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David Lotherington Channeling MJ-12’s Dr Michael Wolf – Super Soldier Talk

David Lotherington will be Channeling MJ-12’s Dr. Michael Wolf. David who is an akashaic record reader, healer, and telepath, and is able to do channeled communications with non-terrestrial beings. He currently resides in Nova Scotia. He has been involved with programs his entire beginning at least 4 years old and up. He recalls being trained at area 51 where he met Peter the Insider. He also remembers being in a facility that trained his shape shifting abilities in which I was also a participant of. He recalls experiences as super soldier in Kruger and has done training missions with zombie and vampires.

Dr. Michael Wolf is a deceased scientist, biologist, and physicist, who has worked for nearly 20 years on the Black Programs initiated by Nasa, US Airforce, US Navy, NSA, Pentagon and US Department of Defense (DoD). Dr Wolf said he worked in laboratories at Area 51, S4, Wright-Patterson Airforce base (Foreign Technology Division), Indian Springs and Dulce. Where for five years, he meet with extraterrestrial beings every day and shared living quarters with them. He served as a scientific consultant for the American President and NSC on ET related matters; and was director of ALPHACOM a team within Majestic-12 (MJ-12) which was in charge of ultra-secret military “Black programs”. He had a MD in neurology; a Ph.D in theoretical physics; a BS in biogenetics; a JD in international law; and a D.Sc. in computer sciences.

ALPHACOM’s mission was to re-establish relations with EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities), commonly known as Aliens, with whom the American military had been in trouble with due to destroying ET spacecraft in order to steal technology. ALPHACOM was also responsible for collecting all information about the different EBE species present on Earth and in the Universe. ALPHACOM had also been tasked with engineering exotic technologies recovered from the “Roswell Incident” in 1947.

He was like any civil engineer working on these projects, closely supervised by the military (and paramilitaries hired by the Cabal) which reported exclusively to the President. He had an encrypted telephone line at his home, which was to remain free at all times, in direct connection with the oval office. The MJ-12SSG ALPHACOM has already tried to disclose the truth, but they have faced events that prevented them from doing so: Presidents Ronald Reagan, Michael Gorbachev and the then UN Director, were intimidated the same day they gathered in New York to prepare a public announcement to the World.

Wolf was regarded by his pairs as well as by the successive presidents as a scientific genius. It should also be noted that he was a “genetically modified human” by the humanoid EBE species called “NORDIC” from Altair Aquila, which is a much more advanced civilization than ours. To be precise, for centuries, EBES of different species have visited our planet, some of them reside here and actively participate in the genetic evolution of certain humans deliberately chosen to assist our species in its development. Wolf himself says that the NORDIC deliberately inseminated his mother. They are part of “THE ALLIANCE”, a humanoid collective, affiliated with a larger collective known as, “the CORPORATE”, a group of EBE’s species of the reptilian type, called “THE GREY”.

The NORDIC are also in contact with the humanoid EBES of other species belonging to the “FEDERATION OF WORLDS” (F.O.W.) or THE FEDERATION of the ANDROMEDEANS” . While the Reptilian collective and GREY’s have pledged allegiance to a conglomerate called “THE UNIFIED RACES OF ORION” (U.R.O.) , also known as the “DRACONIAN EMPIRE.” MAJESTIC-12 has been and is in contact with representatives of these 3 major confederations.

Wolf was therefore in daily contact with GREY EBES in his work, the latter participating in the virtues of agreements with HU-MANS, in the reverse engineering of exotic technologies, based on those recovered from the 2 spacecraft during the Roswell incident. Other crashes took place, particularly in 1945 in the Pacific (and several others after 1947), but in the first case the damage was too great to get something. Wolf collaborated in his research with GREYS from ZETA RETILCULI and in particular with one named Kolta who became a close friend, the one whose photo can be seen on the cover of his book Catchers of Heaven. He died on September 18th, 2000 after a long period of cancer.

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