Corey Goode Warned to Back Off of Full Disclosure Narrative, Partial Disclosure of Lower Level Secret Space Programs Actively Rolling Out

Corey Goode, a secret space program insider, and whistleblower recently shared an article discussing some of the lower level program activity now being disclosed with more intensity to the public. In the below comment offered by Goode recently, he claims to have been told to “back off” of a full disclosure scenario, by high-level persons in the heights of worldly power.
According to Goode, these lower level operations, such as insider revealed in the below article, are part of this partial disclosure initiative being rolled out by some of the Earth based alliances. He discussed this in a recent comment regarding rumors of disclosure and mass arrests and a meeting between Vladimir Putin and Henry Kissinger.
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In that article, I summarized some of the points Goode makes mention of, one of those being that various cabal and non-cabal affiliated groups have been negotiating for a disclosure scenarios, a financial reset, and a shift in global power.
Many of the dynastic families who have enjoyed positions of power, what Goode calls ‘Earth-based alliances’ are clamoring for their ‘100 years’ of dominance and a partial disclosure scenario. While other groups, such as the secret space program (SSP) Alliance and the Sphere Being Alliance are pushing for a full disclosure scenario, a releasing free energy technology, ending of the Babylonian money magic system, and a truth and reconciliation style tribunal of the cabal.
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Goode is actively working with the SSP and Sphere Being Alliance to realize full disclosure and end of cabal rule; but these other Earth-based alliances are not, for now anyway. He has reported in previous updates, that efforts are being made to move forward with partial disclosure. Not too soon after he made mention of this, several lower level SSP insiders came forward with testimony, he believes, is part of this partial disclosure effort.
Dr. Michael Salla has been covering some of these newer whistleblowers, such as William S Tomkins, on his website
Dr. Salla published another article today discussing this new lower level insider:

On February 15, Britain’s Express newspaper announced that a new whistleblower is about to publicly emerge with thousands of documents concerning extraterrestrial life. Nick Pope, a former government official that led an investigation by Britain’s Ministry of Defense into UFO files for three years, has declared that the whistleblower is a genuine insider.

Recent Comments By Goode
According to a comment left by Goode on Tuesday February 16th, he was warned to “back off of the full disclosure narrative as it is “irresponsible to the public”.” He then claims to have several military aircraft, Chinook helicopters fly by his home, in an unusual display, he thinks, was a show of force in an effort to intimidate him into compliance.
Goode goes on to say that:

“All of this is occurring during the time of some major negotiations, threats and the beginning of the assassinations of a high up official or two to send a message that no one is untouchable nor will anyone at any level be tolerated standing in the way of the NEW systems.”

Possibly the recent death of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, was an assassination, as some are claiming.
Finally, Goode makes mention of negotiations for a new financial system coming to a head:

“As I recently found out the negotiations for this New NWO/Financial System are extremely close to their conclusion. The parties are now to a point to where everything will be decided in the middle of chaos or through what they are calling a peaceful transition. “

During times of economic transition and market volatility, usually manufactured to some extent by hidden financial powers, a venue is provided for in-the-know investors to make huge sums of money. This appears to be taking place right now, as the energy industry collapses due to low oil prices and investors scramble to get out of risky markets through gold investments.
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Major banking powers have long discussed abolishing paper currency in favor of electronic ones. Fedcoin and cashless programs have been put forth this year as well, possibly in preparation for when this ‘new’ financial system kicks off.
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Below is Goode’s complete comment from the 14th of this month, with related links added.

Sphere Being Alliance [An] article about a new whistleblower: Anyone else see the controlled partial disclosure I was briefed about occurring around us anywhere? I was told heavily credentialed people who have worked in the lower Military/Intelligence Secret Space Program are being prepped and coached to be whistleblowers and provide the public with the “truth”. This same group had a direct message sent to me that I should back off of the full disclosure narrative as it is “irresponsible to the public”.

