to cover up incriminating evidence of a planned assassination attempt.

The speculations in the conspiracy theory blogosphere reflect rumors circulating in the correspondingthe Chinese-language conspiracy theory blogosphere.

Meanwhile, efforts to clear up the debris from the explosion were hampered by heavy rainfall.

The downpour raised fears that sodium cyanide contamination from a storage facility in the area could be spread by rainwater and that nearby water sources could become contaminated.

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