Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Cobra Update for May with Rob Potter – Transcript

Rob – And now ladies and gentlemen another special edition of the Victory of Light radio show with me, your host, Rob Potter. It’s also going to be played eventually on the Pyramid One Network, or I want to thank my producers John Allen and Bob Charles for the great work there. You can find this archived on my website if you want to send it to people at under ‘Radio Shows’, special Cobra questions and answers. Once again, welcome to the Victory of Light radio show. It’s an honor to have you here again today.

COBRA – Thank you for your invitation again.

Rob – It’s always great to talk to you. We always have so many wonderful things taking place in the world. We noticed we had your last post just the other day. Looks like we have a picture of the, I guess you call it the Dou Mu, a woman who’s in China.

COBRA – Okay. At least at this point, I will not state what exactly is on those 2 pictures. It is the highest purpose for people to connect with those and use their own intuition and their own inner skills to determine what is there and what is even more important to connect with the energy that is behind. Because this is the first phase of disclosure is energetic. It is not so much intellectual understanding or intellectual approach to this but more of a energetic connection and only then is the right time to release intellectual information of what is on those pictures and what they represent.

Rob – Yes, that’s a very astute observation. I, myself, feel the same thing. I was told recently, and I’ve read also in the CoreyET, but I was recently told by one of my contacts that there’s going to be lots of disinformation coming up – that the bad guys are very much going to try to break apart the light workers’ information in the next 4-6 months as a part of a program. And the discernment those people really should rely on the inner process of realization. Do you have any suggestions for people to be able to really find these answers within. How are people to know and to determine this inner compass and to connect this energetic principle – what you’re talking about?

COBRA – I will use the same answer I already gave years ago. Combine inner higher intuition with mental knowledge – with the correct knowledge. When you merge those 2 and, if you practice, you can get pretty much accurate in your discernment practice.

Rob – Okay. We have a lot of healing technology questions this month. Someone says, ‘When will the advanced technologies be available to everyone free?’ If after the Event, how soon after the Event?

COBRA – Yes, they will be available after the Event. It is just a matter of logistics and the ability of people to receive those technologies – how soon after the Event any particular person will have access to those technologies.

Rob – Will everyone be able to gain access to this technology? Will there be waiting lists? Are there any specific plans on how this stuff is to be released?

COBRA – Yes. As I’ve said before, there are logistic limitations. After the Event, there will be priorities. Of course, the first one is food, clothes and shelter for those who don’t have it. And then people with chronic pain and then the list goes on and on and on. Everybody will be contacted according to their position on that list – how urgent and how sincere their need is. But this will be distributed massively as soon as humanity is ready to receive those new technologies.

Rob – I was kind of curious on a personal level. At the time of the Event when the final scalar fields are brought down, and, of course, the benevolent spiritual space family is very close to the earth with their healing rays and energies, will there be some spontaneous healings at the time of the Event – some tremendous relief of pressure and some things of this nature?

COBRA – Yes, of course. Even before the Event there will be spontaneous healings and dramatic relief of pressure, which will start even before the Event. People will begin to feel that as we get closer and closer to that exact moment, more and more and more.

Rob – Someone asked an interesting question about what it will be like for someone who is blind at the time of the Event. Will they eventually possibly receive healing of this, I imagine, at a later date?

COBRA – Later, after the Event, yes.

Rob – Someone asks if you could describe in detail how these advanced technologies work?

COBRA – There are many different advanced healing technologies and they work on the principle of harmonizing all the physical and non-physical bodies, because the vast majority of physical illnesses are actually a physical manifestation of an energetic blockage on a certain level and if those blockages are balanced, then the physical body can be healed easily. There are also advanced medical technologies that are based on manifestation protocols from the etheric plane – so-called manifestation chambers or replicators. If it is possible to replicate food, it is also possible to replicate human organs and actually redesign them in a way that is healthy.

Rob – Oh, that is very interesting. We will actually be able to replace it. It seems that there will be some protocols for medicinal herbs or things of this nature in combination with energetic technologies, correct?

COBRA – Yes, of course

Rob – Someone mentioned that you had said here, and I don’t remember where it is, there is some undiscovered healing medical resources on the planet. Do you know where they’ll be discovered? Are these like in the Egyptian chambers and some of the ancient chambers that will be released in the near future?

COBRA – Not only there, but there are many places and many different ancient healing techniques – use of herbs, use of sounds, use of meditation – various forms of healing that will be combined with the most advanced technologies.

Rob – Okay. Someone is wondering at the point in time, what do you think is the best resource or combination for anti-aging, cosmetic and internal?

COBRA – The best resource is always connection with your own higher self because your own higher self, ONLY your higher self, has the power to reverse the entropy of the physical body.

Rob – Someone says, diet plays a critical role in vitality and healing and there are so many different combinations and so many discoveries out there and from my experience with Dr. Bell and the vitamin formulations, certain things are found to do certain things but everyone is different in their assimilation process and everyone has different genetics and a lot of time food needs to be taken synergistically. Can you talk about – are there any particular combinations of diet that you recommend? Obviously we know that vegetarianism is strongly advised. Is that advisable for all people – vegetarianism? Some people have mentioned that blood types are different.

