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Database Information from Elena Kapulnik ACIO records on File for MILAB and SSP dealings

ACIO Record of Russian/Israel MILAB and Secret Space Program Files:
1. In order to check the ACIO (Alien Contact Intelligence Organization) database record
files, information that should be provided is knowing a person’s full name in English and
the original language from country of birth. Also full date of birth Month, day, and year.
2. Found 2000 records relating to EAK subjects Ukrainian, Russian, Israeli, Canadian and
US files. There were many files on the subject’s family history on Father’s side.
3. At the age of 2-10 during the year 1987 was abducted by the Drazo black reptilians 14
feet tall, Sharab Invictus reptilians yellow 12 feet tall, and a tall man with grey skin,
harvester humanoid looking being with black, red, grey long hair, and beard, 14 – 16
feet tall. The reptilians would be the ones to inject human children with femtites (femto
+ technites) = femtites which can manipulate nuclear energies and building atoms, as
well as manipulating the energy of quarks, a quark is an elementary particle and a
fundamental constituent of matter. Quarks combine to form composite particles
called hadrons, the most stable of which are protons and neutrons, the components
of atomic nuclei. For femtites you need the quarks from the atoms to make whatever
atom you want and can alter DNA structures in a human body on the molecular as well
as the subatomic level, blocking the natural cycle of psychic abilities within a growing
human being, and also damaging the basic growth cycle of hormones. The subject EAK
was injected with 36,000 femtites similar to (nanites nanomachines) which were
transported into the blood stream and attacked the subjects nervous system, damaging
the body and causing all types of auto immune disorders such as Hashimoto’s
Thyroiditis, Hemiplegic Migraines with paralysis, vitamin and nutrient deficiencies in
the body, light sensitivity, cold sensitivity, sound sensitivity, and food intolerances.
These femtites were designed to kill the subject by making her vulnerable to human
viruses that attack the central nervous system and eventually erode the functions of
the human body, with the potential of making the subject an invalid.
Size comparison of nanites and femtites:
Nano + technites = nanites (nano x10 (-9)
Femto + technites = femtites (femto x10 (-15)
Database Information from EAK’s ACIO records on File
for MILAB and SSP dealings
4. While lived in Ukraine as a child subject EAK, during 1989, participated in the
Experimental Group 32 that was run by Andrey Sarnof and the Yakovlev biotech
engineering and aircraft group doing genetic experiments by putting different types of
drugs into the female subject to see how dormant psychic abilities could be stimulated
and how they worked, femtites could not completely suppress subjects psychic abilities.
The Experimental Group 32 was interested in how the subject’s remote viewing abilities
5. In Israel during 1991 Alvin Sahan Toffer a neuro scientist ran brain testing experiments
on the EAK subject seeing how the brain would function when the brains left and right
hemispheres were polarized so the brain would function at full 100 % capacity in terms
of being able to open natural time dilation portals organically, use levitation abilities,
etc. Use visualizative meditation and mapping manifestation factors to create anything
that the subject wished to see in the physical existence of reality in order to fully
develop psionic abilities to 100 % capacity in order to be able to precognitiv ely see the
future. When a subject is able to manifest something on the physical plain of reality
with their mind then they are able to also potentially have the capacity to change or
alter timeline outcomes by literally manifesting a different timeline matrix destiny from
what it was supposed to be thereby creating a whole new reality where the future looks
nothing like the original timeline matrix system.
6. During 1995 to 1999 the subject EAK was put in a type of Monarch program somewhere near
the Sierra Mountains in the woods near a remote cabin where the handlers would continually
drown the subject underwater to see how long EAK could stay under the water and hold her
breath. The water testing had something to do with adapting the human body to temporal
space travel in anti-gravity environments for long distance space travel. As well was trained in
withstanding torture and not feeling any pain or guilt when questioning other assets in
programs. The not feeling pain was conditioning designed so the subject would be numb to
pain factors and would not react to any type of pain, could withstand feeling pain stimuli and
not break down when under stress or pressure. The Monarch projects dealt with trauma based
mind control techniques, by trying to break down the subjects so they would have split and
fractured multiple personality disorders or tricking the mind to think that orders could be
implanted into memories so subjects would commit acts of terror, chaos, or harm others. It
was noted that the EAK subject was stubborn and could not be easily influenced or swayed
through mind control, would not retain any implanted mind control triggers, or orders that were
implanted into the neo cortex of the subjects brain functions. There were three handlers who
are brothers who were associated with the Monarch program, their names were Robert Miller,
Johnathan Miller, and Jameson Miller. The three brothers were working for Monarch Solutions
LTD. during the time that the conditioning experiments were being done.
Database Information from EAK’s ACIO records on File
for MILAB and SSP dealings
7. During 2000 participated in the quantum leap training program associated with one of the
directors at CERN, named Paul Serene, who is in charge of the time travel concept training for
assets being prepared for the time warp programs doing 50-60 years and back contracts. There
are two CERN labs in the US that have mini hadron colliders in underground bases.
8. The EAK subject was in the Quantum Leap Temporal Program from 2001-2014. This program
bends time and space so the subject exists in a somewhat alternative reality space time that is
synced with the current reality so the subject could easily travel between both the alternative
reality and the present reality. EAK did a 60 and back service contract with the quantum leap
temporal program, the 60 years was done in the alternative reality with the ability to phase in
and out of time, changing the time matrix of any reality where the subject ended up in.
During the 2000’s the EAK subject was stationed on eleven Mars ICC (Interplanetary Corporate
Conglomerate) bases and also on some of the Moon SSP locations. The EAK subject saw various
medical labs on the Mars ICC bases where human body parts were fused with cyborg
technology, then a test subjects soul would be held in electrical containment, once the cyborg
body was ready the soul would be transferred into the cyborg and after half a day of
disorientation the subject’s soul would adapt to the new cyborg body. Some of the ICC bases
have meat labs where human body parts are used from unwilling subjects to be harvested with
the cybernetic technology creating soldiers or scouts to be traded with other ET species. Both
living and dead body parts are used for harvesti ng, there are technicians who monitor what
type of DNA, body parts, and bones can be used for cyborg creation, only the best tissue matter
is used for splicing with cybernetic technology. The ICC trades the cybernetically augmented
soldiers and scouts with other advanced ET’s for medical serums to stop diseases or end the
aging process, receiving technology that is hundreds of years more advanced that they can
implement for building better ships, colony facilities, weaponry, healing medical pods, etc. as
well as gaining rights for more trading routes in space and access to planets where they can
build their colonies.
There are ICC manufacturing plants on Mars and other planets in the Milky Way galaxy that
build plasma bombs, cannons, and grenades, which can easily destroy cities, stations, or even
planets. The plasma weaponry is often mounted on cloaked ICC ships that use stealth
technology in order to approach planets, or stations before they are destroyed.
The EAK subject has a photographic memory and advanced remote viewing abilities so the
memory recall retrieval of the Mars and Moon base geographical locations was accurate in
terms of 85 % – 95 % in accuracy rates. The ACIO agent said that these base locations are
legitimately accurate and he received copies of the exact same images as are shown in the
below data.


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