Monday, June 24, 2024

Connected to Orion

James I did a meditation with one of your cubes and I saw you flying some undetectable craft that can plunge into the ocean from outer space without need of slowing down. Its housed in the Pleiadian star system. There are plans hidden there to stop all this.

You where wearing a red, blue, and gold suit with a lighting bolt in the center to protect you from attacks and brainwashing. Its like a Tesla coil containing a protective aura.

The helmet visor contains a platinum like screen similar to a two way mirror. Its bluish purplish in color and is like Google Glass and its voice activated.

The tubes in this helmet are similar to this picture but they are platinum looking. So the helmet is bluish purple and that logo on the arm is gold. You were also wearing a platinum cape or winged suit to protect your back side.

You are connected to Orion for sure, middle star in the belt. Home base for you maybe. Your gonna start reconnecting to Orion and the Pleiadian central sun; and together cleanse the nonsense and clear your spirit.





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