COBRA – I am not a nutritionist, so I cannot answer this question in detail.

Rob – Here’s a weird one. Can you cure dyslexia with acupuncture?

COBRA – Yes. It’s possible to do that, but, you see, there are various causes of that and if you approach this multidimensionaly, you’ll have more success.

Rob – Okay. Another question that I think we’ve already answered before. Are vaccines the cause of autism?

COBRA – In some cases, yes.

Rob – There are other cases? What are the other possible causes?

COBRA – Autism can be caused by deep trauma, either prenatal or after the birth.

Rob – Okay. Yogananda mentioned that hair acts as an antenna to the astral plane and that longer hair makes one sensitive. Can you comment about long hair and the more intuitive energy that we received from it.

COBRA – Yes, it actually does act as an antenna and it does connect to not only the astral plane, but also with much higher planes of creation.

Rob Okay. Well, current advanced healing technologies are being suppressed from those without money. Why does one have to pay into the system that is being liberated in order to be healed when healing would speed up the liberation process?

COBRA – It is simply because people who are constructing those technologies need to pay for the parts and they need to eat somewhere and they need to have a roof over their heads.

Rob – Okay. Can you talk about the cause of the Nepal earthquake?

COBRA – Yes. It is the result of the increased activity of the Galactic Central Sun. Since late April, the Galactic Central Sun has become more active. People can feel it in various ways and also the earth’s tectonic plates are responding to that increased activity. Actually, the planetary transformation process has now been delayed for, at least 15 years and it cannot be delayed for much longer. So in the future there will be more of that seismic activity happening.

Rob – I was told by one source that it was a message to China from the Cabal. But of course, it may be a little bit of a combination of both, I supposed.

COBRA – No. The cabal is not responsible for everything that is happening on this planet. And they are certainly not responsible for this earthquake.

Rob – Okay. Alright. I guess I’d like to ask the question here. Someone wants to know if you can tell us something about the operation master plan – whether the master plan must still happen before the Event and how many things must happen before the Event – the master plan and defeat the Chimera?

COBRA – There is nothing called the operation master plan. I posted once about the master plan, but this is not an actual operation. It is the overall plan for the Event. The overall plan for the Event did not change in principle. There are certain details that did change, but the overall operations toward the Event are still the same.

Rob – I have been told that there are many timelines that are in flux and things are not really stabilized and that’s why a lot of things are changing. There still seems to be some sort of manipulation. Things aren’t really stabilized. That’s why things aren’t really happening. Is that correct? Are there multiple timelines still in flux at this point?

COBRA – Yes, there are sub-timelines. The main timeline has been stabilized. There are sub-timelines, which are in flux. They are not manipulated directly, but I would say, certain situations, certain conditions, haven’t been resolved yet and the outcome of those events, those conditions, is not known yet. And yes, some of those situations are extremely unstable. We have been dealing with one of those situations – the resistance has been dealing with one of those situations last week.

Rob – Yes, recently I just did an interview with Omnec Onec. I haven’t published it yet. People can look for that. She talked about the history of the solar system. She had mentioned that the earth had many, many different ET inputs as far as life throughout the galaxy and that the earth has extremely rich and diversified life on the physical plane as well as it has a large amount of water. Would you say that this is one of the things that makes the earth kind of a prime real estate?

COBRA – Yes, this is one of the reason, but not the only reason.

Rob – What are the other reasons?

COBRA – They are too numerous to mention here, but I would say that one of them is the position closest to certain star gates in this sector of the galaxy, and then there was a lot of history, many different races being here throughout the galactic history, doing things through millions of years. The Cabal has chosen this for one of the strongholds. This has a lot of effect, because there has been a lot of attention to this small place throughout the galaxy.

Rob – So that’s why the Archons, the Chimera, chose the earth for their last stand.

COBRA – One of their reasons, yes.

Rob – Okay. Can you talk about how the dark forces live their lives? What do they do? When we talk about Chimera . . . these are beings in human bodies, is that correct?

COBRA – Yes, that is correct.

Rob – So they sleep and eat like us, correct?

COBRA – Yes.

Rob – Okay. You talk about how we have these wars going on in outer space and different things. People want a little more detailed information about what the war consists of. Obviously there seems to be some explosions and destructions of spacecraft in outer space. Is this correct?

COBRA – Not exactly. The way the engagement are taking place, a little bit different now. It is not portrayed as in the movies. I will not go into much detail because it is classified. The technologies the light forces use to clear the solar system is classified. They are very effective. Everything is very silent and everything is very effective. The dark ones just get wiped out and they don’t even know what hit them.

Rob – Some of these beings are actually killed in the process, through their resistance to this, right?

COBRA – This is classified information. I would say they are removed from their locations, they are taken to the processing facility on Ganymede and those who don’t want to accept the light are taken to the Galactic Central Sun.

Rob – Yes, that’s what I was wondering. If some of them die during the process, like the Chimera were taking people from earth and forcing us back into the reincarnation process. Have the good guys stopped that process yet, or is that still happening?

COBRA – You mean on planet earth or other places?

Rob – Let’s talk about this solar system. Someone dies. Are they taken to the processing facility in Ganymede if they’re involved in this conflict?

