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Daryl – Solar Warden, DF, Kruger Commander and Pilot Part 2

This is part 2 of Daryl’s ongoing interview about his experiences off world in the SSP where he worked with Kruger, Solar Warden, Dark Fleet and the Taygeteans.

In part one of our interview Daryl shared about how he was recruited into the SSP. His military career began in January of 1999 when he joined the Navy to serve in the naval mobile construction battalion 7 where he served in the middle east and as well as two years of service at the JMF Joint Maritime Force/ RAF Royal Airforce base at the Saint Mawgan Base in the UK. During this time, he escorted executives into the underground portion of the base; where he encountered grey extraterrestrials and exotic technology which could scan his bio signs. He also encountered Michael Aquino, little people in cages, and had an argument with a reptilian that resulted in a forced slavery punishment in the mines on the moon and then was forced to swat bugs on Mars.

Not all of his experiences were bad for five days he was granted German citizenship on their home world and even given a German wife which almost never happens for Americans. In part 2 of our interview, today Daryl will be sharing more what happened to him after his time on the German home world, in which he spent 2 more years in Dark Fleet and then rest of the time with the Tageytans .

At the end of his service, he was debriefed through looking glass technology and was told some things that would happen in the future including civil unrest, fires, Clinton exposed, release of medical technology, disbursement of septillion dollars of Vatican Gold, and him appearing on a show called Super Soldier Talk. Daryl will also like to share a summary of the notes from his SSP regression memories.

Daryl’s contact info: nimitzssp@gmail.com
Daryl’s Part 1 Video: https://youtu.be/-cWcem9iA3U

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