The very next morning a Chinook Helicopter orbited my home at least 5 times and hovered over it once and we then received quick flyovers of military helicopters for three days/nights! There are no military helicopter bases nearby and this activity is beyond unusual (Esp the altitude i caught them flying on video) I happened to get some of it on video and will debut the video at the Conscious Life Expo in L.A. on Friday (& then will post to my youtube channel).

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All of this is occurring during the time of some major negotiations, threats and the beginning of the assassinations of a high up official or two to send a message that no one is untouchable nor will anyone at any level be tolerated standing in the way of the NEW systems.
As I recently found out the negotiations for this New NWO/Financial System are extremely close to their conclusion. The parties are now to a point to where everything will be decided in the middle of chaos or through what they are calling a peaceful transition.
The meetings have been very interesting recently and the differences in the energy of the people in these meetings is tangible… The energetic waves that are hitting our planet in waves is also adding to the equation of how people act, feel, think and are negotiating.

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Dr. Michael Salla has been speaking to a new Lower SSP Whistleblower as will several other respected researchers in the near future if my sources are correct.



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It seems as though a major disclosure effort is underway, but while the masses celebrate the release of more truth into the public eye, according to Goode, much of the story has yet to be told.
To be clear, Goode is still pushing for a full disclosure initiative, by way of a united and active effort within the truther community.
Recent disclosures seen in the X-Files series that debuted this year also seems to be part of this lower level partial disclosure effort.
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In my view, full disclosure of not just UFOs or extraterrestrials, but our full history, longstanding projects of the elite, and all suppressed information is essential for our species to move forward. If freedom and prosperity are the goals, then humanity needs all the facts so it can begin managing itself competently.
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Goode responded to a comment that I think is of importance here:

Sphere Being Alliance “I believe” that is the case for many in this community. That was the goal of multiple long term and clever infiltration programs that have been focused on this community. “IF” I or others are being used then let’s say we turn the tables around on who ever it is you think is using me/others and bring about a grassroots movement of unity and full disclosure. They want division and negativity in the community, so lets give them a movement that fights against their agenda instead.

If people think a person is mind controlled or compromised in some fashion their deeds will expose this. We have no one to blame for a partial disclosure if we do not at least try to overcome these belief systems or knee jerk reactions to threats against our reality bubbles. If we get a true disclosure we should all find ourselves re-evaluating “our truths” and have some major shifts in our paradigms.
Don’t trust in the SSP, the SBA or any other outside forces. Trust in yourself, we need to stop looking outward. WE are the saviors we have been waiting for. NO one is going to do it for us!

And here is a comment regarding why these alliances are negotiating with ‘terrorists,’ such as the Cabal groups.
Original comment:

I guess I don’t get why there are even negotiations. Why won’t the “white hats” just start data dumps? From what you’ve been saying, Corey, the people who are for partial disclosure are criminals anyway. Don’t we, as the actual citizens of this planet, have the right to know the truth, so we can start freeing ourselves from corrupt rulers? Basically, why are the white hats even negotiating with terrorists?

Goode’s response:

Sphere Being Alliance There seem to only be “Grey Hats” negotiating against the current regime… The only whitehats in this scenario are the ones in our community… and the SBA/SSP Alliance/Inner Earth groups are all watching to see what (if anything) WE as a community, then us as a planetary people will do about it. The time for waiting for whitehats, lightforces/beings to save us is over. We are the saviors we have been waiting on and now there are layers of other beings waiting for us to stand up. Some have expressed disappointment over the lack of action or unity in our community. We really need a grass roots global effort for full disclosure or we need to not complain when we receive a new 100 years of a new financial system and a partial disclosure.

I offered an explanation as to why negotiation, even with the Cabal, is essential in the below-linked article.
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Here is the article Goode linked to when posting the above comment.

– Justin

Whistleblower about to ‘lift lid on 1000s of UFO files’ is GENUINE, says ex-MoD man
A FORMER US Naval officer who claims his secrecy agreement with the American Government has expired is vowing to lift the lid on thousands of top-secret UFO files he claims to have seen.