COBRA – You need to specify the question very correctly. Different locations are a different process and the answer is different.

Rob – Okay. Let’s say there is a hostile base on the asteroid of Chimera and this base is destroyed and some beings die in that base. Are their souls taken to the Ganymede?

COBRA – Yes, some of the souls are taken to the Ganymede.

Rob – Okay. Now on earth, when people are dying, are earth processes still in control – in the reincarnation process – of the negative Archons?

COBRA – Yes, the Archons still control the incarnation process on earth.

Rob – Okay. So if a soul dies, is it . . . Do souls generally reincarnate right away or do they generally have a period of rest, correct?

COBRA – Usually they have a period of rest, which is decreasing as the things are accelerating. But, yes, most of the souls still do have a period of rest or a period of processing of their past and then sooner or later they are forced to reincarnate again.

Rob – Okay. As far as the ground troops going on, are there still on-going battles in the underground systems?

COBRA – There is some limited conflict in the Chimera locations, but that’s about it.

Rob – Are these actual fire fights with weapons from the ground based forces?

COBRA – No, no, no. Again, the way the conflict happens now has changed a lot.

Rob – Okay. So there’s really, probably, no really earth forces involved in this. This is all resistance and confederation, correct?

COBRA – Yes, the surface military forces are not involved in any underground conflicts any more.

Rob – Okay. So we can say that our space family does not resort to murder, destruction or violence in this way, correct? Or is occasionally . . . this does happen?

COBRA – This is classified information.

Rob – Really? Okay. Well, I mean my opinion from what I’ve heard, occasionally this does happen. It’s not all sweetness people do die physically.

COBRA – This is a very sensitive question and it’s better not to answer at this point.

Rob – Someone asked, why don’t the galactics just neutralize the stranglet plasmatic and toplet bombs considering they have advanced technologies?

COBRA – They do not have technologies to do that

Rob – I personally feel there is a higher force that will step in that will absolutely assure and guarantee that. Would you agree that there is possibly a higher force that can see that it happens?

COBRA – There is always a higher force, and when the conditions are right and when there is enough consciousness, the higher force does intervene.

Rob – Yea, that’s what I’ve been told. Omne Onec, in the interview, was very confident and very clear. She said this earth will not be destroyed. They’ve been planning for thousands and thousands of years and there’s too much invested and the earth is too important for us to fail this time and that the victory is absolutely assured. It’s a matter of us moving through the process. So someone said here, and I guess it has to do with contract reversal or invoking spiritual guides and mentors, perhaps are guiding and ministering angels. Is there any way that people can appeal to some space high court, so to speak, against our free will being violated?

COBRA – Yes, most certainly people can do so-called decrees when they can make an appeal to the galactic court against the cabal, against all the violations that are taking place and that actually helps the light forces because they have legal basis to intervene more directly.

Rob – So it does help when we make appeals to our guides and prayer does actually have an effect, correct?

COBRA – Yes, of course.

Rob – Very good, thank you. Can you tell us, are there still hostages in Chimera bases?

COBRA – Yes.

Rob – The bad guys with the stranglet bombs. Someone’s mentioned this and I think we’ve talked about this. If the dark forces kind of know that they’re time is up, I guess, from their ego point, they really don’t believe it is. What is preventing them from exploding the stranglet bombs if they feel like they might get tossed to the central sun. This type of consciousness might just might out of sheer spite like they do on other worlds, set off a starlet bombs right now.

COBRA – It is because, I will put it this way, they don’t really believe it’s over until it’s really over.

Rob – Okay. That’s a good way to put it. There’s certainly a lot of stuff going on down here. We have had some things come out in the future. Some people have said that the mainstream news in UK talked about a Tesla battery that can power a house for a day or something. I mean, it’s not really a breakthrough is it? It’s just kind of a small little attempt to pacify, in advance. Do you know anything about that?

COBRA – It is soft disclosure, I would say – soft disclosure of moderately advanced technologies.

Rob – Okay. Here’s an interesting one. Someone said, is there any more information about the positive, white-scaled reptilian race? I guess some people call them the Annukai? We know that, I suppose, that not all reptilians are Draconian of that particular genus /racial pheno type are necessarily evil. Is there any other sources out there that talks about this? . Are there any of these races that are positive and can we find any sources of that?

COBRA – I would say that the reptilian type is quite wide-spread throughout the galaxy and I would estimate about 10-15% of those went to the positive direction and there are many different subversions of that reptilian type and they are not widely known on this planet. Those who are of a more positive orientation are actually assisting in the operations to liberate the planet.

Rob – Yea. Someone said that we know that Cobra does not disclose timelines, but Wilcock said something about 2016 as being the end-time. I’m surprised he gave a year timeline for that. Would you concur or would you say that there is certainly lots of variables at play and it could possibly take longer.

COBRA – I would say that the timelines people are giving are based on their projected understanding of the situation and the plans of the group that they are in contact with. For example the Eastern Alliance has a target date of first of January next year. Certain other groups have certain other target dates and some of those target dates do fall in the year 2016. But I will not give any comment from my perspective about this time-frame. I am not giving any timelines for various reasons I have already explained many times.

