Tuesday, May 21, 2024

“Clicking” Noises All over the House

Hi James! These are the pictures from August 7 –I sent the pics to an Entomologist to tell me if it was a tick bite, a flea bit, or any insect. He wrote me back and said, “Doubtful because of the pattern of the blood spattering is circular”and because I had “no itch and old and new blood on the wound and around the wound” so it was not an insect of an origin he could think of. That morning, earlier, at 3:02 AM is when I heard, “You have been marked…”

Here are a few pics of it the next morning before I wiped the old blood off. There is a deep needle like marks (maybe 3?) in the center that caused a raised of the skin and blood spattered inside and outside. These are the ones I sent to the entomologist and here are the pictures I took Saturday, Aug. 17, hoping it had healed.


And a week later it still hasn’t healed fully.


When the mark appeared was when the “Clicking” noises were all over the house and their origin could not be identified. After that, for the following week, I heard a bird “Chirp” for seconds when I woke up for about 3 nights. Since, then, there has been no activity. Do you know of anyone else who has these so close (even right on the ankle bone?) Thanks James!

Looks like someone burned your lower skin tissue maybe they had to do a graft – James Rink



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