JON AUSTIN Retired Colonel Charles Halt, the most senior former US servicemen to go public about UFOs and Rendl

The man, who says he was a third-class petty officer at the Naval Telecommunications Center within NAS Moffett Field from February 1986 to October 1989, also claims he can shed light on the mysterious mass-UFO sighting involving military personal in 1980.
He has yet to be named, but a former British MoD UFO investigator confirmed to the man is a genuine source, creating a flurry of excitement within the UFO disclosure community.
Nick Pope, who was charged by the MoD with investigating baffling UK UFO cases, including the Rendlesham incident, said: “I’ve actually had some personal communication with this individual, and have no doubts about his background.
“It’s clear from the language he uses and the information he has that he’s a genuine insider.”
But Mr Pope stopped short of encouraging the whistleblower to come out into the open.
He added: “While my own secrecy oath means I can’t encourage anyone to divulge classified information without proper authority, I’m obviously very interested in his story.
“As I conducted the MoD’s cold case review of the Rendlesham Forest incident I’m particularly keen to hear about anything that would shed new light on this case.”

NEWS INTERNATIONAL News of the World reports of Rendlesham at the time

The Rendlesham legend has been dubbed Britain’s Roswell after the mystery UFO crash said to have happened outside the town in New Mexico, USA, in July 1947.
The UK alien sighting happened when three US officers based at RAF Bentwaters claimed a “triangular shaped craft” landed in neighbouring woods in the early hours of December 26 1980.
It has led to several reported sightings on the night by the public and several books and conspiracies.
The man, who has not been publicly named, is claiming the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK Government had a going project looking at UFO sightings, including Rendlesham in the 1980s.
He has filed a report to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) – the world’s biggest official alien investigation organisation based in the US, saying he wants to help reach “disclosure”.
The disclosure movement among the UFO fraternity, is calling for all world Governments to make public all their top secret files on UFO and flying saucer visitations.
In the report filed on Saturday he said: “I’m not reporting a UFO sighting rather a UFO related experience.
“I have copies of my security clearances.
“I personally handled, viewed and delivered thousands of documents involving UFO/ET Projects.
“My secrecy agreement with the US Government expired in October 2014.

“I have copies of my security clearances. I personally handled, viewed and delivered thousands of documents involving UFO/ET Projects.”

– US Navy alleged whistleblower

“At this point in my life I would like to share my knowledge in hopes that someone will be able to use it effectively towards disclosure.”
He said he was given TS SBI/ESI NATO/SIOP Compartmental Security Clearance, which is Top Secret clearance for working in Special Background Investigation, Single Integrated Operation Plan, Exceptionally Sensitive Information and with NATO.
He added: “In addition we had a GS11 employee who was transferred from a Joint US/UK communication station north of London after working at that site for a dozen years.
“He said it was an National Security Agency (NSA)/UK facility tasked with tracking UFO includingRendalsham Forest Incident.
“He said that UFO/ET were real and that hopefully disclosure would happen in my lifetime since he was in his early 60s at the time.”
In the report he said: “I was required to deliver TS Code word designation COSMIC to SRI, ESL/SYLVANIA, LOCKHEED SKUNKWORKS, TRW, RATHEON, BERKELEY LABS, LAWRENCE LIVERMORE LABS, and other think tanks throughout Silicon valley.”

JON AUSTIN Military fencing around the former RAF Bentwaters base still said to be a UFO hotspot

Research shows that at the time in question, Moffett Field was a naval air base, but is now a MFA as a restricted federal airfield, run by NASA.*
The Lockheed Martin Skunkworks is a global security and aerospace company based in Bethesda, Maryland.
The Berkeley and Lawrence Livermore laboratories and scientific labs which work closely with NASA in California.
Spelt differently, Raytheon Company is a global technology and innovation firm specialising in defence and cybersecurity.
Roger Marsh, MUFON spokesman, said: “This historical case has been assigned to a field investigator within the Californian MUFON group.”