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Current Situation Intel Compilation – ‘Real News’

(intel gathered from various other providers online)

Current Situation Intel Compilation – ‘Real News’

NESARA will begin to be revealed this month of February.

GESARA will begin to be revealed as early as March 2021.

The U.S. military knows the election was stolen.

All hell is about to break loose. (like Friday)

US Marines raided CIA headquarters on Sat 9 Jan 2021.

That raid yielded unequivocal evidence of the stolen election.

Also found was a CCP “Kill List” of US Military Generals.

The CCP and the Cabal Deepstate are one in the same.

They attempted to assassinate Trump again last week. (and poison was found in the 1st lady’s makeup)

If they can’t win…they cheat.

If they can’t cheat…they kill.

Trump is still being treated by the Military as the ‘Commander In Chief’. (rather than the fraudulent president Biden)

Military Commanders are flying from Norfolk to Trump’s Mara Largo residence.

Mara Largo is the New Capital for the Restored Republic which Trump will be president.

Trump will never return to the White House.

The White House is permanently closed and lights are out.

Many US Military Fighter Jets are DEFCON2 ‘High Alert Level’ in the skies all over America. (with air refueling tankers supporting them)

Deep State Cabal Elite ‘Mass Arrests’ continue domestically and globally behind the scenes.

Over 222,000 Sealed Indictments with about 3 Million Arrests Globally.

Military Tribunals are ongoing in the Russell Senate Building. (across Constitution Ave from the SCOTUS building)

National Guard Troops and Police have surrounded it with fencing & razor wire on top.

New Elections via the QVS. (Quantum Voting System)

Transition to the Restored Republic / NESARA being revealed with Trump as ‘Commander In Chief’ soon.

The ‘official announcement’ of ‘martial law’ and ‘legitimate military government’ in place since 12 a.m. on January 20, 2021, was made on Friday January 29 at 6 p.m. EST.

The ‘official announcement’ of the ‘arrest of Biden’ as well as 355 Congressmen and 109 Senators (or 464 DC Swamp Creatures) on Sun-Mon January 24 and 25 was made on Sunday, January 31 at 4:35 p.m. EST (10:35 p.m. GMT).

These announcements were communicated (on the above dates and times) to all American Main Stream News Media(MSM) and World Press Agencies.(Television, Radio and National Newspapers)

As expected by the legitimate military government governing America (as well as Trump and Q-Force) this official news has been 100% censored by all of the world’s official media.

That is a ‘High Treasonous Act’…punishable by ‘death’ via Military Tribunals.

The ‘US Military Government’ will (Constitutionally) take control (by force) of ALL of the ‘Official Media’ (MSM) (Radio, Television, Newspapers) on Friday February 5 at 6.30 p.m. EST exactly on all American territory.

This includes taking control of ALL American Channels on ‘Direct Broadcast Satellites’ broadcasting in France and Europe.

This also means that ALL French and Europeans with a satellite reception receiving American Channels can ‘no longer be censored’ and will therefore ‘learn the truth’ from Friday evening 5 Feb onward.

US Army personnel will broadcast ‘by force’ on all these ‘American Mass Media Channels’ the revelations on Biden’s coup d’état and his arrest (including elected officials) on Sunday January 24 and Monday January 25.

On Friday February 12 the ‘American Military Government’ will expose ‘the truth’ about ‘The COVID-19 Plandemic’.

On Monday 1 February the ‘Global Currency Reset’ (GCR) was completed and the old Cabal Fiat US Dollar (Central Banking System) was no more.

The Quantum Financial System (QFS) Computer was now in full control of the US and global financial system.

Joint Military Forces of Taiwan, Russia and US raided mainland China last week where the Covid-19 lab in Wuhan (built & paid for by Soros/Gates/Fauci WHO/NWO) which is also the center for child killing for Adrenochrome production. (this is the head of the snake)


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