Rob – Yes, some of the Long Island and New York crews want to know what else they can do. They are eager to assist as a ground crew. I think they’re talking about the group that went to Brookhaven.

COBRA – Yes, I would suggest they send me a private e-mail. It’s a tactical question. It’s better not to discuss this publicly.

Rob – Okay. I’ll have them ask you to say we’ll put it in “New York, Long Island” in your header so Cobra will know. Cobra gets many, many e-mails, and again, do not take it personally if he doesn’t answer them. The same thing goes for me. We do our best and we’re sorry if some of your questions don’t get answered as always. Some of them are repeats and some of them we just can’t talk about.

COBRA – Before we continue, I would like to say this again. I receive many e-mails and I read all of them but it is physically impossible for me to answer all of them. If I would just be answering e-mails, I would take the whole day every day. I have priorities and I have to act according to those priorities. All e-mails are read and only those that have enough impact on the planetary liberation gets answered.

Rob – Okay that’s fair enough and I certainly understand that. Can you give us little more information on the astral/etheric and plasma plane? Are we having some continued progress there? What’s the situation with the astral parasites? Is it mostly just some very strong hold-outs? Are those beings you mentioned that were hiding in little worm holes still around?

COBRA – The situation is getting much better on the astral plane. The vast majority of this is cleared. Of course, they are still hiding in certain holes throughout the planet, especially on those war zones, and in more negative areas there are still some of them, but it’s much much better. Also, the plasma situation is improving, so we have quite much progress ere.

Rob – Very Good. Someone had a kind of a political question about Cuba. They were there. They saw no chemtrails. Is Cuba supposed to be opening up soon to worldwide tourism once again? Can you talk about Cuba? Has it secretly been in league with the Cabal the whole time or are they completely separate?

COBRA – The Cabal did have some influence, especially the Jesuits had some influence there, but certain actions of the Cabal did not have as much access as they had in other places. Of course, there is this Guantanamo base, which is a Cabal stronghold, which is in Cuban territory, but that’s about it.

Rob – Can you talk about Fidel and Raul Castro? Were these true believers in communism? It seems he had a very large iron fist along the lines of his interpretation of communism. Can you comment on them?

COBRA – They are controlled by the Jesuits.

Rob – Interesting. Okay. Someone wants to know . . . Some of the ET’s, I would guess, call them higher angelic beings in relationship to spiritual processes. Can you talk about the creation of different races of humans, the variety? Was this engineered by higher beings or is this part of a natural phenomena?

COBRA – Partially, it’s a natural phenomena, a natural course of evolution, which was, of course, interfered with in various phases by different races through genetic experimentation.

Rob – I’m not sure. I may have missed this in one of your things. Someone wants to know about the Gaia portal. Is that real? I’m not sure what that means.

COBRA – This would need to be clarified – what exactly the question is about.

Rob – Yea, I thought so. According to the GoodET guy, the space program has the ability to age regress and time regress their participants after their mission. Is that correct?

COBRA – This is part of the information that I cannot confirm. Also, Randy Kramer was talking about the same thing, but according to my sources, this is not happening.

Rob – Also, someone mentioned that you had said that Al Bielek did not travel to the future in a previous one and they wanted to know, was that completely made up or did he travel to a possible timeline in the future that existed when he was doing that type of thing?

COBRA – Yes, he was actually having a psychic experience of a possible timeline future as it was understood at that time – more of an internal spiritual psychic experience.

Rob – Okay. Someone wants to know. Do you still have contact with Samjese?

COBRA – I choose not to answer this question.

Rob – Okay. You had mentioned that some parts of the Urantia book are distorted. Can you talk about . . . it’s a description of the order of the universes – wrong or right in your idea and would you recommend the Urantia book as a partial guide towards the larger picture?

COBRA – If you have strong enough inner guidance and discernment ability, you can read that book, because there is some valuable information in there. But it was written from a certain perspective that I would not agree completely with. It has been influenced to a certain degree. So if you have strong inner guidance and if you have strong discernment abilities, go ahead and read that book.

Rob – Okay. Can you talk about the office of the Christ as a position, as opposed to a person.

COBRA – The office of the Christ is an intellectual construct of the philosophy who wanted to describe a certain energy of unconditional love on a certain level of consciousness. It is not so much a position in a certain hierarchy, but a state of consciousness that everybody receives or attains at a certain level of evolution and it’s a universal experience of cosmic love that is actually the basis of an enlightened universe.

Rob – Interesting. In my talk with Omnec, she has a new book coming out that a lot of publishers wouldn’t publish previously that she’s now publishing and it has to do with the life of Christ. She mentioned that Mother Mary, and according to my sources, Kevin Ryerson years ago, who was a very clear out-of-body channel, said that the Essenes were a sect of beings that were living a very pure lifestyle under specific spiritual laws in order to prepare a vehicle that would contain a very special incarnation for the Christ. Now Omnec says that Mary was a virgin at the time and that she was visited by a high dimensional being and she believes this being was from Sirius, and that Mary, and I’m not sure whether they had conjugal relations or not. Omnec wasn’t clear on that. I’m curious about higher dimensional beings. Can they have children without having physical relations?

COBRA – Yes, of course, like every human being if the child is conceived in a test tube.

