Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Clone Damage

James I muscle tested myself to see if your sore throat problems might be connected to something that happened to your clone and got a yes. It seems that maybe one of your clones had chemical damage to his throat and you’re picking it up.That’s funny. They must have made your clone swallow something corrosive to punish you.

Also, after that I took a nap, and had a dream about you. You were very tall in the dream; we went out for dinner, and your family was there, and they were really rude and pretty much ignored us; then at some point, you got switched out with a clone, but it didn’t really look like you. Then you got switched back in. Don’t know what that was all about.


Hmm I think the clone suffered some kind of chemical damage during battle and its effect on my speech is a bonus to them. BTW right when you sent that email my parents where at my place demanding money from me. I told them not interested and they stormed off saying how dare you, you need to deal with this.


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