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Corey Goode Lawsuit

For those who would like to know the truth about what I have been legally dealing with regarding Corey Goode and his associates notable since April 18, 2018, and now kangaroo court orders, please bookmark this page as I will be posting more files and records here.

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I will be appealing the case to a higher court if the Judge doesn’t get into alignment with his oath of Office and due process of law.

I have included here the papers I filed just today, February 12, 2020, to Void the Judgment and Recuse the Judge for prejudice OR he may get into alignment with his Oath of Office. It will be obvious he sorely violated his Oath of Office upon reading the Motion to Void Judgment pursuant Rule 60(b)(3),(4) and (d)(3).

For those who hear Corey Goode and his associates regularly attack me publicly for my “Dream Visions” (DV) please read all my recent filings and in particular my Affidavit attesting to my Trade Secret claims (No. 002 Affidavit and 004, 005, 006 Exhibits DVs below). What you will find in my affidavit is only a teeny tiny bit of what I have seen and Corey has seen hundreds and hundreds more of these and is clearly aware of my abilities and that my research (Dream Visions) are Intellectual Property belonging to me, filled with my Trade Secret knowledge.

Corey also continues to regularly dream visit me, as do other souls I will be or have been interacting with in waking states. Some of you reading this will have spoken with me about dreams and will have found I knew things about you without you telling me those things in waking states until I asked you about what I saw in a dream, or after I shared a dream with you thinking it was you and then had things affirmed in waking states.

I won’t argue with Corey or his associates publicly, as that’s not the point to this ‘exercise’ and also a colossal waste of my valuable time. I will however continue to argue my legal and lawful claims on the court record and will seek to overcome the prejudice I have been faced with. To be clear, I do not ‘believe’ I am a shaman, the evidence dictates that I am and this is extremely easy to prove in any honorable court of law that will hear my case. Since the court acted with dishonor the orders issued are null and void. Read my Motion to Void Judgment and Motion to Recuse and it will be painfully clear just how badly the judge and the courts violated due process of law and my right to a trial by a jury of my peers and many other Constitutional right violations. This has been an ongoing problem since April 18, 2018 pre-litigation case implementation, then after case implementation June 25, 2018 not only in dealing with my local courts, but also in dealing with Corey and his equally crooked ‘lawyers.’

As a result of all of this, I will be sharing more of what has occurred behind the scenes since early 2018 and will begin showing publicly the facts, and evidence that attests to my abilities to include sharing a redacted version of the unrebutted Pre-Litigation Affidavit Complaint originally dated April 18, 2018 and the associated Dream Visions that Corey Goode used to create his derivative work, which is his alleged January 12, 2018 “Mega Update.” I will show how Corey Goode and David Wilcock used and or regularly commented on my Dream Vision hand written stories and research materials during 2017 and into 2018 and show how it was used as subject matter (such as Corey’s alleged experiences) for their show Cosmic Disclosure. Corey was also regularly posting and tweeting articles that matched my Dream Visions shared with him, and they also used my experiences and dream information to make up fake news, or otherwise create derivative works.

If they actually told the truth (doubtful considering their track record) and weren’t reading my proprietary research and Dream Vision journals and creating knowing derivative works, then, I am clearly shamanic (per the evidence in the affidavit) as I cited approximately 70 instances with specificity to be addressed in the Pre-Litigation Affidavit Complaint. David Wilcock is also likely basing his ‘allegedly ‘new’ “Awakening in the Dream” book off of my Dream Vision materials and I cited this concern in the Pre-Litigation Affidavit Complaint and again multiple times on the court record, all actively ignored and still of grave concern, especially since I don’t think Dave could dream predict his way out of a wet paper bag.

All this and more is coming. I will present the evidence, you will see what I saw, and see if you conclude as I have.

As you read my Motion to Void Judgement and other court filed papers, ask yourself:

1. Do you think the courts treated me fair?

2. Did Corey, his Lawyer, and the Courts violate my Constitutional rights and due process of law?

3. Did the courts review my evidence filed on the record?

4. Did Judge Flynn honor or dishonor his Oath of Office?

5. Why do Corey and his associates try so hard to defame me rather than negotiate?

6. Is it ok to fabricate evidence on multiple court records like Corey and his Lawyer did and not be held accountable?

7. Is it due process of law to ignore that the CIA’s MKULTRA mind control program is likely involved in Corey and I’s situation and dream states?

8. Why does Corey Goode visit me so much in dream states? Even so much as to be in around 90% of my Dream Vision experiences or some other ridiculously high percentage. I ask about my life . . . and there he is . . .

9. Why are some people so prejudice against the subject matter I write about ‘Dreams’? Why do some people find it so hard to comprehend that hand written stories of personal experiences (Dream Visions) are intellectual property? Do you think there is something else afoot behind the scenes?

Read Dream Vision “Contract trickery Foiled” (Sample DV 7) in my AFFIDAVIT & TANGIBLE DREAM VISION (DV) TRADE SECRET EVIDENCE and find out where Judge Flynn showed up in dreams that I emailed to Corey Goode during 2017 (and some dated as early as 2013 that are now filed onto the court record), or blogged publicly largely during 2018 through to current, prior the waking state occurrence (now) to include foreseeing Corey Goode and his associates attacking me and/or other friends of mine all during 2018, 2019, and current.

I have seen and documented by hand so much now in dream states that I estimate to have well over 2,000 hand documented Dream Visons, comprising 62 sketchbooks and journals and growing nightly. I don’t always know exactly when or what the waking state occurrence will be from what I’ve seen in dreams . . . only that its coming . . .

Continue Reading here .. https://aristoneart.com/corey-goode-lawsuit/


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