Rob – You mean ET’s conceive their children in test tubes?

COBRA – They can if they want to.

Rob – I read in Semjese’ notes to Billy Meyer that they consider this a denigration and that would reduce the genetic line. I’m talking about an energetic, two souls merging in a type of meditation and the woman becomes pregnant. Is that possible or no?

COBRA – There needs to be a physical contact between the ovary and the sperm.

Rob – Okay. That clarifies that. Okay, thank you. Someone has a question: What is the truth behind mermaids? And there’s a bunch of video’s out there. I’m not sure if they’re real of not. Could you talk about mermaids? Are they a real life-form that exists?

COBRA – Actually, mermaids were at one point the result of genetic engineering in Atlantis and they did exist and it is quite possible that some of them still exist in more remote corners of the earth.

Rob – Okay. Someone wants you to explain Deja Vu from a higher energetic perspective.

COBRA – Deja-vu is actually information that you receive from the future through a timeline.

Rob – Okay. Cobra, someone has a question here about robots. I guess they’re talking about physical robotic things. Are they used much on other worlds, robots, like we use them in technology for machines? But did they use any other type of robots?

COBRA – They are used, but not so much as people would expect because they have technologies which are more advanced. They can materialize everything from the etheric substance. From mechanic work . . . there is very little mechanic work throughout the galaxy.

Rob – Okay. Here’s an interesting question. After the Event has been in progress for awhile and we’ve established ourselves as a free planet, someone asked, is there a plan to control the world’s population? I was reading the book UFO Contact From Iarga and they talked about people saying the earth is over-populated could become an issue. Well, they agreed it could be. For a spiritually aware society, they are very much able to work in harmony so that there is no destruction, and they don’t really put so much stress on the planet, and that our planet has plenty of room for people. Would you agree with that?

COBRA – Actually, after the Event, and after the First Contact especially, there will be a migration of part of the population away from the planet, and the long term perspective, the long term population will decrease.

Rob – Are there cyborg’s in operation here or off planet?

COBRA – You mean like robots

Rob – Humans with half mechanical, half human type of thing.

COBRA – Those things were much in vogue at a certain phase, which is over now and the light forces are not using this – are not supporting this. There is a limited number of those still in the Chimera bases, but this is being cleared out completely.

Rob – Are the computers manipulated by the Cabal to win their situation? Are they still in control of the computer network, or is this an on-going battle between the Resistance Movement and the light forces?

COBRA – Unfortunately, at the moment, the Cabal, the negative faction of the NSA, still controls the computer network on the surface. The RM has put a virus in the computer system, especially the global financial system computer network. They can take down the internet if they wish, but they can not control the internet. They can protect the blogs, but they cannot control them directly, not yet. It’s a mixed situation at the moment.

Rob – Someone says they are a member of the citizen militia in VA. It seems as if more could be done to communicate with the good militias around the country to help humanity reach our objective. The militias could have, of course, could also use support in the form of training and equipment. It is estimated that there are millions of us out there, far greater in numbers than military in all state, local and federal agents combined. Has the Resistance Movement considered greater support and interaction to earth-based militia groups? And I’m assuming that these are mostly ex-military who know the horrors of war and have been used liked pawns and are willing to step up in a positive way. That’s probably what he means. Is there going to be any outreaches to any local groups in this manner?

COBRA – The RM cannot contact the surface population before the Event because the Cabal would retaliate strongly. But at the moment of the Event, the RM will contact certain militias – especially those more balanced and more regulated militias – and will include them in the operations.

Rob – Okay. There’s been a recent international symposium that the Pope is actually going to speak at in september 
;[[;. They’re going to be talking about global warming and this type of thing. Those kinds of questions go back to another thing about the Jade Helm training. I wanted to go into the situation with the Pope on this carbon tax type of thing that they’ve been talking about. It seems as though it’s trying to gain more control and micro-manage people’s lives under some agenda. Do you know anything about this upcoming conference in September that’s sponsored by the UN that the Pope is actually going to be the keynote speaker of?

COBRA – It’s just part of the overall plan of the Jesuits to have more global impact and they’re now much in agreement with the Rothschild about the whole thing. So this is an engineered attempt of the Jesuits and the Rothschilds to have more global impact. And it goes together with their plan to hijack the formation of the new financial system.

Rob – And ultimately those plans are going to fail.

COBRA – Yes, of course.

Rob – Unfortunately, in California . . . I’m not sure. I think it’s passed, but it looks like they’re trying to push through a bill that will mandate vaccinations for children or they will not be allowed to enter school. Unfortunately, many people will succumb to this. I’m sure we’ll also create an exodus of people for homeschooling, which probably isn’t a bad idea. Fortunately, most of the major damage that takes place with the vaccinations is usually when children are very young. Can you talk about the repercussions of these new vaccines that will be given to these children?

COBRA – I think most people are aware of the dangers of vaccination. Luckily, the bio-chips have been removed from vaccines, but the toxic chemicals are still there, and they are quite powerful. So there would need to be more of a coordinated effort to resist this new legislation.

Rob – Okay. There are reports that the ISIS or the Mossad Israelis are still very much involved in the ISIS program. Can you talk about ISIS and what’s happening there?

