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Council of 300 and Vril Clones

Council of 300

“This was how they used to do a “ritual” to do the “shapeshift” its horrofying, the foot tall vrill lizard thing hops out of the box on the table goes over to the restrained and unconcious man in center(thats not the leader, thats a very unfortunate soul that is about to be taken over by a Vrill lizard and made what is called a drone. Or posessed, read below, those around are already drones or very scared people mixed with drones or just evil bastards but human dies but vrill takes over, theyre whats called a parasitic lizard. read all below they still do it, just grabbkn people holding em down, no ritual necessary, no magic to it at all, parasite host. very real very scary, scariest stuff inna world, butcha still gotta kill em. However must ensure calm lol while we raise awareness about them to avlid panics 🙂 and David Icke knows about this too,… he wont tell you tho lol, Ill tell ya all about the rotten little things 🙂 accurately.

they scare everything before they kill it chickens goats cats dogs… They like kids blood, no vaccinations unknown what blood type and they scare em first to make adrenaline in the blood it makes em taste better to them and ha a slight drugging effect on them they like. I feel bad for guy in the middle, its a bad way to die. notice his head bowed forward and arms restrained, weakened so he can provide no resistance.

Most victims are not brought there physically. Once someone is  cloned, when they reach REM sleep in their original body the clone is activated at the centers. Then they operate their own clones through their consciousness while their original body is sleeping. But the actions they do there, the sensations, words, thoughts feeling are all controlled by their own minds. That is why they think they can get away with this because their alibi is that they lay sleeping in their beds in their original bodies. This is what they are told when they began to participate in these atrocities, oh it’s okay go ahead, live out your sickest fantasies here, kill, rape, pillage, torture, no one will know. That is why you see celebrities with the finger over their lips making the “shhhhh!” gesture. They think it is their little secret and the world, the rest of us (feeders & breeders – we are called) will never know!

To be cloned all they need is your blood now, they have it sent to the cloning center and 5 months later they have you… and after that they just clone you again from clone blood,… no need for a recent sample from you,… When a peron is BROUGHT to the secret cloning center to be made a drone, they die,… the human totally dies and the lizard takes over totally… no reversal of the dronng,… and the lizard copies the persons behavior, gets the rest of theyre family droned,… not many know of the locations of the cloning centers… Drones can control the rem driven clone of the body then,… they just take over totally, dumber though, and as clone especially dumber.” – Donald Marshal

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  1. The only way for Donald to end for himself and his soul, what he does and is a part of while he experiences these other horrors by his astral self is to process the trauma and emotions that he never felt when he was traumatized originally. His astral self will “act-out” whatever it is from his physical experiences that he identifies for himself. He has to come to a full acceptance of his attachments to what these identities are that he is hanging onto. He also must be willing to die and say “no” to whatever they want him to do. His torture won’t last if he realizes consciously in physical that it can’t when he says no and stands his ground. Just like we can change and manipulate our dreams, he can do this if he will try and believe so.

  2. 🙁
    the photo o the ritual at the top sent cold tremor’s and chills down my spin ~
    despite having always known about the rituals etc ~

    great upload ( fwh,) and james ~
    despite the rather depressing content ~
    although its nothing did’nt already know, its most definately good to have it confirmed by yous….

    James i’m still constantly beamin pure energised love ur way, i hope u continue feeling the effects ~ love Nina <3

  3. Thank you sir. I’m spreading this web link http://www.grandorderdracoslayers.com. YouTube channel Uncle Bearheart.  This is the way to eliminate them. We all need to do this. Do it for the children who cry out to us, who cry in fear, who cry wondering who is going to help them.  I urge you to visit the site to confirm what this brave man is telling us. 

  4. I am a TI…don’t know why they’re targeting me & don’t care anymore. I don’t have time to explain it all but it’s been going on 8 years now. I’m tired. My life is ruined. I just need to know why thousands, if not millions are tortured this way under 24/7 harassment, surveillance, & things I can’t even mention. But do you think they’ve cloned us? Is this how they start & when I take myself out of this world in a few months, will my clone die too? I hope so


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