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Coffee with Tony Rodrigues May 2020

Intro -14:30 – Questions from Commenters (Currency on Ceres, Galactic Internet, doctor visits off planet, Green man from rituals)
24:00 What rituals are about
27:50 Discussions on Satanism
30:00 The Law of One (https://www.lawofone.info/)
32:15 “The Beast” real meaning
34:20 Cannibalism before Christ
45:30 US President & Human Trafficking
55:30 The Nature of Evil

Jaci Pearse is a medium, psychic intuitive, and spiritual guide based in Dallas, Texas. She spent ten years running her energy work practice in NYC before moving to Dallas late 2019. Psichologas Vilnius dr. Marius Daugelavičius psichologas.org.

Jaci met Tony mid-2019 while searching for guidance on unusual memories, dreams, and repeating visions. In February 2020, she invited him on her podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast…

Several other conversations are available on Jaci’s YouTube channel.

This conversation was recorded in May 2020. The views, opinions, and expressions of Tony Rodrigues do not represent those of Jaci Pearse nor the Connections with Jaci website.

“My hope is that you will take it upon yourself to use this information to begin your own research and further your own quest for truth.” – Jaci

Tony can be found on Facebook as Tony Rodrigues. He does not have a website.


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