COBRA – I’m not using that name for that terrorist organization. You can use it. I would ask you to use another name for that.

Rob – Okay. The terrorist organization by whatever name.

COBRA – Islamic state, or however you want to call it, but don’t use the name Isis because Isis is a creation goddess and has nothing to do with this Jesuit creation.

Rob – Right, I understand. Let’s let’s call it the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. (Okay) They are . . . Can you talk about what’s going on there in Syria? Are they still having a major impact or is most of this pumped up by the media – although I’m sure there’s major impact for those personal lives that are being destroyed by these hostile aggressive violent actions? What is the condition of that group of terrorists?

COBRA – It is both. There are actually quite present. They are doing much harm, but whatever harm they do mange is further manipulated and expanded by the media.

Rob – Okay. You mentioned before that if the Jade Helm got out of hand there would be intervention we’ve been told by certain sources that there are some Israeli agents in place in the United States and that they have many dirty bombs and secret little nuclear suitcase bombs have been placed in various positions similar to, of course, probably the 9/11 nuclear bombs. Can you talk about is that going on? These are obviously closely monitored. Will the Resistance Movement stop any of these from exploding or will they allow some of these to take place possibly?

COBRA – There were always Israeli agents in the US. There was not a moment in the recent US history without Israeli agents on American soil. But this is just from the perspective of the Resistance Movement – this is a minor inconvenience. None of those bombs will be allowed to go off. This is absolutely controlled and monitored by the Resistance. There is no threat from this. None at all.

Rob – Okay. Someone . . . In one of our last whatever interviews, you mentioned that China had grabbed some islands illegally in the Philippines. They were looking for gold and now they’re expanding and they’re actually building military installations in there complete with a harbor and airstrip. Is this still for gold hunting or is this just a position against the Cabal? Is this aggressive Cabal action or what is going on there? Do you know?

COBRA – It is exactly what you stated. But I would just say that China has other means to get their gold and whatever gold is remaining on the Philippines is not accessible by any faction at this moment.

Rob – Okay. Someone asked, ‘During the Event will Brussels be a major part of the, I guess, the world headquarters there? Will, during the Event, will that be one of the . . . probably London, then the Vatican as well, but will Brussels also be a major target of the Resistance force in rounding up heavy duty criminals?’

COBRA – Most heavy duty criminals are not in Brussels. We have the traditional three centers at the Vatican, London City and Washington DC. These are the major centers of the surface Cabal. Everything else are the minor centers, which are not that important.

Rob – Are there going to be roles of different nations that will have specific tasks going on after the Event?

COBRA – This will not go nation by nation. This will go individual by individual according to individual talents and skills.

Rob – Okay. Someone wanted to know, ‘Can you talk about . . . Are there any special messages for people from Hungary that you could give for them if you know everything about their country, of what they’re going through? The people from Hungary . . . We would like some help.’

COBRA – Yes. There is a certain secret positive group in Hungary which has strong Templar connections, and that group is working for the new financial system and you can see some effect. Hungary has resisted central banking Rothschild influence quite effectively lately. And this group is still keeping a low-profile, so they can not be contacted directly. But they can research their history. There are certain very strong esoteric positive symbols in Hungary. I’ll just mention the crown of __?_ and that at some other ones. There are some vortexes, some ancient goddess vortexes, in Hungary also. And some of them will have a quite important role at the time of the Event.

Rob – Very good. I’ve been working with . . . I just did a couple of special interviews that were filmed actually with a group called Gemstone University. The leader there has a very unique form of education in regards to the details of how the financial system will, of course, be put into place, as well as the Cabal’s control of what we call the corporate. I guess some people call it the UCC – uniform commercial code – and all of that stuff. Some people call the straw-man and the sovereignty movement. And I was really impressed with their intent and purpose and they really want to educate people to what’s going on. And it seems to me it’s really important that people understand this process.

But at a certain point in time at the Event, there have been indications that the ET’s want to work within the laws. There are certain contracts that we’ve made that allow these government officials to do what they do even though they’ve hijacked the rule of law. It seems so unfair and unbalanced. At some point in time at the Event, how will the repeal of these laws take place? I mean, after the Event, are there still going to be parking tickets, courts for speeding and all of this Cabal-related money drain of the population for this type of thing? How is this all going to shift?

COBRA – Some of the laws will be canceled out immediately. Some of those regulations, especially, for example, speeding tickets and such, will be canceled out immediately and there will be a quite intense and quite drastic legal reform that will put the legal system back again on the basis of the common law and will actually merge the best of both legal systems – the current admiralty law legal system and the old common law system. And this will further evolve as we get closer to the First Contact and we’ll merge this with the galactic codex. After the First Contact, we will have legal advice from the galactic counselors that will teach us how we can build the society in the way that will not restrict individual freedom, but to also protect us from harm that could be a result of other people exercising their own freedom.

