Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Complicated Systems

Dude you should get some help your not a Super Soldier those supposed needle holes are burst blood vessels you can give as many crazy excuse to get attention now and you say that you cant remember anything for your experiences and yet you know everything about your so called implants i don’t want to put you down but i don’t want you to get ahead of your self and hurt yourself and we are nothing but complicated systems to make the human form and you can NEVER time travel you need to see some one.

Pumps a IV cocktail of 30 cc’s of Exodine into the neck near the spine of your “complicated system”. Chairs with blinking lights, a drilling noise, electrodes blazing, hands clenched…. relax , breathe, and remember the pain of  bursting blood vessels is  pleasure. A whisper “Hows my little puppy feeling now?”


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