Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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Please use this form to contact us about general questions, interview requests, or to submit content to this website by selecting your corresponding drop down box below. Private messages are kept confidential unless you are violent or wish to cause harm. We ask that you do not contact us for general inquiries about your life! I am not a seer and probably too busy to answer your questions any way. If you are seeking assistance for memory recall please find someone to help you at the Milab Recovery Network. Even if you have no money there are support groups who can help you at almost no cost. Content Submission Policy: If you wish to submit articles, written experiences, pictures, videos, etc on this website we ask that the submitted content include a link if available, title, author, or no author if your the author and wish to remain anonymous. I am not your copy writer so be sure everything is submitted correctly. If you are submitting articles and content in this form we are under the impression you want this content published. So please follow directions so that no ones feelings are hurt.

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