Rob – Okay, and here is an interesting question I kind of thought about when it comes to this world’s gold situation in the asset-backed currency. Clearly the Chinese, and there are certain groups there that obviously have a lot of gold and I’m sure there’s many good people in the Eastern Dragon societies that control these large gold reserves, but it seems like so many people are having claims to these various gold accounts. I guess they call them M-1. I personally have been contacted by various groups. I’ve actually heard of four of them, which kind of blows my mind. I’m not a money person but people come out with me and talk about these different things. And from my perspective, Cobra, and I know many other people, we kind of considered the human element of greed and manipulation. How can any one person control this gold situation? To me it makes sense that higher spiritual initiates of impeccable integrity are chosen by the spiritual hierarchy of the planet to be in control of this gold to oversee them for the world’s governments. Can you talk a little bit about that? Is China all in control or there’s elements within China that are probably in cahoots with the Kissinger’s, the Rockefeller’s and the Vatican?

COBRA – Okay. I will explain the whole situation. First, the statement of the Dragons having a lot of gold is a myth. The vast majority of the Dragon families do not have physical gold. They have claims to the gold that was stolen from them. They have gold bonds that have certificates. They have boxes, but they don’t have the physical gold. China as a country had gold

reserves which are quite extensive that China has accumulated the last few decades, but these have nothing to do with the Dragon families themselves. This has to do with the Eastern Alliance as a whole for the preparation for the new financial system, and one institute is a very old creation of the old Cabal families and it will be dismantled at the time of the Event. When the Event happens, the Resistance Movement under the guidance of the galactic light forces will guide the process of the gold distribution. There will be no single human entity, no single faction on the planet, either from China or from anywhere else, deciding where the gold goes. The gold will be used as a collateral, as the basis of the new transitional financial system. It will not be given to any particular group or any particular country. It will not be the beginning of a new powerful China that will control the rest of the world. It will not be the old way. It will be the new way. It will be a new way. All the nations of the world will benefit from the wealth that has been accumulated.

Rob – Okay. Very good. That kind of was my feeling too, that it’s going to be in control of the light forces and anybody who’s holding these certificates, they’re basically going to mean nothing correct – for the most part?

COBRA – Yes. Those certificates will only be used as instruments for the bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve. This is their role. There are many groups that try to cash those bonds. Of course, the vast majority of them have not been successful because the Cabal doesn’t want to acknowledged those bonds. And when everything is ready, the Eastern Alliance can bring those bonds off the table and demand payment from the Federal Reserve and this will actually effectively bankrupt the Federal Reserve. And this is the moment the Resistance Movement presses on the button and does the financial reset, and out of the reset, those bonds will be worthless. There will not be anything because even the Chinese Dragon families have accumulated that gold from peasants, from people, from little people. The dynasties have been actually stealing that gold from people and it doesn’t belong to them. It belongs to the whole humanity.

Rob – Yeah, that’s a good point. I’m glad you said that because it seems like anyone at the top is kind of complicit in the system. There’s a lot of people, hard-working innocent people in the United States who are little freaked out at the world getting ready to ditch the dollar. Will the US dollar devalue? That could create a lot of panic and hardship and stress in the United States being one of the largest world currencies besides probably China and India. One of the largest number of people affected by the valuation of one currency. Can you talk about? Will the US be in trouble before the Event and this could stabilize?

COBRA – Okay, it’s not that easy to devalue the dollar. One faction of the Cabal has plans to devalue the dollar to create social chaos that would lead to martial law. That’s their plan and their plan will not be successful. Then there can be some instability in currencies, but devaluation is not such a stressful event that people are to be afraid of. It can bring a little bit of instability, but basically this is not something to be overly worried about. There are other aspects of the financial situation that are much more serious – the derivatives, the financial speculations, high-speed trading, the global complex financial system, which will collapse at the time of the reset. And when those things happen, it will go so fast that people will not have time to worry about it. Because when the Event happens, there will be so much new intel released and so much new perspective that nobody will worry about the dollar being devalued 10 or 20 or even 50%.

Rob – Right. There’s going to be a lot of powerful positive revelations coming forward. I guess I wanted to talk about one more thing in regards to the money stuff. The Gemstone University guys are actually . . . Because their system is unwinding the Cabal’s control, they are working closely with the Swiss Indo. And I don’t know if you know, but the Swiss Indo recently just opened up. They have several countries on board who are willing to go to the gold standard and Laos as of five days ago. They had a large group over there, and, according to them, the leader of Laos is setting up the main office of the Swiss Indo and they are ready to go to gold-backed currency in the sense. I’m kind of curious if you heard about that. And it seems that anyone who is trying to have a gold-backed currency . . . Kennedy was assassinated. Mommar Gaddafi, not that he was a saint, but he was thumbing his nose at the Cabal and they took him out. Do you think this Swiss Indo operation in Laos will achieve some success as a model?

COBRA – I would just take a look at the mass media. When the mainstream media announced that a certain country went to the gold standard, this is when it will happen. Because when this happens, this is the beginning of the real change in the financial system.

Rob – Okay, thank you. I’m not going into the money anymore. This one is kind of pissing me off. I have refused to ask it of you, but I keep getting questions. My god, people are telling me that the earth is flat. All they have to do is look at a Hubble telescope and watch Saturn rotate and I don’t know why they need to hear it from you.

COBRA – Okay. They will hear it from me. I will post a certain thing about this on my blog very soon.

Rob – Okay. The earth is a sphere correct?

COBRA – The earth is very close to the sphere. It is flattened a little bit, but it basically is, yes. I don’t need to answer this. I think it’s obvious.

Rob – I know It’s ridiculous. So I wanted to ask you. Someone wants to know if you can explain what ghosts are? I’ve heard different descriptions. We have what are called waifs and some of them are able to manifest in older buildings where the human protein goes into the walls and they’re able to affect through an etheric ectoplasm and have an effect – especially in older buildings, spirits and poltergeist seemed to have more effect. Can you explain a little bit? Are there positive ghosts and negative ghosts or is this simply souls in transition that quite haven’t passed over?

COBRA – These are simply souls in transition. Their personalities are exactly as it was when they were here on this planet. So you have all kinds of people walking here. Some of them are a little bit more positive. Some of them are a little bit less, and then when they die, they just keep that personality with them for quite some time. And, yes, many of them you can describe as ghosts – souls in transition.

Rob – Can you talk about the number 13 related to the divine feminine and the Sisterhood of the Rose.

COBRA – Number 13 is not connected only with the Sisterhood of the Rose. It is a sacred number which actually describes the principal of free will.

Rob – Okay. Can you talk a little bit about the lifespan of the human after the Event?

COBRA – I have answered this question already. The lifespan after the Event will be drastically increased. The people will be able to live much longer.

Rob – Okay. Yes. Can you explain the difference between a portal and a black hole?

COBRA – A portal is an inter-dimensional connection between two points in space and time and not every black hole is a portal. Some of them are and only those of them that have been activated are actually portals. And black holes are much less widespread throughout this universe than most people think. There is something, which is getting extremely, extremely rare, because this universe is evolving to a new phase which does involve much more light, and black holes are actually artifacts from an earlier time of the universe when it was not developed so much.

Rob – Okay. We have a question here. Can you talk about the mysteries of the Blackstone in Mecca?

COBRA – I will not say there are any mysteries. It’s just the Cabal using that sacred geometry form like the Blackstone as the main focus for their occult ritual to harvest human energy and keep human masses controlled.

Rob – Okay. I just have one more question here I always found kind interesting and I have my understanding of it. I’m kind of curious. Can you talk about the Fatima events and the longest living child from the Fatima event? Was she prevented by the Cabal from telling the truth?

COBRA – Yes.

Rob – I wonder why. I guess she just believed in the Pope then to tell the truth, right?

COBRA – That is their way of doing things – like going through the authorities.

Rob – Right . I’m surprised they did that. Can you talk a little bit about that experience where it’s very similar to the one I guess in Bosnia there? But can you talk about the ground, the muddy fields dried up and the sun seemed to tilt? Clearly that was probably a spaceship under __.

COBRA – Yes, that was a spaceship. Yes.

Rob – Okay, and they were just working within the belief system of the people of that time.

COBRA – Yes, exactly. They couldn’t say because it was dangerous.

Rob – Okay. I guess we’ll lighten it up with the last one. We’ve already mentioned Avatar and The Matrix. Can you talk about any new movies from Hollywood on new or old that might’ve been inspired by the Resistance force besides Avatar and The Matrix?

COBRA – The agents of the Resistance in Hollywood had to withdraw many years ago, so there was not much reviews directly from the Resistance influence since 2004-5. Avatar was an exception. Jupiter Ascending – there were some coded messages about the secret space program in there. There was also a movie called Elysium which also had some coded messages to awaken the population.

Rob – Yes. I’m kind of curious. The Corey GoodET guy, this will be your final question, has mentioned that in some of his meetings, he’s been asked to comment to the secret post space program positive military guys who’ve been on the front lines against the Cabal and of course he is telling them the message from the Blue Avians is a message of love and forgiveness. And, of course, they understand intellectually, but they really don’t understand. They consider it’s like putting a daisy in the gun. It’s really not going to have any effect against these hostile forces. So I guess my question is: they were asking the Blue Avians for rules of engagement. They’re kind of taking the guidance of the ET’s and said, well, if we’re going to do some things at what point do we engage? Can you confirm if this information is correct or going out there or this is difficult to confirm GoodET’s information?

COBRA – Regarding this specific situation again, this is a very delicate situation of finding the right balance. I would say this is a war. This is not just a physical war. It will not be resolved by physical violence. This war will be resolved by approaching this problem of infection, because it’s an infection. This planet as been infected by certain entities. This problem is going to be resolved with a combination of a spiritual approach and physical action made from the right perspective. This is as much as I’m going to say about this right now.

Rob – Okay. Well, thank you very much. It’s been a wonderful interview, Cobra, and I’d like to reemphasize the spiritual aspect of what Cobra talked about. A lot of us focus on and want to have our intellect satisfied, but I think service to others and a spiritual connection to the higher forces are very important for us to move forward in the positive future in developing on the sacred vortex sites of communication and islands of light and this will bring about great changes. Thank you so much, Cobra. Victory to light. And thank you, again, for coming on my show. It’s always an honor and a pleasure.

COBRA – Yes. I thank everybody for listening, and we wish you many breakthroughs in the near future.

Rob – Yes. Good news is ahead. Victory to the light.


The Promise Revealed » 2015 May 20 – Q & A with Cobra



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